Fossil Gen 5E Review: Wear OS puts on the elegant suit

review fossil gen 5E smartwatch wear os cover

For years we have seen watches from some brands as objects of great value thanks to their fine mechanics and materials . Imagine now that these have been digitized and have become smartwatches that are not only very capable but also very elegant, as in the case of the Fossil Gen 5E protagonist of this review , but will all that glitters be gold?

Fossil Gen 5E Review | Smartwatch with Wear OS

Package Contents

In spite of Fossil ‘s renowned reputation, the packaging of this Gen 5E in review is truly minimal. Not so much in the box itself, as in the scope of delivery, as we simply have the proprietary charger . Did we expect more? Maybe, but the substance lies in the smartwatch.

Design and materials

fossil gen 5E 04 review

The design of this smartphone is really very pleasant, it conveys elegance, importance to the wrist, it is not heavy and the case , although it is made of stainless steel , is not heavy at all. While not Fossil’s designated top range, the materials used for both the case and the strap deliver a premium feel. The function key is very nice, although it would have been perfect if it had been rotating.

There are also other versions of this model totally in steel, or in silicone, but they do not return the same elegance and finesse in the details of this model being tested with an imitation leather strap. In the lower case we find the classic bio-tracking sensors and the pins for the charging connector. More than promoted in everything.


fossil gen 5E review 02

The display of this Fossil Gen 5E in review is very nice, but above all very bright. The 1.19 ″ AMOLED solution (390 x 390 pixels), has a 44 mm case which makes it all in all large, but what is striking is the 328 PPI pixel density, which return really good visibility.

Thanks to the properties of AMOLED technology, it is possible to activate the Always-On Display , which always keeps us informed about the time as if it were a mechanical watch. Too bad that the whole context then affects the battery, but we will see it later. A small note must be made with the Wear OS optimization: it is not bad in receiving notifications, but when they are too cropped it is not the best to see. Small things, but which in our opinion should be noted.

Hardware and Connectivity – Fossil Gen 5E Review

And now let’s move on to the heart of this smartwatch. Present, as often happens for devices with Wear OS , a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, which in combo with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of storage, does a more than worthy job that does not lead to jamming or lag that affect its use. There is also a microphone, which also works quite well with Google Assistant and also on call. Present Bluetooth 4.2 (flaw, but does not affect the speed of connection), NFC (for Google Pay payments) and above all Wi-Fi . GPS is missing, perhaps a real lack for this smartwatch.

Software and Fitness

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What about Wear OS ? A system that is always improving and with the H MR2 version there is an excellent connection with the smartphone but in general with all the software that allows us to have a complete experience on our wrist. Google’s Fit applications work in a concrete way, while those pre-installed by Fossil could represent duplicates, but all in all they work well. The watch faces are beautiful , which make this smartwatch similar to a mechanical watch of the brand.

fossil gen 5e wear os 01

And let’s move on to the fitness tracking of this Fossil Gen E5 accordingly. Very good, as driven by Wear OS , the monitoring of health, both at the heart level, both for breathing, and for training. And precisely for the exercises they are the highlight of this smartwatch at the software level: in fact, thanks to Fit Workouts , we can get dozens and dozens of sports to monitor, plus there is Nike Run Club , which the most attentive will remember as present on Apple Watch . So promoted the entire software system of the watch in review.


The big sin of this Fossil Gen 5E is the battery. We are really sorry about how it behaves with regards to autonomy, a far cry from other Wear OS that handle the weight of software and hardware much better. You don’t always arrive in the evening in the daily mode , better in the extended version that takes us to the end of the day. If it didn’t have this big enough point against it, it would truly be a smartwatch to beat.

Price and Conclusions – Fossil Gen 5E Review

To understand what we have deduced from the review of this Fossil Gen 5E , we must start from the price. We find it easily on Amazon at around € 190 , with a price list of € 229 . The price is perhaps well placed for what it offers between materials, design, operating system and performance we are there, less for the battery.

And here we come to the conclusions: who is this Fossil smartwatch for? For those looking for something very refined , a change of pace in style compared to other technologically renowned brands but not in mechanical watchmaking (for obvious reasons). But also to those who in the past have tried and loved Fossil in an analog way and want to make a technological improvement with digital and intelligent options. And why not, even to those who do not want to approach operating systems other than Wear OS and want to be on the safe side. Provided that you have the patience to overcome the obstacle of autonomy, which then in the end overcomes in various ways.