From 528,000! Weilai released the new ES8, to meet the needs of all scenarios, not the Model Y

On December 8, Weilai announced for the first time that the date of NIO Day 2022 will be on December 24. At the beginning of the official announcement, there is the following paragraph:

NIO Day-Nio Day is an annual gathering where we share joy with users, and it is also a stage for NIO to launch new products of the year

As Weilai's most important communication activity every year, the official puts "gatherings with users" in the most important position, followed by "annual new products".

At the scene, male Chinese pop singer and Weilai ES8 user @黄依达 collaborated with other car owners to perform the NIO Day theme song "Feel the Light". The real stories from 3 Weilai users were made into a movie premiere and debut After nine years, Li Ronghao returned to his hometown of Anhui to perform on stage.

As for the start of NIO Day, the new ES8, EC7, and the third-generation power station that have been officially revealed are the focus of car fans. The details mentioned in the event make them seem so powerful that they are not like the supporting roles of NIO Day. They have Forward-looking technology, but there are also slots. In some time rhythms, Weilai is still testing the patience of users.

A list of new products and time rhythm:

  • New ES8: priced at RMB 528,000 to RMB 638,000, 75kWh battery life of 465km, 100kWh battery life of 605km, delivery in June 2023
  • EC7: priced at 488,000-578,000, 75kWh battery life 490km, 100kWh battery life 635km, delivery in May 2023
  • The third-generation power station: deployed in March 2023
  • 500kW ultra-fast charging pile: deployed in March 2023

New ES8: There are not many surprises in appearance, but others are surprises

Unknowingly, it has been 5 years since the first-generation ES8 was launched. It can be said to be Weilai's hero product, supporting the company's start and development, and even going through the darkest moment in 2019. The early owner of the ES8 founding edition has become a The mainstream pillar of the Weilai community, don't be surprised that there is more than one Weilai under their account name.

The development of Weilai ES8 has not been smooth sailing. There was a recall in 2019 due to battery problems, but it did not shake the position of ES8 in Weilai. Even today, the new ES8 is still NIO's most expensive model on sale, and it is the most important new product of this NIO Day.

The appearance of the new car adopts the family-style design of the NT2.0 platform, and is equipped with a split lamp group. The front face style is similar to that of the ES7, but the grille at the bottom looks larger. The lidar and "horns" on the roof make it easy to recognize that this is a model on the NT2.0 platform. The fenders are also equipped with ADAS cameras, instead of being set on the wheel eyebrows like the ES7.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new Weilai ES8 are 5099x1989x1750mm, and the wheelbase is 3070mm. Only the 6-seater version is available. Compared with the current model, the length, width and wheelbase have been increased by 77mm, 27mm and 60mm respectively, and the height has been reduced by 6mm.

Similarly, the tail adopts the NT2.0 family design. Compared with the current model, an obvious change is the through-type taillight design, which is very recognizable from a distance. However, the charging interface is still set at the front, and many car owners complain.

The new car is equipped with front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive, adopts a front 180kW permanent magnet + a rear 300kW induction motor, the system has a comprehensive power of 480kW, a peak torque of 850N m, and achieves zero-to-hundred acceleration of 4.1s. That's right, the performance of this SUV is stronger than many products that are called sports cars.

There is a detail that few people pay attention to. The official revealed that the new ES8 is equipped with a dual-chamber air suspension. The performance of this suspension is more advanced than other Weilai models, which just reflects the ES8's flagship positioning.

In terms of battery combination, it is equipped with 75kWh and 100kWh ternary lithium battery packs, which will support 150kWh semi-solid batteries in the future, but this battery was originally planned to be delivered in Q4 of 2022, and has been skipped to Q2 of 2023.

The internal equipment is the focus of the new Weilai ES8 and other models. First of all, the HUD is increased to 16.3 inches, equipped with an enhanced version of the 7.1.4 immersive sound system.

Surprisingly, the new Weilai ES8 comes standard with an N-Box enhanced entertainment host, which supports the connection of 4 pairs of AR glasses at the same time. It is possible to play games in the car, and it is possible for the whole family to play.

The queen's co-driver used to be the highlight of many Weilai car owners persuading their wives to buy a car, and this time it has been upgraded again. It supports 22-way electric adjustment, realizes one-button comfort mode, linkage headrest, backrest, shoulder, leg rest and seat cushion adjustment.

On the second row of seats, the width of the new ES8 seat cushion reaches 550mm, equipped with 12-way electric adjustment and electric leg rest. This is considered to have more adjustment functions in SUVs, but the comfort level should still be worse than that of MPVs at the same price.

The central armrest in the second row, which Weilai calls the "administrative central island", can be used for mobile office, but it does not seem to be as easy to use as the ideal L9 small table. And the official also inadvertently revealed an important detail, the upper layer of the administrative island can be electrically retracted and adapted for NIO Phone.

Speaking of this, Li Bin said with a smile that "the mobile phone is already in the making."

Weilai also said that car owners can choose an electric open car refrigerator, which supports remote control by mobile phone and temperature adjustment from 0-50 degrees. This time, everyone should stop laughing that Ideal and Xiaopeng will make refrigerators and large color TVs, and Weilai will gradually join in.

As for the assisted driving system, the new NIO ES8, as a product of the NT2.0 platform, is also equipped with consistent assisted driving hardware, and the total computing power of 4 Orin chips is 1016TOPS, which is still the platform with the highest computing power among mass-produced vehicles.

Regarding this platform, Li Bin confidently expressed at the NIO Day scene:

I believe that in the past few years, it will still be the strongest autonomous driving brain.

To sum up the new NIO ES8 in one sentence: there are not many surprises in appearance, and the interior, intelligence, and performance still represent the highest level of NIO.

EC7: Weilai's fastest SUV is it

Compared with the new ES8, the EC7 is more mysterious. The previous official notice only told everyone that there is an electric rear spoiler. In fact, it is not just a fastback ES7.

The body size of Weilai EC7 is 4968x1974x1714mm, and the wheelbase is 2960mm, which is similar to ES7. However, compared with ES7's hardcore exterior design style, EC7 pursues more balance, which makes EC7 the SUV with the lowest drag coefficient in the world, with a drag coefficient of only 0.230cd.

The biggest feature of NIO EC7's appearance is the fastback design. Compared with NIO's first EC6 with a similar design, EC7 adds more bold elements to interpret its sporty atmosphere, especially the electric rear spoiler.

This electric rear spoiler has two modes: manual and automatic, and is divided into two gears: drag reduction and extreme speed. Among them, the drag reduction gear can reduce the resistance by 4%, and the extreme speed gear can increase the downforce by 650N. Is it a gimmick? No, I think it is necessary. Li Bin said at the scene of NIO Day that it is the fastest SUV of NIO.

The EC7 is equipped with a 180kW front permanent magnet motor and a rear 300kW induction motor, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 3.8 seconds. With the support of Brembo six-piston calipers and 380mm large-size perforated ventilated brake discs, the braking distance per 100 kilometers is 33.9 meters. Run fast, but also stop.

In addition to running fast, NIO also understands that EC7 owners need a sense of control. EC7 has a front-to-rear axle load ratio of 50:50, is equipped with air suspension + CDC dynamic damping control system, and there are multiple modes for you to choose.

The interior is still in the familiar Weilai style, keeping the aesthetic online. But what I hope is that the renewable vines will not have the flaws that the first batch of ET7 users complained about.

The official also emphasized that the EC7 uses cutting-edge environmentally friendly materials, and the carbon emission saved by the interior of each EC7 is equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorption of a tree for two years. It is believed that these moves will be more conducive to Weilai's entry into the European market that pays attention to environmental protection.

Among the seats, the sporty atmosphere of Weilai EC7 is also revealed. The one-piece sports seat provides good support and a sense of wrapping, while Weilai's queen co-driver also retains it, and it is currently upgraded to support a one-button zero-gravity posture.

What I really want to try is the optional dimming panoramic canopy on the EC7. This is the first time in the world that the neutral base color of black and gray is used in the electrochromic canopy glass. If you have been on a Boeing 787 and played with the function of the porthole above, you will know what a similar feeling is like.

In addition, the second-generation digital cockpit, 16-inch HUD, Aquila super-sensing system and ADAM super-computing platform are not absent, and the level of intelligence is still at the forefront of the current global electric vehicles.

To describe EC7 in one sentence: it may be the best SUV that NIO can drive. To borrow a word that is often said in the mobile phone circle, it is described as "thug in a suit".

The third-generation power station: equipped with lidar, the computing power can match 3 Teslas

According to NIO's official data, as of December 24, 2022, NIO has 1,286 battery swap stations nationwide. Many people believe that power station replacement is to Weilai, just like logistics is to, and it is their important moat.

On NIO Day, Weilai released the third-generation power station, which adopts a three-station collaborative operation mechanism, and the power replacement time is shortened by 20%. The number of battery positions has increased to 21, and the number of daily services is 408, which is 30% higher than that of the second-generation station. If it is expected to improve battery replacement time and service times, then the following updates are definitely beyond everyone's expectations.

The third-generation power station is equipped with two laser radars and two NVIDIA Orin X chips, and the computing power of a single station reaches 508TOPS. What concept? At present, the HW3.0 platform of Tesla's mainstream models has a computing power of 144TOPS. These hardwares realize better station coordination functions and support calls for power swaps.

In addition, the third-generation power station adopts the HPC bidirectional high-power liquid-cooled power module developed by NIO to improve the charging and discharging efficiency of batteries in the power station. In a nutshell, it has faster battery replacement, stronger service capabilities, smarter battery replacement, and more efficient station-network interaction.

But the landing time still has to wait, the fastest is March 2023.

500kW ultra-fast charging pile: it's faster, but lighter

The NIO 500kW ultra-fast charging pile is the first new product released this NIO Day, and the official talk will be finished soon, but this product is of great significance in the charging and swapping station plan promoted by NIO.

Its single pile has a maximum power of 500kW and a maximum current of 660A, which shortens the charging time. The self-developed liquid-cooled charging cable reduces weight by more than half and can be easily operated with one hand. If you have compared different third-party charging stations, you will understand the importance of the weight of the charging cable.

The 500kW ultra-fast charging piles, together with the third-generation power station, mobile energy supplementary vehicles and other energy supplementary facilities, form NIO's unique full-scenario energy supplement system.

Weilai's "Model Y", you have to wait

Regarding the new car plan, Li Bin once disclosed an important news in the earnings call on November 10 : "We will launch 5 models in the first half of next year, and one of them will always be Weilai's Model Y", "By next year In June, we will have 8 models on sale to meet the diverse needs of users."

The new ES8 and EC7 have been released, and the remaining 3 models are believed to be the ET5 travel version, the new ES6, and the new EC6, all of which have completed the transition from NT1.0 to NT2.0 platform.

Which one do you think is the NIO "Model Y" that Li Bin mentioned? But with a high probability, it is certain that its domestic price will be higher than that of the domestic version of Model Y.

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