Ford releases compact hybrid pickup Maverick: small size, big energy

Last month, Ford launched the F-150 Lightning, the first electric pickup truck, which brought a big change to the 73-year-old F series.

And yesterday, Ford brought a "little brother" to the F-150 Lightning-a hybrid compact pickup: Ford Maverick.

▲Ford Maverick

The new Ford Maverick is the first pickup truck in American history with a standard hybrid system. At the same time, it is also one of the cheapest pickup trucks in the United States (suggested price is only 19,995 US dollars). Not only that, but also its special feature. The "small".

Unlike other large pickup trucks, Maverick aims to attract small car buyers. Not only does it have the inherent loading capacity of pickup trucks, but for owners who are accustomed to driving traditional cars, Maverick's driving experience will not be unfamiliar to them.

Regardless of its small size, it can work unambiguously.

Ford stated that they have conducted the same rigorous tests on Maverick as its "big brother" F series pickup trucks. According to Ford, this is equivalent to carrying out 30 million kilometers of simulation and real evaluation, from snow, sand to salt water baths, to ensure that it can work and "play" like a traditional pickup truck.

As the first pickup with a standard hybrid system, power is naturally a highlight.

The Ford Maverick is the only truck with a hybrid system as standard. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine combined with a 94-kilowatt electric motor can produce 191 horsepower. After evaluation by the US Environmental Protection Agency, this front-wheel drive setting is used in conjunction with a continuously variable transmission. Under the EPA standard, its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers in urban conditions is only 5.88L and the cruising range can reach 805 kilometers.

Users who have higher requirements for power and towing ability can choose a 2.0-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine, matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission, with a maximum power of 250 horsepower and a maximum instantaneous torque of 376 N·m. Optional four-wheel drive system.

In addition, with the exclusive trailer kit, Maverick's maximum towing force can be increased to 1.81 tons. It is natural to tow a locomotive to the suburbs on weekends.

▲ Picture from: Ford

Of course, this is not to say that Maverick will become the "best choice" for heavy off-road players, but compared to the big brother F series pickups, Maverick will target a wider group.

One thing is beyond doubt, that is, Maverick is also a product under the Built Ford Tough design concept.

Chris Mazur, chief engineer of Maverick, said:

In the test, we were merciless and rigorously tested it under various conditions such as harsh road, off-road, extreme weather and simulated customer usage scenarios, until we were satisfied. Maverick is a pure Ford pickup truck.

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