Flyme Auto and EM-P, Lynk & Co plays two technical cards

The competition in China's auto market has now reached historical extremes. A popular model that sold over 10,000 units last month may have its sales halved next month due to the sudden appearance of a competing product or a major price cut, or even due to a piece of technology. The emergence of a big hit model directly declares that there is only one winner in this category.

At the end of May, Lynk & Co held a Co:Talk technology sharing meeting in Shenzhen, which mainly focused on two technologies: Lynk & Co's EM-P super-extended range electric solution and Flyme Auto smart cockpit, which are respectively related to how the car is driven and how the car is operated. How to sit.

In fact, this is the answer to the competitive situation. In an era where brand belief is gradually collapsing and technology and product belief are gradually rising, making good products is the only answer to competition.

EM-P plan, what’s special about it

Not long ago, BYD's fifth-generation DM-i hybrid technology was released, and Qin L's price of 99,800 yuan shocked the automotive industry, especially joint venture car companies. Among them, the debate about who is the world's best engine thermal efficiency also involves two major automobile manufacturers, BYD and Geely.

However, there is not much difference. The difference in thermal efficiency is only a few tenths of a percent, which can be ignored in actual scenarios. The real difference is what is special about the EM-P super-extended range electric solution and how it fits in with Lynk & Co.

The first is the battle over the route between 3-gear DHT and single-gear DHT.

Compared with models that put fuel and electricity saving first, Lynk & Co models, especially the just-launched Lynk & Co 07 and Lynk & Co 08, are more mid-class in terms of positioning and driving pleasure. Therefore, the situation of "there is an electric dragon, but there is no electric bug" is not allowed on Lynk & Co models. This is the meaning of 3-speed DHT. Lynk & Co said:

Lynk & Co EM-P has a pure electric/direct drive/parallel/series drive mode. The electric hybrid engine can also adjust the speed in 3 gears. Downshifting increases torque, ensuring that the acceleration ability is less attenuated in the power outage state, and it can operate without power. Achieve quick power response and quick speed increase.

This is the first feature of the EM-P plan: high energy throughout the entire process.

In addition, at Co:Talk, Lynk & Co also introduced two other advantages of the EM-P super extended-range electric solution: ultra-long battery life and super performance.

Ultra-long battery life means that the CLTC pure electric cruising range of Lynk & Co 07 and Lynk & Co 08 EM-P models exceeds 100km and can reach up to 245km. For urban commuting, 245km is enough for a week of commuting to and from work under normal circumstances, with a full tank of fuel. The comprehensive battery life when fully charged exceeds 1,000km, and can reach a maximum of 1,400+km, which is enough to run through Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou without the need to replenish energy in between.

Super performance refers to the front-wheel drive motor power of several new cars reaching 160kW, which is at the forefront of hybrid models. The most powerful Lynk & Co 08 EM-P 220 four-wheel drive performance Halo version has a total power of 436kW, and the fastest acceleration from 0 to 100km/h. 4.6 seconds.

In addition, with the cooperation of the drive motor and the electric hybrid engine, the Lynk & Co EM-P model will have strong acceleration capabilities at 100-120km/h. It can overtake quickly in high-speed scenarios, and it is safer not to run parallel.

The question is, is it stronger, but will it consume more fuel?

Lynk & Co also provides corresponding solutions, which are super extended range driving mode and intelligent energy management.

According to Lynk & Co, the super extended range mode is the AUTO mode. The system intelligently adjusts the power mode. In urban scenes, when the speed is below 88 kilometers per hour, it is in the efficient range of the drive motor. EM-P gives priority to electric drive (pure electric or series extended range). distance) driving and reduce energy consumption.

When driving on the highway, that is, when the speed is above 88 kilometers per hour, it is in the high-efficiency range of the electric hybrid engine. EM-P gives priority to direct drive or parallel drive of the electric hybrid engine to ensure power performance and reduce energy consumption.

There is also key intelligent energy management technology, which can combine algorithms, navigation data, usual routes, environmental perception, and driving habits to intelligently adjust energy management strategies to reduce energy consumption.

For example, if the navigation data shows that the vehicle enters a congested road section after 10km, Lynk & Co EM-P will maintain power on the road before the congestion. During the congestion, the vehicle can run on pure electricity, saving energy consumption.

Let’s talk about environmental perception in detail. Based on the distance traveled, the vehicle can intelligently identify cities, highways, mountain roads, low temperatures, plateaus, and all climates, and adopt different energy management strategies. For example, Lynk & Co EM-P senses that the vehicle is continuously driving at medium and low speeds with heavy loads + altitude changes, and intelligently determines that the vehicle is driving on a winding mountain road, and the power output is more sensitive; when there are many mountain roads (such as in Chongqing), the system's power balance point It will be higher because the power requirements are higher on hill climbs.

Flyme, the soft power of Geely and Lynk & Co

On the watermark in the lower right corner of the PPT at the Co:Talk technology sharing session, alongside EM-P, is Flyme Auto, and Lynk & Co also announced that the Flyme Auto update in the near future will support CarPlay.

If EM-P is hard technology, then Flyme Auto is soft power. Since its debut in Lynk & Co 08 last year, the market has reduced complaints about Lynk & Co. In 2022, Geely will invest in Meizu through Xingji Times , also ushered in the moment of flowering and bearing fruits.

Although there is no obvious progress in the mobile phone business, for the entire Geely series, especially Lynk & Co, Flyme Auto has undoubtedly enhanced their product strength.

On Lynk & Co 07, Flyme Auto’s gameplay is more diverse. In addition to the seamless transition of Flyme Auto’s 3D car model on Lynk & Co 08, Ruran engine mapping the real world, Ruran air conditioning, and Flyme Link rider interconnection, this time Co Pad has also been added to Lynk & Co 07.

Co Pad is a tablet computer launched by Lynk & Co as a car company. It can realize seamless interconnection of multiple screens in the cockpit through Flyme Link and realize various functions:

  • Controllable car: The rear row can control the car as you wish, with four seats sharing the convenience of controlling seats, air conditioning, ambient lighting and other functions
  • Entertainment: multi-screen movies and TV broadcasts, audio-visual linkage throughout the car; a large number of Pad applications can be seamlessly transferred to the car, allowing you to enjoy family time
  • Can be cared for: car-machine care mode, real-time interaction before and after, companionship and safety care on the road

Moreover, Flyme Auto helps Lynk & Co 07 become the first new energy vehicle under 200,000 to realize a multi-screen interconnected entertainment ecosystem, coordinating the central control screen, full LCD digital instrument, AR-HUD, rear Co Pad, and mobile phone multi-screen linkage.

Coincidentally, at the same time as the Co:Talk technology sharing conference, the Geely Galaxy E5 Flyme Auto smart cockpit made its debut, which means that Flyme Auto will be available in more Geely models, and as Flyme Auto becomes the cockpit system of the Galaxy E5, "Flyme "Sound Unbounded Sound" will also be unveiled, making its debut on the Galaxy E5.

Geely Galaxy said that with the support of Dragon Eagle 1 chip, 16G running memory, and the computing power of Geely Star Intelligent Computing Center, Flyme Auto on the Galaxy E5 can keep pace with Huawei's in-car Hongmeng system and Xiaomi's Pengpai system. All three are typical examples of driver interconnection.

Flyme Sound is Geely's self-developed smart audio system. It is comparable to the "Sound of Berlin" at an affordable model price. The Galaxy E5 is equipped with 16 speakers, a 1000W independent power amplifier, and the only headrest speakers in its class.

Here, Geely named its self-developed audio system after Flyme, which also shows one thing. As the reputation and experience of Flyme Auto are improving, Geely, including Lynk & Co, needs an external signboard. Now it seems that this signboard is printed with Flyme.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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