Garmin Enduro experience: a smart watch that can forget to charge

I used to be a steadfast G-Shock user because it can be worn around the clock, it is sturdy, waterproof, and the strap will not affect your exercise, and it seems that you never need to change the battery. However, after using Enduro for a while, I seem to have become less determined.

In the past, I was a person who was particularly "biased" towards smart watches, whether it was a smart watch like Apple Watch with its own application ecology, or a "large bracelet" like Huawei's main motion detection and battery life. I don't think they are my food, and the mainstream smartwatch products on the market are basically divided into these two categories, and there are not so many other choices.

So looking at it this way, it’s my G-Shock incense. In addition to not being able to receive message reminders and measuring heart rate, Casio can meet my needs for a watch.

But then I found out that a friend who had been in the pit for trail running had been using Jiaming's watch. After I read a lot of introductions of this brand on the Internet. I think this kind of products that are positioned in the professional field and deeply penetrated into the market segment seems to be much more interesting than the "ordinary" smart watches on the market.

Garmin Enduro is obviously very clear about its own positioning-specifically for endurance athletes. Although I don't run long distances very often, it really replaces the G-Shock in my hand and makes me start investing in smart watches. Embrace.

Once you put it on, you have the urge to exercise

A few days before I just wore this watch, my friends were asking if it was a smart watch. Maybe its tough appearance is really like a digital G-Shock, but the screen display is somewhat like a smart watch. Every time I don’t know how to answer, I just say it’s a sports watch, and the topic naturally leads to things like "Will you wait for a run?"

In fact, I don't have the habit of running every day, and I haven't even had a "real exercise" for a long time. Probably because I have never touched this product before, after putting on this watch, I suddenly thought about whether to run for ten kilometers and then come back.

But just like buying new sneakers and thinking about playing, in the end it's just "thinking".

But whether you are a person who loves sports or not, you can find more or less "sport genes" from the design of this watch, as if this watch was born for sports. I have never seen it before. A watch that focuses on one function.

When the reflective screen is not bright, it looks like a Casio digital display, and it can be seen clearly in the brighter environment, and it can be viewed directly in the sun without the problem of insufficient brightness of the Amoled screen.

The outer edge of the front dial of Garmin Enduro is higher than the screen, which is a common design for many sports watches and can better protect the screen. But unlike the common engineering plastic wrapped carbon fiber material, the outer shell is made of stainless steel, and the middle frame is cushioned by plastic, which should have a very good impact resistance overall. But one thing to note is that the normal version lacks DLC coating and the stainless steel bezel is not very scratch resistant.

If you are more sensitive to weight, you can also choose a lighter DLC-coated titanium alloy material, and the strap is only 61g. For the athletes of ultra-long endurance running, such a light weight may have a little bit for the overall balance. effect.

The strap also uses a knitted + Velcro design, which fits the skin better than the rubber strap design. Another advantage is that the arms will swell during exercise, and the elastic strap will make the user more comfortable, so there is no need to waste energy to adjust the strap. In addition, the fabric material is more breathable, and the overall is more suitable for sports.

Built for sports, there are more built-in sports modes than I have heard

In this interface for adding common activities, the countless types of sports are really amazing. Only the types of running are divided into trail running, ultramarathon, running, treadmill, virtual running, playground running, indoor activities, and so on.

There are more types of other sports. There are five ski modes, and there are even "magic" things such as tactics and skydiving masters. No wonder there was news that the US military will also wear Garmin, and the built-in compass is also particularly sensitive.

Of course, so many exercise modes are not just to make up the numbers. The required data such as heart rate, pace, timer, and distance will be displayed, and laps will be automatically counted, and different sensors will be called according to different exercises, and even the built-in GPS "navigation".

Even in the "stair climbing" mode, its built-in barometer and gyroscope can accurately calculate the distance to the stairs.

With so many built-in water sports modes, it also fully demonstrates how confident a watch with ultra-high waterproof specifications is.

For the real ultra-long distance cross-country running, if it is the 100-mile class, the closing time will be 48 hours. During this period, if the heart rate detection and GPS are turned on all the way, it is enough. The 70-hour GPS mode battery life is really invincible, not to mention the solar charging board on the surface, which can add up to 10 hours, even for professional users. The game is over.

It can also be seen from its slogan "Electricity exceeds the limit of physical strength" that compared to the previous watches, the "dying power" of the players is ahead of the players. This time Enduro can support longer cross-country events and accompany the athletes throughout the journey.

Under normal use, it can be used without charging for about 50 days, and it can even be used for one year in power-saving mode. It may be the closest "smart watch" to the battery life of a traditional watch.

Although there is no touch screen, it is still a smart watch

In addition to the sports health monitoring function, the biggest advantage of smart watches compared to traditional watches is message reminders and convenient payment. Enduro’s message reminding method is not essentially different from other products. It is all bright screen + vibration, and you can also choose whether to answer the call.

Generally speaking, if you want to use Quanjiaming's functions as much as possible, you may need to download three apps: Connect, ConnectIQ, and Explore.

Connect can display almost all data: real-time heart rate, stress index, calorie consumption, breathing index, and even the number of steps, up and down floors…It is indeed much more complete than the average mobile health app, and the data is more accurate. After all, Garmin watches will not have an oolong that can read the heart rate when tied to a towel.

The other two apps are to install the dial and provide navigation for the watch. After all, this product removes the built-in map function in exchange for higher battery life.

The weather, compass, sunset time and other useful information for trail runners are built-in.

Although the built-in music function is also canceled, the watch must be used with the mobile phone most of the time, so it is more practical to listen to music with the wireless earphone and the mobile phone. Compared with the touch gestures of the headset, the physical buttons on the watch are easier to control during exercise.

For payment, in addition to binding the bank card, it also supports the binding of Alipay. It provides the option of barcode and QR code, so you don't need to open the mobile phone and then enter the software to pay.

I have been wearing Enduro every day for this week, even when I sleep. Even with such a large size, the feeling of sleeping may not be inferior to that of a wristband. The biggest change that has brought me is to check my heart rate and step count from time to time. If there are only 1,000 steps at night, I might go to the playground to run a few laps at night. Although it is not compulsory, with it to monitor, it seems to have made a "supervisor" for oneself, and will exercise more voluntarily.

I wonder if this is an opportunity. After a while, I who don’t like sports may also wear it to marathon events. After running my first half marathon, first full marathon, and even future trail running, maybe these are just Think about it, but devices that can monitor their health data in real time will always make people care more about their health.

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