For 330,000 yuan, you can buy a house at sea for retirement, and get together 10 turned into a sea resort!

When it comes to the "toys" of the super-rich, your imagination may look like this:

This is the ultra-luxury yacht Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 jointly built by Lamborghini and Italian Marine Group.

This is the luxury villa Aqua on the sea that Bill Gates spent 4.5 billion yuan on custom-made.

This is Koenigsegg's One:1 supercar, which is worth 100 million and is limited to 6 units worldwide.

Now, there is a new place that has never been seen before:

This is Pearlsuite, a floating holiday home on the sea launched by Italian design studio Lazzarini.

future sea holiday home

Are you like me, you want to be able to blow the sea breeze and watch the sunset every day at the beach after you retire?

Lazzarini directly upgraded our dreams.

They designed a futuristic floating hotel suite on the sea, which can fully enjoy the relaxation and coziness brought by the sea like a yacht, but is more comfortable and livable than a yacht.

This floating hotel suite is named Pearlsuites.

It comes in two versions: the top-spec flagship version, and a simplified open version for Beach Club.

The overall design concept is the UFO's circular cockpit, but this "UFO" is not hovering in the air, but floating on the water.

Each individual Pearl Suite includes all the same amenities as a hotel room and is 100% solar powered, providing enough energy for air conditioning, lighting and other appliances.

This project, designed by Lazzarini Studio for Jet Capsule, hopes to bring the most luxurious road and air travel experience to the water.

How luxurious is it?

Each Pearl Suite has a diameter of 7 meters and an interior space of up to 22 square meters, which is much larger than some single apartments in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Each suite also has a retractable roof and a 1m wide "outdoor garden" – walkable exterior deck.

In addition to these obvious luxuries, there is the luxury of the core.

There is plenty of usable space in the sunken floor in the hull, providing storage for power and control systems.

In addition to solar power, the top-of-the-line Pearl Suite can be equipped with a fuel cell to ensure energy is available no matter the weather.

It is also equipped with an electric motor, and the entire suite is able to cruise from point A to point B at 5 knots (about 10 kilometers per hour) with the help of an advanced GPS positioning system and autopilot system.

What do you fear most about traveling by boat?

Of course seasickness.

The Pearl Suite enhances the comfort of living by separating the main body of the room from the deck, allowing the main body of the room to remain stable on the waves.

The top-of-the-line version of the Pearl Suite is also equipped with a gyro-stabilized system, allowing you to say goodbye to seasickness to the greatest extent possible.

This advanced design concept brings the seaside resort hotel directly into a new business model.

Expanding the number of rooms in a hotel in a few weeks, building and operating with zero carbon, zero infrastructure and zero land occupation… These seemingly impossible things in hotel operation, Pearl Suite can easily achieve.

Each Pearl Suite is customizable and looks a bit like modular furniture, with many units clustered together to become a floating resort.

In terms of price, the simplified version is priced at US$50,000 (about 330,000 yuan), and the flagship version is 300,000 US dollars (about 2 million yuan).

Thinking that you can lie down at home drinking and basking in the sun every day, lying down to see friends, lying down and drinking with friends, do you suddenly have the motivation to fight?

Lazzarini's work, the brain is infinite

Studio lazzarini, has long been known for unique and futuristic designs.

Prior to this, the studio has launched many subversive designs, from flying cars to doomsday yachts, it can be said that there are no surprises.

Air Yacht

Air yachts are super yachts that can fly.

It consists of two extended airships and a middle hull, with a total length of 150 meters and a width of 80 meters.

Both airships have compressed helium tanks inside to balance and support the entire yacht.

The entire structure of the air yacht is made of carbon fiber and is equipped with eight counter-rotating electric motors of 950 hp.

Powered by ultralight batteries and solar panels on top, the spacecraft can fly at 60 knots (111 km/h) for up to 48 hours.

And it's zero-emission!

The two airships are connected to the central hull structure by four carbon bridges on each side.

The middle main hull is 10 meters wide and features a master cabin with 360 degree views, a large dining area and a living area and large ensuite.

There are also windows on the outer edges of the airship.

When the Air Yacht lands on the water, the helium decompression systems in the airships on both sides can keep the entire yacht suspended on the water and allow it to sail at a speed of about 10 km/h.

There is also a helipad on top of the central deck.

At present, the air yacht is just a design concept, just wait for the one who can play it to spend 5.5 million euros (about 40 million yuan), let Lazzarini studio build one.

Avanguardia Mega Swan Yacht

I won't sell it. The price of this mega yacht is 500 million US dollars (about 3.5 billion yuan).

The total length is about 137 meters, the profiled width is 22 meters, the draft is 6 meters, and there are 5 decks in total.

If you have no concept of this size, then let's compare it with the data of the giant Titanic in our impression.

The Titanic has a total length of 269.06 meters, a total width of 28.19 meters, a draft of 10.5 meters, and a total of 8 decks.

Can top half!

But unlike the steel appearance of the Titanic, this giant swan yacht has an elegant figure, smooth lines and sexy curves, gorgeous and full of technology.

The power propulsion unit adopts dual electric side thrusters, and the central power comes from the MTU rolls-royce hybrid engine.

You read that right, it's the Rolls-Royce that allows this yacht to reach a top speed of 18 knots (about 34 km/h).

The Swan Yacht is equipped with two swimming pools, as well as two sun decks and two separate helipads.

There is also a top-level supercar garage in the center of the hull, which can directly drive the car into the boat, and the anti-paparazzi coefficient is extremely high.

There are two jet capsules on the rear deck, which can be driven independently for you to have fun at sea, can also be used as auxiliary propulsion devices for mega yachts, and can also be used as transfer tools for guests.

The control tower above the Swan Yachting is supported by a flexible "neck" that allows the "swan head" to perform a full range of motion.

This "head" control tower can be manipulated to guide the yacht's forward direction, and can also be detached from the "swan neck" to become a 16-meter-long auxiliary boat.

So fun, 3.5 billion rush or not?

CYBORG Cyber ​​Supercar

In addition to designing gorgeous yachts and spaceships, Lazzarini Studio also designs sports cars with a proper "future commuting sense".

This Cyber ​​supercar is designed with the concept of Half Human Half Machine.

The exterior design is inspired by the acclaimed Bugatti Chiron, with a streamlined silhouette that echoes the slender LED headlights, giving it the mechanical feel of a starship.

From the back, it exudes a unique Bugatti supercar aura.

The Cyber ​​supercar is an electric car with an acceleration of 1.9 seconds per 100 kilometers. This data alone is better than most Bugatti supercars.

But seriously, I hope all the roads in the future are very good.

Otherwise, according to the quality of the chassis, it can only be directly bound to the professional lane.

stratosfera amphibious carbon fiber ball

This is an ultra-light carbon fiber ball that can travel on land, fly in the air, and sail on water.

Yes, with it, you can save a ticket to Noah's Ark when the end comes.

The amphibious carbon fiber ball has a diameter of 1.65 meters and can accommodate two passengers.

The pilot controls the entire craft through a central joystick unit.

The transparent windshield can also be used to display routes and various information, just like the transparent computer display in Iron Man's home.

The "foot" of the sphere houses the propeller, as well as the engine and battery pack, which keeps the center of gravity very low.

When it sails underwater, it has a self-balancing system that allows you to adjust the tilt angle of the sphere while driving.

The amphibious carbon fiber ball is equipped with two 150 hp electric jet engines and can reach speeds of up to 30 knots (about 56 km/h).

The amphibious carbon fiber ball also has a flight mode, which is equipped with a set of quadrotor aircraft, which can fly eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour.

When flying, the amphibious carbon fiber ball relies on solar panels covering the surface to provide kinetic energy.

There is no more information about the land driving mode, but it seems that Jet Capsule plans to launch this carbon fiber ball on the market in the middle of this year, and is currently actively participating in the development and upgrade of the function of the ball.

It's almost the middle of the year, and I don't know how it will be realized.

Imagining the Lazzarini studio of the future

The founder of Lazzarini Studio is Italian architect Pierpaolo Lazzarini.

Pierpaolo Lazzarini was born in Rome in 1982 and has worked in the automotive field for many years.

He has a big brain, when he is designing any project, he is very daring to try different design solutions.

Pierpaolo Lazzarini's motto is:

Think about the future never forget the past.
Envision the future without forgetting the past.

He is also a designer with artistic visualization skills and prototyping skills.

It is these skills that allow him to always visualize the "new things" beyond the imagination of this world with the most intuitive animations and pictures.

But Pierpaolo Lazzarini himself can be said to be very low-key.

He looks so handsome and doesn't swipe social networks very much. He is a great man who lives in his own world.

Probably it is commonly known as "people don't talk much".

In addition to building his own ideas, Pierpaolo Lazzarini's studio can help others realize theirs.

Pierpaolo Lazzarini can even help you promote your new project in the market, as long as your brain is novel enough.

▲ Super yacht designed by Lazzarini

Additionally, they provide full development of 3D visualization applications, including modeling, animation, programming, and more, using the latest 3D interaction technologies and software to achieve extremely high levels of detail and photorealistic visuals.

Although many of their projects are modeling designs, there are also projects that are being implemented.

▲ Lazzarini self-sufficient modular pyramid floating city hotel

Strange ideas are actually many people, but not everyone can finally visualize the idea, and then step by step towards reality.

What kind of imagination do you have for the future life style?

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