For the same 10,000 yuan, some people bought iPhone 12 Pro Max, but I chose iPhone 12 mini + iPad Air 4

When the iPhone 12 Pro Max and mini were released, these two products attracted a lot of attention from the public.

However, due to the iPhone 12 Pro Max's 6.7-inch screen and right-angle frame design, many people have a hard time choosing it. Buy it. For some people, it is really not easy to hold with one hand. Buy a 6.1-inch iPhone 12 for a large screen experience. Not as good as 6.7 inches.

So, a solution that made many people eager to try appeared- buy an iPhone 12 mini and use it with a 10.9-inch iPad Air 4, so that "size" can be balanced .

I did just that. The experience can be described as painful and happy.

iPhone 12 Pro Max ≈ 12 mini + iPad Air?

For me, if you use multiple devices at the same time, at least 128GB of iPhone is enough to start, and a 64GB iPad is temporarily enough, so I chose iPhone 12 mini (128GB/5999 yuan) + iPad Air (64GB/4799 RMB) + Apple Pencil (second generation/969 RMB), the total price is 11767 RMB .

If I use a device alone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max must be 256GB to meet my needs, and the price is 10,099 yuan.

Compared with the two plans, the difference is 1688 yuan, which is approximately equal to 1 figure, 5 dinners, and 35 cups of Starbucks.

But when I think of changing 1 to 3, the 1688 yuan is worth it…Well, I admit that I am comforting myself.

How about the actual experience of iPhone 12 mini?

Users who want to buy an iPhone 12 mini may have three psychological difficulties: Is the 5.4-inch screen enough? Is the 2227mAh battery enough? Is the right-angle frame handy?

(1) Is the 5.4-inch screen enough?

If calculated as a rectangle without considering the "bangs" area, the display area of ​​a 6.1-inch screen is 139.77mm * 64.58mm = 9026.35 (mm^2), and the display area of ​​a 5.4-inch screen is 124.96mm * 57.67mm = 7206.44 (mm^2) ).

▲ iPhone 12 mini CAD data. Picture from: an insider (Zhihu)

In theory, the screen area of ​​the iPhone 12 mini is about 79% of that of the iPhone 11/12/Pro.

In the actual experience, the content display of the iPhone 12 mini is about 80% of that of the iPhone 11, and the game interface is scaled proportionally without narrowing the visual range.

▲ Left: iPhone 12 mini. Right: iPhone 11. Because both phones are covered with films, it may affect the screen color temperature and display effect

(2) Is the 2227mAh battery enough?

Go out at 8:15 in the morning with 100% full power, turn on the automatic 5G, WiFi and Bluetooth, and match Apple Watch and AirPods Pro. According to daily use habits in the middle, without charging, at 8:30 in the evening, the remaining power of the iPhone 12 mini is 13% .

My company and home can charge at any time, and I usually carry a power bank when I go out. This battery life belongs to the range of "acceptable but hopeful better" for me.

(3) Is the right-angle frame handy?

Handy, especially for people who are used to rounded corners.

Even the small body of the iPhone 12 mini has a very obvious angularity in the hand, but it is far from uncomfortable.

▲ I am used to the rounded arc frame. It takes time to hold the iPhone 12 mini, but the weight of about 130g is enough to make people forget the right angle frame

In order to alleviate the problem of holding feeling, I paired it with Apple's official leather magnetic phone case. The hand feel has indeed improved a lot. It feels like returning to the iPhone 5 era.

Apple recently launched the iPhone 12 accessory matching page. I put a link in the comment section of the article " Apple's online iPhone 12 accessory matching page, so that the double eleven "routine festival" face sweeping " comment area, you can go in and experience.

How about taking photos and videos on iPhone 12?

In one sentence, the configuration is the same as the iPhone 12, the level is the same, and the effect and quality are the same. I won't go into details here. You can take a look at the sample.

▲ The ultra-wide-angle lens also supports night scene mode

▲ Due to image format conversion and compression, the texture of the photo may be affected to some extent​

What kind of experience is the combination of 12 mini and iPad Air 4?

Before implementing this solution, I did some segmentation of usage scenarios to allow iPhone 12 mini and iPad Air 4 to meet different needs.

After experience, the advantages and disadvantages of this matching method are obvious. Let's talk about the advantages first:

(1) The convenience of mobile phones is fully utilized

The actions of making phone calls, sending WeChat messages, taking photos and videos, and scanning code payments have become more convenient. Taking out the iPhone 12 mini from the pocket can be operated with one hand without pressure, and putting the phone back in the pocket is "light as if nothing".

(2) Short video interaction and "heavy game" experience take another step

When watching Douyin or Station B, I use the iPhone 12 mini and "swipe it whenever I want". It is very convenient to tear each other or send barrage in the comment area. It is solved with one hand, and the efficiency has risen sharply.

▲ I haven't used a mobile phone that can be controlled with one hand for a long time

Play the "20-minute light game" such as the glory of the king or eat chicken, and you can match it at any time with your mobile phone. Watching long videos, such as chasing dramas or watching movies, even if the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a better screen material and finer resolution, it also defeated the iPad Air 4’s 10.9-inch screen.

▲ The audio-visual experience is still “big''

Playing the "1 hour starting heavy game" such as Legend of Sword and Fairy or Fantasy Westward Journey, the iPad Air 4 experience is better and more immersive.

(3) iPad can be used for paperless learning, light office work, and photo and video editing. This is something that the iPhone 12 Pro Max cannot do. It is also the biggest advantage of having one more iPad Air 4.

Use iPad Air 4 split screen to recite words, take notes, read books with MarginNote, etc., which can greatly improve learning efficiency.

▲ iPad + Apple Pencil + MarginNote

Occasionally deal with the WeChat official account background temporarily, just use iPad Air 4.

I like to look back at photos and watch photos and videos with my iPad Air 4. There is a sense of past history, which is very substantiated. You can also use the photo album editor to fine-tune, retouch and simple video editing experience even 6.7 inches The screen is also not available.

▲ Editing pictures or simply editing videos on iPad, the experience greatly exceeds that of iPhone

Let me talk about the shortcomings

(1) From now on, backpack at any time

Except for temporary outings, most of the time I need to carry a bag to store the iPad Air 4.

For example, before going out, I need one more thought process: Do I need to bring an iPad Air 4 today?

If you carry the iPad Air 4 out on your back, and you don't use it, you will feel "lost".

(2) Short video on iPhone 12 mini, the experience is not as good as that of models over 6 inches

If you use iPad Air 4 to swipe it, it is particularly "pressing your hands", and you want to put it down after a while. At this time, I will miss the 6.1-inch screen.​

(3) iPhone gaming experience decline

Although most games have been adapted and various visual elements have been scaled down in equal proportions, this requires higher precision in game control, and fingers will block more screen area.

▲ The motion range is large, and the finger covers more screens

(4) Cannot use dual cards

The iPhone 12 mini mainland version is a single-card design, which means that dual-SIM users have to bring another mobile phone, but this should not affect Apple Android dual-device party users.

12 mini + iPad Air? consider carefully

After a few days of experience, I think this matching solution is more suitable for the following types of users:

  1. Users who pursue extremely small mobile phones can accept the objective shortcomings of the product
  2. Users who don’t have much entertainment on their mobile phones
  3. Users who can charge their phones at any time
  4. Users with iPhone + iPad needs and limited budget
  5. iOS and Android dual system users

For iPhone users who have a lot of audio-visual entertainment needs, iPhone 12/Pro/Pro Max is a more suitable choice.

The "Size Matching" law is only suitable for users who truly meet their needs. Before making a decision, you must first consider it.

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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