From “colorful” to “shine”, Reno doesn’t want to “lie flat”

In the eyes of the public, summer is the breeze blowing over the sea, cicadas screaming into the clouds, and the sun dazzling. In the eyes of young graduates who are about to graduate, what they may remember this summer is "growth", "farewell", and enter the society with the spirit of "brilliant and prosperous."

Nowadays, young people like to express more and more, become more and more individual, and have more and more unique taste requirements for mobile phone aesthetics. At this node, I have been studying the OPPO that young people like, and I want to use the Reno6 series that reproduces "Summer Sunny Sea" to capture the hearts of more teenagers and girls.

▲OPPO Reno6 Pro summer sunny sea color matching.

What is the result? OPPO Reno product manager Wu Di shared a piece of data, "From the feedback of offline stores, many consumers want to go to the store to name their names and match colors, and the male to female ratio is almost 1:1." This means that the "crystal diamond" craftsmanship led by Reno actually "plays" on the preferences of the current young people, regardless of gender.

After hearing this data, I was a little surprised. OPPO's Reno series does understand the aesthetic tastes of young people better in the constantly innovative aesthetic trend design, but more importantly, it also knows how to create a mobile phone that young people can't put it down.

What do you pay behind "Summer Harumi"?

It is a new color scheme and an upgraded Crystal Diamond 3.0 process.

▲ The three colors of OPPO Reno6 Pro: Night Sea, Summer Sunny Sea, and Galaxy into a Dream.

Regarding the color matching of the Reno6 series, there is a small detail that is not easy to find, that is, from Reno6, Reno6 Pro to Reno6 Pro+, only the color matching of "Summer Sunny Sea" uses Crystal Diamond 3.0, and other colors such as "Starry Dream" , "Night Sea" is actually an upgraded version of Crystal Diamond 2.0, it may be called Crystal Diamond 2.0+ more suitable, and the feel is more delicate.

The reason is that OPPO process engineer Ao Yuyin said, "This is because Crystal Diamond 3.0 is more in line with the performance of the summer sunny sea, and other colors, such as black and gray, will be better with Crystal Diamond 2.0." To put it bluntly, the difference in product details is based on design and trend expression.

From the first generation of crystal diamond technology to the current crystal diamond 3.0, from the product level, the way of showing shine is constantly changing, and the color expression is also constantly upgraded. From the microscopic point of view of the "Crystal Diamond", the shape of the crystal in the back cover is different from generation to generation. To be precise, it should be refined.

The initial crystal diamond process is a "polyhedral cone", which shows a sparkle similar to diamonds. In Crystal Diamond 2.0, the crystal delicacy has been upgraded, presenting a pyramid structure, which also gives the Reno5 series the star-like light of "Starship into a Dream". In the Reno6 series, the crystals have regular orientations, so they can show the "sparkling" of the sea on the back cover.

The series of process upgrades behind this, initially I thought it would be a change led by the progress of the process. But in fact, it is the product manager and designer who led the "crystal diamond" process upgrade of the Reno series.

▲ The crystallization process of the back cover crystal in the Crystal Diamond 3.0 process.

"The appearance of the Reno6 series of Summer Qinghai is presented by design-oriented craftsmanship," Ao Yuyin explained, "because the idea of ​​Summer Qinghai was first, it drove us to think about how to realize it through craftsmanship, and the crystal diamond 3.0 The craftsmanship originally came from the construction industry, and OPPO introduced this technology to the appearance craftsmanship of mobile phones for the first time.”

After half a year of process tuning, the color scheme of the Reno6 series "Summer Sunny Sea" is finally presented, which means that the crystals in the crystal diamond have regular directions. This simple sentence actually contains a lot of efforts of OPPO process engineers. At the beginning, the crystal diamond 3.0 "directional crystallization" process can only be formed under low temperature conditions. After engineers continue to overcome and technical improvements, it can achieve "directional crystallization" under normal temperature conditions, and achieve Mass production will eventually bring the special "Summer Sunny Sea" color scheme to consumers.

It is worth noting that with the continuous progress of the crystal diamond process, OPPO has accumulated more and more patents on the CMF process, and the focus of publicity is inclined to this, so that people have a kind of OPPO when doing Reno, is it right? Too much resources have been devoted to the question of Crystal Diamond.

▲ OPPO Reno5 Pro Galaxy Dreams color matching.

To a certain extent, this is indeed the case. "Reno is a series for young people, so the core selection is based on young people's preferences." In reality, from the emergence of crystal diamond craftsmanship to 2.0, Reno's unique color scheme is very high in the store. In terms of the offline order rate of the Reno5 series of Galaxy Dream Edition, almost half of the users who entered the store ordered Galaxy Dream, and the online order rate reached 70% or 80%.

OPPO's crystal diamond technology has gone through three generations. This is not just an upgrade of the supply chain technology, but a real technical barrier. No one has one. Publicity resources tend to be this way, which also emphasizes the advantages and differentiation of the Reno series compared to other brand products.

On the other hand, it is also because everyone’s focus is on the explicit "crystal diamond" process, which may have overlooked OPPO’s investment in games, images, and system experience in the Reno6 series or the entire Reno series. They are relatively If it is more invisible, it is not so "shiny".

▲OPPO Reno5 Pro+ artist limited edition with electrochromic technology on the back cover.

In addition to crystal diamonds, the unique CMF design is also a highlight of the Reno series. From the original "central axis" design of Reno, to the introduction of Pantone's annual color matching, to the previous generation of "electrochromic technology", and the "Summer Clear Sea" of the Reno6 series.

In terms of aesthetic trends, the Reno series continues to lead through technological upgrades and landings, and now a three-year iterative "crystal diamond" process has completely formed a "barrier". In the future, the "Reno series will continue to try" to create more unique and design-leading aesthetic trends, as well as more in line with the tastes of the current "young people".

Pursue "thinness" but not "obsessed"

For today's Reno series, thinness is a pursuit. But there is also a prerequisite, that is, you cannot be excessively "obsessed."

▲ OPPO Reno6 Pro and Reno 6 Pro+ are equipped with X-axis linear motors.

In this generation of Reno6 series, we have seen many hardware upgrades while maintaining the original thickness. There is an X-axis linear motor, a larger capacity battery, a 65W flash charge, and the Reno6 Pro+ has a full-size VC heat sink. The Reno6 uses a thicker graphite VC. In this inch of gold, OPPO structural engineers Put everything that can be put.

"Although the pursuit of lightness and thinness, Reno's lightness and thinness does not come at the expense of performance." OPPO structural engineer Zhang Yefan said, for example, the speaker has been miniaturized, provided that the volume and sound quality are not lost, and the battery width is increased by 0.4mm, using a more extreme The stacking process is filled with full-size graphite VC for heat dissipation.

Thin and light is the most obvious feature of a mobile phone product, but it is not easy to do well in this feature. It is often accompanied by the extreme challenges of stacking technology. The competition of technology is often fierce. Zhang Yefan also emphasized that the Reno series will follow up. It will dig out the details in the fuselage to continuously improve the user experience. "Thinness" seems to be a pursuit, but it is actually the bottom line.

This time, the Reno6 series is also divided into three versions according to positioning, Reno6, Reno6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+. But in terms of design, Reno6 uses a right-angled edge design, and the other two parts are similar in style to the previous generation. "Such design considerations are based on the needs of user diversity," explained Wu Di, the product manager of the Reno line. "This is also to satisfy some users with direct screen needs." Simply put, one is based on design, and the other is to give users more choice.

▲OPPO Reno6 with a right-angled edge design.

But another way of thinking, the Reno series wants to continue to be thin and light. With a certain amount of internal space, perhaps changing the direction of the fuselage design will be a good solution. The right-angled edge design has more maneuverable space than the traditional hyperboloid. Perhaps the right-angled design style may be an evolutionary direction for the follow-up Reno series.

The Reno6 series is added to the game "special tone", but the tone is still "light and light"

This time Wu Di joined the Reno6 project, not because of the cancellation of Ace, but because Reno6 Pro wants to make a difference in the game. As a result, we saw Wu Di's statement on the performance and game performance of the Reno6 series on the release. In addition to the natural introduction of Ace-level optimization, this time Reno6 is a step closer to the direction of mass games.

▲ Wu Di, OPPO product manager.

What is a popular game? Simply put, it actually pays more attention to entertainment and social attributes. This is the public's demand for games and the thinking of the Reno series on popular games. In the final analysis, most people's needs for games are for relaxation and entertainment, not for the pursuit of the ultimate. Of athletics.

Therefore, in the two attributes of games and mobile phones, the priority of mobile phones must be higher than that of games. Therefore, although you have seen separate game optimizations on the Reno6 series this time, this major premise is not to destroy the consistent Reno series. The advantages of "thinness" and "face value".

The X-axis linear motors on Reno6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+ not only enhance the daily use experience, but more importantly, increase the "feel" of the game. When game manufacturers are making games, in order to improve interaction, they often have a lot of audiovisual feedback, such as killing, changing bombs, driving, etc. The 4D shock on the Reno6 series is also based on this.

"The kind of shock that we used to do on Ace is done through our own technology, that is, we use image recognition, and then cooperate with some of his interfaces to give some feedback on the shock."

Doing so may have some problems, "but in this case, he may experience false shocks, and the operation is not so good." Therefore, when it comes to Reno6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+, OPPO and the photonic team have worked in depth, and have united since a year ago to create an "interface-level" chain. Only in this way can real-time and true feedback in the game be guaranteed.

Of course, the premise of all this is that through the efforts of OPPO structural engineers, the X-axis linear motor is inserted into the fuselage of Reno6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+ while the thickness of the fuselage remains unchanged, giving the 4D shock to the dragon point. Close up.

In addition to the needs of Reno product managers and the efforts of structural engineers, the Reno6 series has also improved the general gaming experience. As a product for young people, Reno6 considers the gaming experience under the premise of ensuring the appearance and lightness. Lightness and thinness will at least bring one benefit to the gaming experience, that is, it feels more relaxed without pressing your hands.

On the other hand, OPPO product manager Wu Di especially emphasized that Reno6 is a popular gaming experience because it wants to "open black and win together" with young users. To this end, Reno6 has made many software-level optimizations. For example, the "stepless frame stabilization" technology stabilizes the user experience by stabilizing the frame rate. During team battles, it can be done without pitting teammates, and optimizations like this are also available on Reno6. There are many.

The above two aspects are the biggest difference between Reno6's games and the Ace series. For the wider public, Reno6 is also continuing to strengthen its own game imprint. This time Reno6 Pro+ is also bound with two major mobile game IPs to become mainland China The region's first designated machine for the official League of Legends mobile game official professional tournament, and the designated machine for the 2021 PEL Peace Elite Professional League tournament.

From "colorful" to "shine", how does Reno define the trend of mobile phone beauty

In this conversation, Wu Di emphasized more than once that Reno is for young people. The preference for young people is a major factor that distinguishes the Reno series.

▲OPPO Reno6

When the fronts of current mobile phones are almost the same, it is difficult to express a personalized side, and the back cover has taken on the needs expressed by young people. Therefore, in the Reno series, the most obvious feature of each generation is the upgrade and change in the design of the back cover CMF, including the trial and application of different colors and various processes.

▲ OPPO's first generation Reno.

The back cover of the first-generation Reno uses matte glass, while hiding many special textures, which can show different luster when rotating. When it comes to Reno2, while highlighting the texture of the glass itself, it also brings delicate color changes. In the main color "Heart of the Sea", under different light, the back shell will change from purple to royal blue. On the Reno3, the back cover uses a gradient effect, and the gradient effect has been continued from the back of the phone to the metal middle frame, and the integration is more obvious.

▲OPPO Reno3 Pro 5G.

If the back cover style of the first three generations has been "freely play", then since the beginning of the Reno4 series, the CMF of the Reno series has begun to be shaped, focusing on the "crystal diamond craft". From the shining diamonds of Crystal Diamond 1.0, to the starlight rays of Crystal Diamond 2.0, to the sea waves of Crystal Diamond 3.0, the unique back cover CMF has become an icon of the Reno series.

The advancement and upgrade of CMF technology on the Reno series is dominated by product concepts, as well as pre-judgment and market research on the preferences of young people, allowing the Reno series to continue to lead the trend of aesthetic design.

From the Reno6 series, the summer sunny sea color matching realized by the crystal diamond 3.0 process is its strongest "label". Xia Qinghai has been bound to the Reno6 series, just like the "Star River into a Dream" of the Reno5 series.

In this way, the Reno series is a product driven by market demand and design trends. Under these two levels of demand, it has evolved into what it is today.

At the same time, insights into mobile games are also a major demand of young people today, so Reno6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+ have also begun to tune the mobile game experience in an all-round way, from hardware to software, and then to the strategy of cooperation with Tencent. Next, for the needs of young people, the Reno series will also be labeled "games".

"The parameters are cold", I really like this sentence at the press conference. A product is not a mathematical problem with correct answers, it is more like an argumentation, with central arguments and arguments. The central argument is the product positioning given by the manufacturers, and the argument is the "choices" made for these needs.

From this point of view, Reno is clear and clear, "Reno is made for young people." The aesthetic trend design shown on the Reno6 series is in line with the aesthetics of young people. The "lightness and thinness" that the Reno series has always pursued has become the core demand of young users. The newly added mobile game elements are also in line with the lifestyles of many young people.

After face-to-face communication with the project team of the OPPO Reno6 series, I think that after three years and six generations of Reno, it also has persistence while changing.

What has changed is that the Reno series may be constantly adjusted according to the preferences of young people. The future is full of possibilities, but what we insist is that these "upgrades" in different directions must be centered on Reno's "trend design aesthetics" and " The two principles of "lightness and thinness".

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