From Xiao Zhan to Jiang Wen, Hu Ge and Zhou Xun, mobile phone manufacturers no longer just look for spokespersons to bring goods

There was Jiang Wen before, followed by Hu Ge and Zhou Xun. Mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly looking for spokespersons.

▲ Zhou Xun and Hu Ge endorsed OnePlus mobile phone

I still remember that several years ago, when OPPO, vivo and Huawei asked spokespersons for their own product platforms, Xiaomi once thought that it should save the endorsement fee and let the benefits to consumers. Now it has also begun to invite celebrities to endorse, and its owner Lei Jun personally went into battle.

In recent years, the choice of mobile phone ambassadors has obviously changed. From unknown models to well-known actors, from traffic stars to well-known and powerful actors or directors of the three generations of old, middle and young people, from focusing on fame to focusing on the fit of their own brand. Asking celebrities to endorse has become a commercial art.​

Zhou Xun? Hu Ge? OnePlus endorsement surprise

When one plus official announced that Zhou Xun and Hu Ge were spokespersons, our work group was instantly activated.

As a technology media that is used to seeing the "big scene in the digital circle", mobile phone brand officials announce new spokespersons. At most, we synchronize news in the group. Compared with this heated discussion, you can imagine how many spokespersons have been invited by OnePlus. Surprisingly, the spokespersons who have been discussed more recently in the impression are Jiang Wen once and Lei Jun once.

At the same time, I also observed that in several digital technology self-media groups, there was also a wave of discussions about Yijia, Hu Ge, and Zhou Xun that day, all of which held positive reviews.

▲ Many people will record the OnePlus mobile phone open-screen advertisements of the Weibo app and save them in their mobile phones

Not only did the industry applaud the "spicy" eyes of OnePlus’s spokespersons, but consumers also bought it. Several female friends around me who never cared about digital products all paid more attention to OnePlus’ mobile phones because of Zhou Xun’s appearance. , Also shared the poster to Moments of Friends, and I remembered that this was the first time they released content related to mobile phone products.

The slogan of OnePlus is "NEVER SETTLE", which has always given people the impression of a small "style breaker in the field of science and technology". Please invite Hu Ge and Zhou Xun, two national-level spokespersons, Basically, the door of similar style mobile phone brands has been welded, because it is difficult to find top artists like Hu Ge Zhou Xun who have excellent acting skills, reputation, character and image, and take all ages, young, middle-aged, and young men and women.

what? Lei Jun?

Lei is not an artist.

The spokesperson is not easy to choose

Choosing the right spokesperson is a very risky thing.

Some time ago, Intel asked Yang Lihe and ROCK to endorse, and the target audience strongly protested and complained, and finally had to withdraw the advertisement and apologize. It spent nothing to advertise Yang Li, "Tucao Conference" and AMD. The negative impact may be It will last a long time.

In addition, PRADA invited Zheng Shuang to endorse before, but when he encountered the impact of the "Shuangyan Shuangyu" incident, he lost his wife and lost the army. The popularity of domestic brands has dropped a lot, and it is still occasionally brought up for discussion.

The fast-paced update of mobile phones, the low purchase frequency, and the short-term reputation as one of the sales motives of the product, are more important for the spokesperson.

The last time that the endorsement in the digital circle attracted attention was OPPO Find X3. When Jiang Wen appeared in the screen, even if sitting there without talking, many people could hear Jiang Wen’s iconic voice, feeling his intellectual and elegant The breath of wildness and innocence. OPPO's impression of consumers and Jiang Wen's impression of audiences resonated strongly at that moment . There is no need for OPPO to introduce too much. Many people believe that OPPO Find X3 is an outstanding camera phone.

▲ The OPPO advertising poster at Shenzhen North High-speed Railway Station, many people in a hurry will stop to take pictures

Speaking of the spokesperson of the digital circle, Lei Jun is a unique existence.

People affectionately call him "Rebs", and the "Are You OK" B-station ghost animal video produced by him has more views than many popular UP hosts. His hardworking and enterprising spirit and the cordial qualities of a straight man in science and engineering. , The great wisdom of successful people, and the Xiaomi brand are highly compatible. Lei Jun's role as the spokesperson for the Xiaomi mobile phone brand can be regarded as one of the most successful endorsements in the digital circle so far.

From video to video

This year, Aifaner discovered that the strategy of mobile phone brands inviting spokespersons has changed.

A few years ago, the spokespersons sought by mobile phone manufacturers were all "red." They valued their traffic. They only needed to use their popularity to boost the sales of one or two mobile phones. Every year, the popular stars of idol dramas are basically different. The sweet pastry that the big mobile phone brands are competing for.

▲ Li Xian, who is popular for "River God" and "Dear, Loved", endorses the glory of mobile phone

One or two years ago, mobile phone manufacturers had higher standards for looking for spokespersons, and they were more brand-conscious. They not only pursued the reputation of spokespersons, but also had certain characteristics of spokespersons that could resonate with their own brands, but most spokespersons were related to digital and photography. When there is no intersection, it is more like an endorsement in the traditional sense, standing on the platform, and pulling a wave of goodwill.

And this year, the spokesperson has changed from an artist to a photography professional. The landmark event is Jiang Wen's endorsement of OPPO Find X3.

In today's increasingly fierce competition in the homogenization of mobile phones, the camera capabilities of flagship phones have basically been leveled, and there is no longer a possibility that one will absolutely crush the other. In addition, video production and consumption have become more and more important, so Manufacturers have turned the focus of the competition to video.

Consumers who are used to parameter announcements have long been dissatisfied with manufacturers who simply replaced the camera with video, and then repeated "how high the pixel is, the big bottom", and video is a dynamic art, with more thoughts and emotional expressions. In the creation, it is most suitable for a director who is thinking and expressing emotions to come to the platform.

On the eve of the OnePlus 9 Pro conference, there was news that Guo Fan, the director of "Wandering Earth", would attend. At the press conference, we saw the short film "The Man Leaving the Moon" co-created by Director Guo Fan and OnePlus. OnePlus’ mobile phone brand, Zhou Xun’s artist design, and Guo Fan’s sci-fi world produced a wonderful chemical reaction. The praise proves that this kind of brand promotion with two dimensions of humanity and technology has truly entered the hearts of consumers.

It is foreseeable that in the future, many mobile phone brands may invite well-known directors to endorse. After OnePlus, you may wish to guess which brand can invite well-known directors such as Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige.

From indecent to decent

The change in the strategy of the spokesperson, in a sense, reflects the change in the strategy of the mobile phone brand.

For quite a long time, some mobile phone manufacturers have used a "not decent" strategy to shape their brands, such as hacking competitors, pushing porcelain propaganda, attracting attention, alienating users into blind fans of commodities, etc. Factors are one of the root causes of chaos in the digital world. We can often see users of different mobile phone brands "tearing" when they disagree.

This kind of marketing method can indeed raise brand awareness in the short term, but it has also become the most direct factor for some brands' poor reputation and affects the long-term development of the brand. Therefore, "decent" brand building and marketing methods are put on the agenda, and one of the effective ways is to hire suitable spokespersons.

From the analysis of the data, suitable spokespersons have brought better market voice effects to mobile phone brands. For example, Hu Ge, when he endorsed the Honor mobile phone, firmly occupied the first place of attention. The brand enhancement brought to the Honor mobile phone is obvious to all. Now the endorsement of OnePlus mobile phone has also achieved a good brand reputation for OnePlus.

▲ 2017 White Paper of the Mobile Phone Industry. Picture from: Headline Data

However, data shows that celebrity artists’ contribution to brand voice is declining, and the attention that desktop endorsements can cause shows a "long-tail effect". Taking into account the emotional factors of users, the number of mobile endorsements and the number of brands of the same spokesperson is also limited. Yes, otherwise, personal IP will be overdrawn, so many celebrities will be very cautious to accept the endorsements of different mobile phone brands many times. This is also one of the important factors for mobile phone brand manufacturers to switch from celebrity artists to professional spokespersons when they are now choosing spokespersons. Charismatic celebrities have basically been invited, and they must find a more convincing and infectious spokesperson to win Higher volume of attention.

▲ White paper on content marketing in the mobile phone industry in the first half of 2018. Picture from: Headline Data

The crossroads of technology and humanities

As a technology editor, I have always felt that digital brands are too "straight men in science and engineering".

This "straight man in science and engineering" has a reputation. He polishes his products all the year round and does things steadily. In recent years, his performance has become more and more eye-catching, giving people the feeling of being reliable and motivated.

But when it comes to promoting the product, the direct and slightly naive way makes people laugh, all of which are parameters, hardware, comparisons with competitors, etc., like a college boy who has never fallen in love. Holding a bunch of carnations as a gift to a school girl you like.

▲ When Zhou Xun stood on the stage of the OnePlus mobile phone press conference and talked about mobile phones, people would naturally have a good impression of the OnePlus mobile phones. This is the combination of "soft" and "rigid"

OPPO and OnePlus have made a good start, let us see the possibility of the integration of technology and humanities in product marketing. In addition to hardware, domestic mobile phone brands have finally begun to work hard on "soft power", with rich emotions. It can be said that it is a top-notch "decent" that the popular, mobile, and warm publicity moves people's hearts and achieves a good brand publicity effect.

At this point, domestic digital brands have truly matured and started the next stage of competition.

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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