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Who can translate the translation, what is the metaverse?
Who can translate and translate, what is NFT, blockchain, metaverse, quantum computing, brain-computer interface, digital twin, virtual reality, mixed reality, extended reality?
New technological concepts, like a storm. What the future will look like is increasingly unclear.
In the beginning, there were a thousand "metaverses" in the eyes of a thousand people. It was not until these new technological concepts merged into everyone's life that the truth of technology was settled.
We want to make a "Tomorrow Life Serial" for you.
It will be an encyclopedia of tomorrow's life, with Aifaner's editors working together to track future solutions.
We will regularly update the following series of articles every week, and will continue to add new series. The serialization will be sorted according to time, and the evolution of cutting-edge technology will be clear at a glance.
We take you to see how those confusing technological statues become reality step by step.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token): Non-fungible tokens, each token can represent a unique digital data, as an electronic certification or certificate of ownership of virtual goods. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.29 "Gap launches NFT series"

      • Event time: January 12
      • Event protagonist: Gap threads
      • Event Location: Tezos Blockchain

After Nike and Adidas, clothing giant Gap also launched the NFT series "Gap threads" .

This series of NFTs is built on the Tezos blockchain.

Tezos, one of Ethereum's low-cost competitors, is being called a "more energy-efficient option" by the brand.

The NFT is a digital hoodie in appearance, designed by Brandon Sines, creator of the cartoon character Frank Ape.

The most interesting part is that they come in different price points and rarities, and are available in three tiers : common, rare and epic, and are offered in the native XTZ token of the Tezos blockchain.

▲ Rare. Image from: Gap

A common NFT costs 2 XTZ (~$8.3), a rare NFT costs 6 XTZ (~$24.9), and an epic NFT costs 100 XTZ (~$415.0).

The purchase method is first-come, first-served, and now they are all sold out and can only be traded in the secondary market.

▲ Epic. Image from: Gap

Buyers of Epic NFTs will also receive an exclusive physical – the Gap x Frank Ape hoodie.

At the same time, Gap launched a gamified experience that gave common and rare NFT buyers the opportunity to earn epic NFTs.

However, to be eligible to participate, you must first purchase 4 common and 2 rare NFTs.

In addition to the three levels, there is another NFT "One of a Kind NFT" that will be auctioned on January 24.

Gap is to play the NFT hierarchy.

NFTs are "rare," but some NFTs are rarer than others.

No.30 "Do gamers really need NFTs"

      • When: January 15th
      • Event protagonist: NFT in the game industry
      • Event Location: Blockchain

Ai Faner wrote before that after Ubisoft announced its entry into the NFT, players scolded unscrupulous.

With the increasing number of NFT announcements in the gaming industry, the conflict between players and game studios such as Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Zynga is heating up.

▲ Ubisoft NFT.

The New York Times reported that players believe that this is a new way for game companies to collect money and cannot bring a qualitative improvement to the game experience.

Specifically, most of the dissatisfaction of players stems from the fact that "micro-transactions" in the game will become more prevalent.

Pay to upgrade characters, buy weapon skins, the gaming industry has been creating and selling digital assets, and loyal players are also willing to pay high fees for rare items.

▲ Picture from: CNET

Unlike the past micro-transactions, NFTs are not only equipment that can be used in the game, but also unique digital collections. Players can keep it permanently on the blockchain, and can also trade and buy on third-party platforms.

While it sounds good, the debate over whether NFTs are exaggerated has been at the forefront.

The only thing that is clear is that the line between playing for money and playing for fun is blurring.

Even with the purpose of making money, how many players can really get real money?

Foreign media CNET pointed out that the sustainability of a "game is to make money" model like Axie Infinity is open to question. Compared with old players, it is much more difficult for new players to make money, and if new players stop joining, the encrypted tokens in the game will be worthless.

Ideally, there is a normal number of players who reasonably maintain interest and engagement in the game.

Game companies themselves tend to have more stable earnings. Axie Infinity has more than 1 million daily active players who bring in nearly $29 million in weekly revenue for its parent company.

Ubisoft also plans to take a cut of future NFT sales:

We are moving from focusing on games to focusing on ecosystems where every player can be a stakeholder.

▲ Picture from: Square Enix

At the same time, some game developers hate NFTs as much as gamers.

Valve banned the sale of any crypto-related games on Steam; Epic said it would try to avoid NFTs because it could involve tricky scams; Microsoft’s Xbox chief believes that games centered on NFT money-making appear to be “exploitative.”

Will NFTs become a lasting trend in the gaming world? As always, the player decides, and the market will answer.

No.31 "Twitter uses hexagons to prove NFT ownership"

      • When: January 21st
      • Event protagonist: NFT avatar
      • Event location: Twitter

Twitter allows iOS users to use NFTs as personal avatars, but of course it doesn't teach us to upload pictures from photo albums.

First of all, you need to have a genuine NFT, which is to hold an NFT in an encrypted wallet.

Second, a subscription to the $2.99/month Twitter Blue service is required to temporarily connect a crypto wallet to a Twitter account, and Twitter sends a verification request to the wallet address.

Twitter Blue is currently only available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

▲ Picture from: Twitter

When these conditions are met, NFT collectors will be quite recognizable – their avatar borders are hexagons instead of traditional circles.

While only iOS users can set up NFT avatars, these hexagons can appear on all platforms, telling everyone:

This NFT was contracted by me!

Currently Twitter only supports static image NFTs (JPEG, PNG) minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is very simple to replace the NFT, just modify the profile picture directly.

If the NFT is transferred or sold during the wearing of the avatar, the hexagonal border will revert to a circle, implying that the ownership has changed, but the image remains the same as before.

Users with empty encrypted wallets can pass by to see the detailed information of the hexagonal NFT avatar, including NFT description, collection, attributes, contract address, etc.

Although NFT avatars have been used in social media for a long time, this is the first time Twitter has used official means to verify ownership. A Twitter spokesperson said:

Twitter is where people talk about the things they care about, and is often where people experience crypto and NFTs for the first time. People use NFTs as a form of identity and self-expression, as well as a way to join the community and Twitter conversations.

The collection and display attributes of NFTs have been “fueled” by Twitter. Will its investment attributes “raise the tide”?

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Metaverse: A persistent and decentralized online 3D virtual environment in the future. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.23 "Virtual Zhongchuan Campus Debuts in Baidu Xiyang"

      • When: January 14th
      • Protagonist of the event: Communication University of China
      • Location of the event: Xiyong

On January 14th, the "Virtual Zhongchuan Campus" created by the School of Animation and Digital Arts of Communication University of China officially appeared on the Baidu Xiyang Yuan Universe platform, which is open to the public to experience.

The Virtual Zhongchuan Campus is China's first "virtual university" open to the Metaverse platform. With the help of digital technologies such as street view maps, 3D reconstruction, and 3D engines, it has recreated a "digital twin campus".

Iconic buildings, public facilities, and characteristic culture are all among them.

This work was completed by the virtual entertainment laboratory led by Professor Lu Xin. They have completed the construction of nearly 100 campus models. The entire design and production process took 3 months.

The experiencer can freely access the Xiyong platform through VR, mobile terminal or PC terminal, and start a campus roaming tour as a virtual avatar.

At the end of December last year, the virtual Zhongchuan campus was updated in Xiyong [Aniwow! 2021] Animation Festival "Metaverse Branch", where practitioners of animation and digital art from all over the world gather here.

▲ Animation Festival Metaverse Branch. Image from: Communication University of China

Next, the virtual entertainment laboratory will continue to deeply participate in the Baidu Xiyang project, and further explore cutting-edge topics such as online education, virtual social networking, and digital virtual humans in the metaverse media environment.

It is worth mentioning that on January 17, Communication University of China, Sina News and CCTV jointly released the "2022 Metaverse Research Report: Multiple Perspectives", starting from 10 points of view, the development of the concept and industry of the Metaverse. understand the interpretation.

Among them, the six basic technologies supporting the Metaverse are: Internet of Things technology, network and computing technology, artificial intelligence technology, blockchain technology, interactive technology and video game technology.

No.24 "Fortnite's First Kaws Exhibition"

      • When: January 18-25
      • Event protagonist: Kaws
      • Event Location: Fortnite

Have you heard of street artist Brian Donnelly? He is better known by his stage name Kaws.

The "Double X-Eyes Skull" is the hallmark of Kaws' work, often combined with popular elements to create works that are both familiar and unfamiliar.

▲ Picture from: Acute Art

Recently, he co-created an exhibition called "New Fiction" with art museums and game platforms.

The exhibition was held at the Serpentine Gallery in London, and was presented simultaneously on two online platforms – the online game "Fortnite" and the AR application "Acute Art".

Fortnite's Kaws exhibit, essentially a virtual rendition of an offline exhibit, is pretty simplistic compared to other virtual experiences.

▲ Picture from: The Verge

All players can do is walk around the building or the outdoor garden, admiring the towering Kaws statue at their own pace, or choose games and experiences to try, and learn what the "New Fiction" exhibit is all about.

With more than 400 million players, Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world, while the Serpentine Gallery averages just 35,000 visitors.

The foreign media The Verge described Kaws' work as a "Trojan horse of pop art", which has sneaked into all aspects of the cultural field, and video games are also territories that need to be conquered.

This is the second time Kaws has teamed up with Fortnite, who have released the rare Halloween costume KAWS Skeleton in 2021.

Kaws also collaborated with Acute Art for the first time in 2020, producing a series of AR public art works.

In an interview with The Guardian , Kaws pointed out that while such collaborations cannot replace a real gallery experience, they can bridge a new generation and attract more attention in "new, large-scale ways".

Fortnite has also long transcended the category of multiplayer shooters, it is more and more like a "massive pop culture mashup", exhibitions, big concerts, dance clubs… all kinds of in-game art are staged here.

No.25 "Blockchain Platform POAP Recording Special Events"

      • When: January 20th
      • Event protagonist: POAP
      • Event Location: xDai Blockchain

If blockchains are immutable records of our digital history, what do we want to inscribe on them?

Startup POAP, whose answer is to connect blockchain to memorable moments in life, raised $10 million in seed funding this week.

POAP stands for "Proof of Attendance Protocol," and it's a mechanism for distributing cryptographic badges that commemorate attendance at specific events.

Badges are actually NFTs, minted according to POAP smart contracts, each with a unique, unmodifiable serial number.

▲ Picture from: POAP

There are two main types of people who use the POAP platform.

One category is event planners. Event planners can create events on the POAP platform, use a variety of built-in features (such as launching polls, sweepstakes, and private chat rooms), as well as design and distribute badges.

▲ Start a private chat room.

An event can be physical or virtual, as long as it is deemed memorable.

Another category is collectors. Collectors participate in the event and receive a personalized encrypted badge via a web link or QR code.

▲ Picture from: POAP

It's worth noting that badges can be more than proof of attendance, depending on the event planner's willingness to maintain the community.

For example, badges earned by attendees of an offline concert can be set as tickets to unlock exclusive content or merchandise.

By default, badges are minted on the xDai blockchain. xDai is an Ethereum-based sidechain built for fast, low-cost transactions.

▲ Picture from: POAP

Thus, badges are free for everyone, both minted by collectors and distributed by publishers.

Does it make sense to collect POAP badges? Maybe there will be.

It is both a digital proof of participation and can be traded on the secondary market like other NFTs.

The startup aims to make POAP a "community commons" :

POAP is an open platform where all parties are equal citizens. A badge is a gift from an initiator to a collector, acknowledging the immaterial (but also invaluable) contributions of community members to the collective health of a social organism in the form of time, energy, attention, and more.

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Human enhancement: Those attempts to overcome the current limitations of the human body, either temporarily or permanently, by natural or artificial means. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.16 " Smart seat belts to help visually impaired people avoid obstacles "

      • When: January 14th
      • Event protagonist: smart seat belts
      • Event location: Switzerland

How Self-Driving Cars Inspire a Product That Navigates the Blind?

Biped, a Swiss start-up, has released, a smart seat belt worn on the shoulder, designed to escort the daily life of visually impaired people. has a minimalist design with a built-in 3D camera and software "Copilot".

▲ Picture from: Dezeen

The software "Copilot" uses autonomous driving technology to predict the trajectory of obstacles a few seconds in advance.

It works equally well at night and in dim places because it relies on a high-quality infrared camera that works in all conditions.

The 3D camera is responsible for detecting, tracking and monitoring the movement of surrounding objects in a 170-degree field of view.

▲ Picture from: Dezeen is currently able to recognize over 10 types of objects, but only alerts to really dangerous things.

Bicycles 12 meters ahead are very dangerous, and those that are closer without risk of collision are ignored. then warns the wearer with "spatial sounds" that sound very real.

▲ Picture from: Dezeen comes with a removable battery that lasts more than 6 hours, and it can also connect to GPS on a smartphone and provide navigation instructions to the wearer via audio prompts.

The device will be available in Europe from September 2022 in different sizes to suit anyone taller than 1.5 meters.

▲ Picture from: Dezeen

While working at an eye hospital, Biped co-founder Fabien noticed that many visually impaired people sought an alternative to traditional canes and guide dogs, which is where excels:

Walking with ergonomic, intuitive equipment brings confidence and is a great addition during motor training.

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AR (Augmented Reality), augmented reality, allows the interaction between the virtual world on the screen and the real world scene.

VR (virtual reality), virtual reality, uses computer simulation to generate a virtual world of three-dimensional space.

MR (Mixed Reality), mixed reality, virtual reality (VR) plus augmented reality (AR) composite.

XR (Extended reality), extended reality, includes AR, VR, MR and future virtual reality technologies. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

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Quantum computation: A new computing mode that follows the laws of quantum mechanics and regulates quantum information units for computation. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

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We are always amazed by the crazy evolution of technology and confused by the complex and multifaceted aspects of technology, until it goes hand in hand with every moment and every move of our life, we sigh – ah, so it is.

At a time when the world is constantly evolving, questions and answers, curiosity and exploration are the driving force behind us.

Don't worry, if the future is a book that never ends, then a good book is suitable for reading slowly.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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