From crushed to rebuilt: Apple launches new iPad Pro ad

After the last uncomfortable "Crush" ad, Apple has launched a new iPad Pro ad.

The advertisement, which lasts for more than a minute, is called "Worlds Made on iPad." It seems as if Apple is creating a new creation after learning from the painful experience of its previous advertisement.

The "World Created with iPad" commercial was performed in front of a green screen by "High School Musical" star Sofia Wylie.

She performs various activities such as running, dancing, jumping and exploring virtual environments in different animated backgrounds.

The form of this advertisement is very interesting. As a horizontal screen advertisement, it shows three vertical screens.

The three scenes take place respectively in a fantasy forest, a magnificent theater and a mysterious abstract space. But Sophia's movements are exactly the same in all the scenes.

These animated backgrounds were created by three different artists: "Forest" by Natalie Labarre, "Theatre" by Jin & Jay, and Eric Lane "Colossus" by Eric Lane.

The three artists presented pictures with very different styles, depicting the adventures of the same girl in different scenes. The background changes as she crawls, jumps and floats through the stylized space.

This iPad Pro upgrade can be said to be the biggest update in recent years. With the support of the powerful M4 chip, the productivity story of iPad Pro has become richer again.

In the advertising screen, you can see that the characters can be colored in real time by the animated background, and the images are also very clean. As Sophia moves greatly, real-time light and shadow are cast on the ground, and the virtual camera moves very smoothly.

In addition to shooting, all the production processes of this advertisement, from early illustration and modeling to post-production editing and color grading, were completed on iPad using software such as Procreate and Final Cut Pro.

Although the iPad Pro or Apple Pencil Pro do not appear directly in this advertisement, Apple has tried to reflect the powerful performance of the iPad Pro everywhere.

At this month's "Let It Fly" conference, Apple launched an advertisement called "Crush" to promote the iPad Pro's super performance and ultra-thin body.

This advertisement revolves around a huge hydraulic press. Pianos, record players, game consoles, Emoji villains and other items are crushed by the hydraulic press, and finally "compressed" into the new iPad Pro.

Unsurprisingly, many creators don’t like seeing the icons they rely on being squashed and reduced to a consumer product.

Although Apple later issued an apology statement, perhaps the appearance of this new advertisement also represents another kind of apology.

The style of the new advertisement is completely different from the previous one. It is no longer lifeless but becomes active. It's trying to relieve the stress of "Crush" advertising. After Apple crushed everything, it tried to rebuild the world with the iPad.

Overall, the new iPad ad has a decidedly more positive vibe than the previous ad.

In addition to the main feature of the ad, Apple also released a short vertical video, briefly showing behind-the-scenes footage of the ad production process.

In the annotations of both videos, Apple wrote that these animated backgrounds were "created by different animators using Apple Pencil Pro on the new iPad Pro equipped with an M4 chip."

Moreover, the names of the director and all the animators also appear at the back.

Compared with the ending notes of previous Apple ads, the addition of the word "animator" makes it more humane. They realize that the soul of creation is not the tool, but the person behind the tool.

Apple once again provides users with "Wonderful Tools", hoping that users can use Apple products to create "Wonderful Things" again.

As for the offensive "Crush" advertisement, it should also be slowly "compressed" by time.

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