Focus on one plus of high-end games, but also want to win the mass market

After eight years and the seven-year itch of the brand, OnePlus has gradually started to diversify its products in the domestic market from the "high-end" and "niche" product positioning, and promote its products to the mass market.

▲ OnePlus 9RT and OnePlus 9 Pro.

The same was true for the OnePlus 9R in the first half of the year, and so was the OnePlus 9RT just released.

Their price is controlled at around 3,000 yuan, which is a more affordable mid-to-high-end series. In the past, products in this price range often only have "one skill."

▲ OnePlus 9RT and OnePlus Buds Z2 true wireless noise reduction headphones.

However, the OnePlus 9RT, which is the "enhanced version" of the first plus 9R at the beginning of the year, is different. In addition to its full performance, it also adds "new materials" to the image, design, screen, and system parts, making the OnePlus 9RT more than just "Performance Plus" is also closer to the "hexagonal warrior" at this price.

If the 5,000-priced flagship product is aimed at high-end users, then the 3,000-priced mid-to-high end is undoubtedly more suitable for the "mass." The product layout of OnePlus this year has begun to "layered". It no longer focuses on high-end games, but prepares with multiple hands and starts to head towards the mass market.

Do not imitate or follow, OnePlus has stepped out of its own upgrade path

Among all domestic brands, OnePlus can be said to be a unique existence.

In the period when the mobile phone market expanded aggressively in the past few years, both Internet brands and traditional mobile phone brands are arbitrarily speeding up the frequency of product updates and playing tactics in order to grab a market expansion bonus as soon as possible. Grabbing first and then defending was the main theme of the market at that time.

▲ OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 1, pictures from: Androidauthority

OnePlus is the opposite. Although it is also the model of selling mobile phones online, OnePlus follows the traditional profit method of "making money from hardware" and only makes "fine products".

As a result, Yijia's products will not be limited by price and compromise, but can focus more on improving products, gain insight into consumer demand, and gradually engrave the incomplete and high-quality routes on the product genes.

The mobile phone market is changing, with many brands appearing and many brands disappearing. However, OnePlus will never leave its ancestry. It only makes high-end products and only produces "high-quality goods."

From the initial feel and design, to the later high refresh screen, to flash charging, and the recent OnePlus 9 series of images, OnePlus has more and more "boutique" labels. These entry points are precisely stuck on the pain points of users and bring a high-quality technological experience.

"Good products naturally have a market." Although only a few new products are updated every year, OnePlus, which focuses on good products, has slowly attracted many supporters. Whenever the new product launch season of OnePlus, there are often long queues in offline sales points around the world.

▲ OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 9.

Similar to the rush of offline buying, OnePlus' online transcripts are even more eye-catching. On the day of the first domestic sale of the OnePlus 9 series, the total network sales in 10 seconds exceeded 300 million. In the past six months, the shipment volume in China has increased by 124% year-on-year, which has achieved remarkable results.

The overseas market is even worse. The US market, the European market, and the Indian high-end mobile phone market have all achieved several-fold growth, and they have successfully taken the iron throne of the fastest growth rate in the European and American markets and the highest share of the Indian high-end mobile phone market.

▲ OnePlus 9RT.

With nearly eight years of hard work, OnePlus has established itself in the high-end market in the fierce mobile phone market in different regions at home and abroad. It's just that the current fiercely competitive mobile phone market has to add the word "chaos". Due to the 2020 black swan epidemic, the chip shortage in 2021, and the decline in the 5G dividend period, all directly or indirectly affects the global mobile phone market Pattern.

According to IDC data, flagship smartphones increased 116% year-on-year in the second quarter, and the ASP (average selling price) of the entire market also increased by 9%. This is because many consumers are more willing to spend money to buy a good mobile phone, instead of focusing on entry-level devices. As a result of the growing space in the mid-to-high-end market, many manufacturers are struggling to break through.

OnePlus, which is firmly established in the high-end market, has begun to penetrate into the mass market, and is still a unique presence in the market.

▲ Zhou Xun and Hu Ge endorsed OnePlus mobile phones.

The product line is subdivided one after another, and the OnePlus 9 series has also begun to be in the context of public perception. It not only cooperated with Hasselblad, but also invited the endorsements of two national-level actors, Hu Ge and Zhou Xun, and started to deploy IoT. , Smart watches and TWS have been launched one after another, converging into a set of combination punches for different markets.

While focusing on product polishing, OnePlus has also begun to promote the OnePlus brand to the public, elevating the "small and beautiful" to the "national level."

OnePlus that is going to the public is still the OnePlus

"To survive and enter a larger market, you must have the corresponding power."

This power comes from OnePlus' methodology to build high-end flagships, from the breakthrough of products to mainstream consumers, and from some strategic adjustments.

The price of the current domestic flagship machines continues to rise, coupled with the weak market growth, the previous stack volume and stack configuration can no longer meet the increasingly diversified needs of consumers, excellent product strength, and anticipation of new features and new trends. In order to impress consumers.

Focusing on "boutique" and "high-end" for eight years, OnePlus has summarized a set of its own methodology, how to maintain uniqueness among the high-end products, and that is the details of the product. These details can be waistline design, hand feel, AG technology, high refresh rate screen, etc. Now OnePlus has begun to polish the image.

It is precisely because of the polishing of the product details that the high-end products of OnePlus have unique competitiveness, and the constant accumulation of power has finally begun to break out of the mainstream consumer groups in the generation of OnePlus 7 Pro.

In the OnePlus 9 series, with the "performance flagship" OnePlus 9R and OnePlus 9RT supplement, OnePlus has a richer product line to break through to the mass market.

The methodology used in flagships in the past has also been applied to new mid-to-high-end products, not only highlighting enhanced performance, but also making differences in other details from products of the same price on the market.

However, at the market level, letting the general public know about OnePlus and feel the products of OnePlus is another "assuming" that OnePlus has maintained its foothold in the mass market. OnePlus invites national celebrities to endorsements, adds more video tracks, and expands products. The launch of IoT is the beginning.

The integration of OnePlus with OPPO this year is another trick.

"The integration of the two parties will not change the essence of OnePlus's high-quality products." Liu Zuohu especially emphasized at the OnePlus 9RT conference, "OnePlus will continue to maintain the brand spirit of unfinished business and the product philosophy of pursuing the ultimate experience."

Although there are not many words, the meaning is clear. I believe that in the future, OnePlus will still hold the accumulated methodology and use it on a larger stage. Obtaining sufficient resources is like a master of great potential being opened up to the second line of the governor, giving Yijia a larger stage for the internal strength of the previous eight years.

When he once claimed to be "small and beautiful", founder Liu Zuohu preferred to appear as a "product manager", showing that OnePlus' work focuses on product polishing, and marketing and communication are slightly weaker. Nowadays, if you want to be active on a larger stage, OPPO's multi-level resources will naturally loosen the fist of OnePlus.

▲ OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus Watch.

On the one hand, OnePlus can continue to focus on products at different price points, and focus on planning product routes to maintain product individuality and unique competitiveness. On the other hand, OnePlus continues to broaden its product line and categories based on high-quality standards, and is even compatible with OPPO IoT devices, which is of great benefit to launching an ecological offensive. Finally, it is believed that OnePlus' online and offline services will also go to the next level and sink into the mass market.

Integrating OPPO and impacting the mass market, OnePlus will not change its high-quality route and pursuit of success. It is not so much that OnePlus impacts the mass market. It is more accurate to say that the unchanging mass market is influenced by OnePlus's high-quality mid-range machines. Shock.

"Interstellar" uses "If you want to achieve your goal, you have to leave something" to present Newton's third law. And according to our thinking, that is, there are gains and losses.

OnePlus has won a lot of fans by virtue of the concept of niche, high-end, geek and other concepts, and has won a good record at home and abroad. But if you want to continue the road to the peak in the current new pattern and penetrate the mass market, you must change.

In the process of turning to the mass market, there may be some pains, but in the process, OnePlus' products will always maintain the core of "boutique". Relying on OnePlus's successful methodology in high-end devices and its integration with OPPO, its greater power will radiate OnePlus' products to more users, and then turn them into "Plus Friends".

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