Funtouch OS 14 is officially released overseas, and domestic vivo users are finally ahead

On November 18, 2020, vivo officially launched a new operating system-Origin OS at the iADC Design Museum in Shenzhen. Because of the high degree of customization of the desktop and icons, the uniqueness of the interface design, and the disruptive system name change, That year, “OriginOS” received a lot of attention from the industry.

In nearly three years, Huarong Grid, Atomic Design System, deformers and other special features have made Origin OS synonymous with fashion, design, personalization, youth, etc. Today, when various systems are becoming more homogeneous, it can also be used to a certain extent. retain its own characteristics.

The predecessor Funtouch OS disappeared in the fall of that year after the name change. Even the name only left some impression on vivo users in the early years. In fact, Funtouch OS did not completely disappear after being abandoned and renamed. Instead, it became the name used by vivo’s overseas systems. Not only is it still alive and well, but a new version was released just yesterday and will be widely distributed to overseas users.

On October 7, Funtouch OS 14 was officially released overseas, and a list of vivo devices eligible for upgrade in India and the specific push time were listed. It can be seen that flagship models including vivo X90 and X90 Pro will be the first batch of devices to experience the new version, and other models will also receive update pushes one after another before April 2024.

In the push from vivo's official account, there is also an update push table with a full sense of design, which is more youthful and dynamic. If you take a closer look at the models involved, you are sure that the iQOO series will also participate in this major update. The whole family must be in good order and no one is left behind.

By then, most overseas users of vivo will have an epic system update experience.

Generally, the updates that can be felt by the majority of users are that the entire IU has been completely redesigned, or a new theme has been added, or some new icons have been changed, or the original layout and fonts of the system have been changed. Although these are the most superficial changes, the "interface" is always the part that faces users first.

Funtouch OS 14 is one such notable update.

Comprehensive iteration, five-pronged approach

The updates to Funtouch OS 14 can be summed up in one sentence: a new look from head to toe. Using the official report released by vivo, it mainly focuses on five aspects:
– Personalized customization
– Productivity optimization
– Multitasking
– Improved fluency
– Enhanced privacy protection

When you light up the screen, there are 3 completely different "clock layouts" and 8 "font styles" to choose from. The font changes vary from person to person, but being able to customize the time position of the lock screen interface really solves the problem for many people. The pain point of choosing a wallpaper – the characters on the cover no longer need to have long numbers on their faces.

Although the always-on mode has been increased to more than 90 types this time, the most unique thing is not the colorful combinations, but the "monochromatic color palette" called "Monochromatic color palette", which has a unified color and has no over-the-top colors. The many choices seem to provide you with a sense of tranquility in this world full of temptations. Although I don’t know whether such a theme will have any effect on patients with difficulty choosing, it seems to have a slight positive impact on mobile phone battery life.

Export of up to 4K resolution, 60FPS video, plus 25 new filters for video editing, make up the new system's productivity tools.

In terms of multitasking, the new system has added, or finally added, mini windows, but relying on the running memory, up to 12 small windows can be activated in the background at the same time. Of course, the functions and operations of these small windows cannot be said to be exactly the same as those of Origin OS and other windows. They can only be said to be perfect replicas.

Based on the high-performance RAM Saver and Extend RAM 3.0, new devices equipped with Funtouch OS 4 not only have powerful multi-tasking capabilities, but also allow you to run 36 applications in the background at the same time with 12 GB RAM (under the same conditions with 8 GB RAM) (27), and can also greatly improve the smooth experience of system operation through "dynamic blur" and "App Retainer" technology.

In fact, "App Retainer" has been applied as early as iQOO Neo 7 Pro. This technology can ensure that more than 100 applications that are in the background and have not been manually closed can be restored to the last interface used. It is indeed both smooth and safe. best partner.

In terms of privacy protection, the biggest change of Funtouch OS 14 is the optimization of the "screen mirroring" function, which can prevent pop-up information from being displayed on the public screen when casting the screen, perfectly dividing work and life without affecting each other. Of course, this also avoids many unnecessary misunderstandings and embarrassments.

With this update, we are finally ahead

In fact, in the update of the video editor, there is a function not shown above: the photo album of the new system can adjust the video playback speed, loop playback and screenshots. Because I don’t know whether this basic function that should have been included in the past is considered an update.

Indeed, from the paper data, the updates in the five major aspects are comprehensive from top to bottom, but I believe that many friends will feel the same as me after reading these new functions, "That's it?" "No?" "Not long ago" ?". We may envy the freshness of playing with overseas users after updating the system, because we have not experienced the excitement brought by this kind of "disruptive" update of the mobile phone system for a long time.

With the release of Funtouch OS 14, another fact that was unimaginable in the past but has become the norm now has been noticed by more people: we seem to be really "way ahead".

At the end of November 2022, Origin OS 3 was officially launched, with super small windows, icon mode, in-situ resurrection mechanism, dynamic motion blur and other functions fully revealed. The above names are actually the local names of the five major updates in Funtouch OS 14. The iteration of the overseas version is a full year slower than that in the domestic version. The first-class benefits of the operating system have gradually returned to the hands of domestic users amid the fierce competition and involution in the domestic mobile phone market in the past five years.

It is true that there will be a lot of criticism about "based on Android" on the Internet, but if you really take the time to experience the native operating system of Android, you will find and lament how much efforts domestic manufacturers have made to optimize this "based on". The result is that when you look around the world and compare the operating systems of the Android camp, you will find that how many non-domestic manufacturers have not written down update plans for these basic functions that have long been taken for granted and integrated into daily life. .

If the optimization of the Android system for domestic mobile phones was described as decorating a rough house, now it is like buying furniture for an ecologically decorated house built by oneself.

Looking at the bigger picture, vivo's shipments of 11.4 million units in the second quarter of 2023 ranked first in the domestic market. With such a large number of terminals and user groups, domestic users will naturally be the first to experience the latest features.

Coincidentally, vivo and domestic friends jointly captured more than 30% of the global mobile phone market shipments in the third quarter of this year. Indeed, compared with the global market, there is still a certain gap between Samsung and Apple, but In a country, there are horizontal competition among multiple mobile phone brands, and "high-end-sinking" vertical competition extended by a single brand, which is unique in the world.

The huge size and cruel competition will give rise to a number of good-looking and practical domestic system ecosystems such as Origin OS, and there will also be a huge contrast in delayed updates of systems in overseas markets. The late update of Funtouch OS 14 is a good example of the efforts of domestic mobile phone manufacturers getting the rewards they deserve.

And domestic consumers are gradually having sweet troubles in choosing from many excellent products. At least in the mobile phone segment, our experience is truly at the top of the industry this time.

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