Focus on social interaction, Weibo is a “business card” for celebrities

It seems that this year's Weibo Super Red Man Festival can be described as "one twists and turns".

From midsummer to early winter, the Weibo Red Man Day in 2021 has gone through three schedules. Affected by the epidemic, the day when it finally restarts seems a bit urgent and hasty.

This also caused the original celebrity guests to be unable to come to the scene due to various reasons, but in any case, this year’s Super Redskins Festival can still be successfully held within the last month, and the official also chose "free ticket purchase". The way of admission is open to the outside world.

Weibo celebrity festival is actually the scene of the big V meeting

This year's Super Red Man Festival has set up a "Super Red Meeting" and a "Super Red Block" on the upper and lower floors of the exhibition hall. As the name suggests, the former is a stage for celebrities, while the latter is an institutional booth.

In the six self-attributed stages of this year's Super Red Meeting, Weibo invited celebrity bloggers from various fields to the scene to interact with fans at close range.

In the context of the epidemic, every opportunity to meet offline is worth cherishing.

It can be seen that most of the celebrity bloggers in the field of content circle fans have their own personal charms, and there is no arrogance. The fans at the scene were very polite, and both asked questions and took photos. It feels that everything is being carried forward in an orderly manner in an atmosphere of mutual gratitude and mutual encouragement, and both parties can reap the power of inspiration.

In addition to the big V meeting, more than 30 MCN organizations set up interactive booths on the first floor of the venue. The interactive booth of each organization is different. In addition to the style of its own organization, there are also some interactive mini games set up. It can be seen that the MCN organization has spent a lot of thought to participate in the Red Man's Day.

Here, you can see the ID of which popular bloggers belong to which organization.

You can also see which company planned some of the hot search topics this year.

Many exhibitors told Ai Fan'er that the purpose of participating in the offline Red Man Festival in previous years was to come face-to-face to have in-depth exchanges with their counterparts in the organization, or to explore the possibility of future cooperation. However, due to the epidemic this year, some institutions were unable to participate in the exhibition. There are even organizations that had previously booked to participate in the exhibition, but it was a pity that their booths were left vacant due to the sudden restart of the Red Man's Day.

Ding Zhen’s schedule conflict prevented him from coming to the site, so the booth of "Ding Zhen’s Natural Notes" set up before could only be left vacant on site.

Fortunately, the booths of most organizations have prepared interactive games and gifts, which also attracted a large number of audiences to check in.

User growth dividends slow down, Weibo, which focuses on social growth, wants to help creators break the circle

As usual, the Weibo V Influence Summit is held concurrently next to the Super Reds Festival.

Just as some technology companies hold developer conferences every year and want to attract more developers to participate in the construction of their own technology ecology, the holding of the Weibo Super Red Man Festival and the V Impact Summit also shows that Weibo is a The content platform also wants to attract more creators to speak on Weibo.

Cao Zenghui, senior vice president of Weibo operations, said at the impact summit that as the dividends of market user growth slowed down, the competition of different forms of product platforms continued to intensify, and government governance would continue to deepen in the future. In this context, how to achieve sustainable operations and growth is not only important for a platform, but also for creators.

He also pointed out that Weibo will focus on four directions in the creator ecology, namely, social enhancement, social asset monetization, public influence construction, and social value enhancement.

The core of the four directions can actually be boiled down to two words: "social". Obviously, Weibo is trying to strengthen the social attributes on its own platform to increase support for "social accounts" and provide creators with a better creative and growth environment.

The "social account" defined by Weibo is actually very well understood, referring to personal KOLs, original content accounts, and organizational accounts. These accounts can produce high-quality original content and circle fans with the content. The opposite is the "content transfer number" that was common in the past.

Beginning this year, Weibo has made more detailed annotations on the types of head accounts, and implemented more detailed product and operation strategies for different account types in different traffic scenarios.

These accounts can still be discovered manually by algorithms or operations even at a relatively low frequency of blogging.

In the private domain scenario, Weibo will give greater exposure and improve the reach efficiency of these accounts, including the efficiency of interactive conversion. It also caters to fans' consumption needs for related content, so that fans will not miss these high-quality content.

In the past, Weibo also communicated with Aifaner. The problem of "chaotic timeline" caused by the immature algorithm of the early days has been solved. Now the recommended content is some high-quality content that users have not seen before, and the content recommended by these locations It is triggered only when the user has a "following" relationship. The algorithms and operating strategies of this part will continue to be upgraded and improved in the future.

In the public domain traffic, it mainly revolves around the improvement of content recommendation efficiency. Now in the public domain of Weibo, including the recommended stream and video stream at the top of the App, as well as the hot search locations, you can see more original content and hot opinions of creators.

Data as of September this year shows that the number of creators with more than 10,000 fans on Weibo reached 1.355 million, an increase of 7% year-on-year, the number of creators with 100,000 fans reached 141,000, an increase of 19%, and the number of creators with 1 million fans reached 21,000. An increase of 11%.

Weibo, which focuses on social growth, has attracted more and more waist bloggers (100,000 to 1 million fans) to the public. The number of waist bloggers and content output have increased significantly this year.

This also shows that there are still many new-generation creators who are willing to invest their energy in creating "social accounts" on Weibo, and they have been rewarded with growth.

There are still many people watching the long video on Weibo

In the current fierce competition in short video, graphic content is still the core role of creators in social operations. The appeal of Douyin bloggers to station on Weibo is not to directly transfer short videos posted on Douyin to Weibo for publishing, but to get the function of social sharing of pictures and texts on Weibo.

Moreover, in the Weibo video account ecology, users' minds for consuming videos are mainly focused on videos with a certain length and lens feel. Cao Zenghui mentioned in his speech that Vlog, out-of-the-box evaluation, and second creation are the main content types of Weibo videos.

In particular, Vlog has almost become the main external label of Weibo video, and Vlog has covered various fields. For example, creators of special groups such as celebrities, athletes, and journalists have devoted themselves to the creation of Vlog, becoming more and more standard.

From the perspective of social interaction, long video content such as Vlog and unboxing evaluation can bring a strong sense of fan interaction. They not only have a deeper content display, but also help to present a more realistic social personality and promote Fans achieve better interaction.

In the list of popular videos on the site, we can see the daily training Vlogs shared by the Olympic athletes, the life sharing Vlogs of the face value blogger @易梦玲, the out-of-the-box evaluation videos of the well-known digital blogger @钟文泽, and beauty makeup Blogger @OK Zhang Youjiu beauty unpacking video and so on.

Of course, this year @爱范儿’s Apple’s new product evaluation video and Hongmeng’s family bucket experience video have also been in the forefront of the site’s popular video list, and the number of views and re-comment and interactions have reached new highs.

Earlier, @Blood Jingqi uploaded a long video "How should the Chinese view autonomous driving" with a production cycle of more than 3 months. He used relatively humorous language and vivid examples to illustrate the development and current situation of autonomous driving (assisted driving) in recent years, and put forward his attitudes and views on assisted driving technology.

I have to say that the four words "how to treat" have the potential to be searched at a glance.

Sure enough, this 43-minute video was not only quickly forwarded by big Vs in various fields, but also aroused thousands of comments and likes. After that, it was logical to let the topic of #中国人 should how meant automatic driving# became popular. Search the list.

According to @Blood Jingqi, there are definitely not a few people watching long videos. The reason why many people think that long videos are not good is because the production of long videos has a very high threshold.

An excellent long video content is inseparable from a lot of preparatory work accumulated by knowledge, and the rhythm of the video content is also very particular about controlling the rhythm of the video content. @Blood Jingqi told Ai Fan'er that when writing this script, he also encountered the problem of chaotic rhythm, so when the progress was halfway, he decided to overthrow it and start over.

After the video was released, in addition to his own fan influence in the private domain, the biggest effect of the Weibo platform on him was mainly based on the accumulation of social relationships, which contributed to the first wave of reposting of mutual fans. When the video is recognized by the top bloggers, it will naturally gain the efficient interaction of the masses.

This huge social network is one of Weibo's unique platform values.

As of the time I wrote this passage, this video has been viewed 978,000 times, and it has also ranked first on the car daily list. However, he still said in the circle of friends "highly cold": "Compared to the dishes, it was only on the top 40."

Weakening the entertainment attributes, 46 interest categories break each other's circles

Weibo's choice of operating strategy to divide verticals has proven to be a successful case. In the past year, the ten areas with the fastest growth in traffic on Weibo were finance, sports, games, music, digital, reading, fashion, beauty, education, and automobiles.

The hot search list, which used to be mainly in pan-entertainment fields such as entertainment, funny and humor, has now made room for topics in the fields of social news, games, digital, and the Internet.

Among them, the growth rate of the game field is prominent, and it has become the vertical category with the largest traffic after entertainment on Weibo. As a game field with strong content IP dissemination attributes, it has become a "frequent visitor" on the hot search list. From the eight games selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games, then the mammoth not on the ban, to the EDG winning the championship, etc., the topics of major game events can basically be on the top of the hot search topics.

On the day of the League of Legends S11 Global Finals, the event drove the total traffic of Weibo to reach another peak after the Tokyo Summer Olympics. After the finals, a large number of LOL players continued to post to share the joy of "We are the champions". Obviously, Weibo has become the biggest emotional outlet on social media platforms.

Related topics have been read over hundreds of billions and discussed over tens of millions, and their popularity has broken through the consumption power of a single circle. With the information flow achieved by forwarding between top bloggers in different fields, corresponding gaming e-sports content has also appeared in the mainstream public's field of vision.

And in the digital field to which @爱范儿 belongs, topics such as #苹果出版社会#, #华报会# are still hot. On the day of Apple's autumn conference, a number of topics about the iPhone 13 recently appeared on the hot search list.

And @老师好, who has repeatedly broken the circle in the digital field, my name is He, and he released a video titled "I made a product that Apple gave up…" on October 17 this year, making the topic of #何同学AirPower# quick Top searches. Inspired by the AirPower abandoned by Apple, He spent more than two months to create a lifting desk AirDesk that can be wirelessly charged and also has smart information notification functions.

At the end of this video, there is also a one-minute "Qiafan" session. It is mentioned that the sponsor of this video is the lift table brand Music Song. The following day, the share price of Lege shares rose by 13.51%, and the market value soared by 546 million yuan. The Capital World also included He's influence into a certain measurement category for the first time.

In the comment area, many investors also commented and laughed: "Thank you, classmate He, for letting me solve the problem."

Weibo Digital is responsible to the love child norm, the field of digital and interactive traffic this year has been significantly improved. One of the reasons is that mobile phone manufacturers have frequently moved their conferences online.

In 2021, Weibo Digital reached an online press conference with a number of mobile phone manufacturers, and used this to cooperate with authoritative media and industry leaders to spread the news, sparking heated discussions and opening up marketing for mobile phone manufacturers’ new machine announcements New situation.

For bloggers in the field, the support and guidance of digital bloggers has been increased, and the site will also promote hot topics around the hot spots in the field to help bloggers complete social improvements.

It can be said that the continuous deep cultivation of these 46 vertical fields has built a unique interest-oriented social relationship on Weibo, which is also the foundation of Weibo's "focus on socializing".

Weibo live broadcast Lianmai may be the easiest way for social accounts to break the circle and increase fans

I don’t know if the end of the universe is Tieling, but the end of the blogger may be Lianmai.

This is the opening remarks of Lianmai's live broadcast celebrity @闪少女斯斯's speech at the Creators Forum.

After all, when talking about "out of the circle" on Weibo, it is easy to think of the "new feature" that has just been online for a year-Weibo Live Broadcast Lianmai. And in the Creators Forum, Weibo Lianmai's sharing occupies a large part of the agenda.

@闪少女斯斯 got a very good result in her first live broadcast of Lianmai. The theme of that live broadcast was "Single is also a kind of brave."

The topic of this live broadcast is very special, attracting 5 million viewers. Prior to this, it took her nearly 3 years to accumulate 2 million fans, but this Weibo live broadcast with Mai, let her increase 550,000 fans overnight.

Different from live broadcast platforms such as Douyin, the style of Weibo live broadcast now looks like a group of elderly people full of experience, sitting together at night, making a pot of tea, and revolving around a topic of you I explained the story line by line.

But for content creators, Weibo live broadcast, a strange style of painting, will attract them even more. @Flash少女斯斯 also took a fancy to this point, and started her Weibo Lianmai road.

One thing I’m very grateful for on Weibo is that there are still people watching long content here. You don’t need to shout the 321 lottery in the live broadcast room. You just need to sit with friends and my fans and say what we’re going to talk about. Well, this is the live broadcast link in my eyes. I also hope that I can chat with you in the live broadcast room on this platform that uses time to change people's hearts.

For Lianmai, the first story hunter @花总 to launch a live broadcast of Lianmai on Weibo believes that Lianmai can make fans feel your personality charm in a short period of time, so that expected amateurs can get out of the circle. Of course, in addition to reliance on Lianmai, the "second creation" after Lianmai is also very important.

@闪少女斯斯 is probably the most firm implementer of the concept of "Second Creation". Every live broadcast of Lianmai means to her that it can bring a blog update, verbatim drafts and a series of follow-up cuts. Videos. It can be said that the live broadcast of the microphone has accelerated her workflow output, so she defines the live broadcast of the microphone as "a very useful tool."

It can be seen that even the official Weibo live broadcast of Weibo has been delivering various "Live Essentials Cut" videos.

Photography blogger and UNDP special photographer @五哥 only started to sign up to play Weibo this year for the live broadcast.

In his eyes, Lianmai is more direct and faster than traditional output methods, skipping the production cycle required for graphics and video, and can communicate with people in real time only by "speaking", generating content almost instantly. This is the point that most attracted him to live broadcast Lianmai.

In addition, after Lianmai, @五哥 will also publish a "Lianmai Erchuang" essay, so as to gain more fans.

The feedback he received is also quite positive: Lianmai started 114 shows in 10 months, and it took only 8 months to go from zero to one million fans.

@周鱼 believes that the characteristics of live broadcast Lianmai are fast, instant, and wide-angle (inter-domain interaction), which can help bloggers grow themselves and gain new traffic in this shared field. These are all to increase influence. Way.

In the eyes of the audience, the microblog linking method enhances the social interaction between fans and bloggers. Unlike the unilateral output of video content, the live broadcast linking microphone allows fans the opportunity to directly face the blogger and ask questions. Both parties can Realizing real-time equal interaction, with higher efficiency, and at the same time, the interaction between fans and bloggers will become increasingly sticky.

From this perspective, it is not difficult to understand why in the celebrity meeting, even the bloggers will be surrounded by fans asking questions.

Unique product mechanism and platform value are the "moat" for Weibo to maintain its growth rate

I feel that some topics will be raised every year, can we find a better social media platform to replace Weibo. But so far, the answer to this question can only exist in the negative form.

According to data officially disclosed by Weibo, as of the third quarter of this year, Weibo had 573 million monthly active users, with approximately 248 million daily active users. The number of monthly active users increased by 62 million year-on-year, with daily active users. Users increased by 23 million year-on-year.

In other words, the number of active users of Sina Weibo, which has reached the age of twelve, is still growing. Cao Zenghui pointed out that in such a large-scale platform, Weibo still maintains continuous user penetration and promotion due to its uniqueness and difference advantages.

Exploring the "moat" of Weibo in platform competition is somewhat clichéd. Simply put, it is actually the "hot + social" model, which has promoted the continued growth of Weibo.

The so-called hot spots are the latest news in society. This is not unfamiliar to the Weibo that was incubated from the Sina portal that pioneered the "24-hour rolling news." The station's keen sense of hot spot makes it difficult for most of the current hot events to bypass the public opinion square of Weibo.

But what has changed is from the "surrounding and changing China" ten years ago to the current "surrounding unity force."

In its analysis report last year, iResearch pointed out that Weibo, with its natural social communication advantages, plays the role of a public opinion fermentation center, event recording center, power gathering center, and rumor crushing center, and its social value is prominent.

For example, in this year's 720 Zhengzhou rainstorm event in Henan Province, Weibo is still an important channel for the official release of relevant information. In addition to relevant topics occupying the hot search list, Weibo has also opened an emergency channel for help in conjunction with the media. The latest help, supplies, and emergency information can be spread on the Weibo platform at the fastest speed.

At that time, all the netizens on Weibo could feel the belief of "coming together and helping each other." This is also the side of the continuous improvement of Weibo social relations.

As Chen Li, deputy dean of the People's Data Research Institute, said:

Since its inception, Weibo has shouldered the responsibility of expressing social opinions. With its key role in many social events, Weibo has the value of "Internet infrastructure". Now there is a certain degree of "irreplaceability".

Faced with the inevitable public contradictions and hostility in this huge public opinion square, platform managers are also continuing to formulate more reasonable rules to strengthen management.

At the social level, celebrities will regard the "social account" defined by Weibo more directly as a "business card" for themselves.

Most bloggers who became popular on other platforms will choose to share some content on Weibo that is different from the original platform. Relatively speaking, Weibo content will appear more diversified, regardless of the mild daily short micro Blog, or deep emotion and attitude expression, can be accepted by Weibo fans.

In the eyes of fans, bloggers active on Weibo will be more three-dimensional and concrete.

If you look at the operation of Weibo account in terms of investment, it is a long-term value investment, which may not skyrocket, but it is better than long life cycle and compound interest return.

In the prospectus for Weibo's second listing in Hong Kong this year, Weibo disclosed that there have been more than 318 billion “following” relationships on its platform. These mutual concerns are woven into a huge social network, which is also one of the platform values ​​that creators care about most.

What Weibo is doing is to support the operation of diversified content, strengthen the interaction and reach between bloggers and fans, as well as "follow fans" between bloggers, so that content information can be spread and maximized in value, and Deeply bound social relationships ensure the retention and activity of users.

With the comprehensive governance of the entertainment industry, Weibo will consolidate its own platform’s unique social attributes and content accumulation under the background of declining pan-entertainment attributes, and support more social accounts and high-quality content. Perhaps Weibo will respond to the next growth cycle. Hand in the answer.

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