First launch | New iPad Pro experience: When the tablet is replaced with a computer core, will it be a new computer?

This is a brand new iPad Pro, we are used to calling it a tablet.

Later, Apple said that the iPad Pro is your next computer.

Many people do not believe it. Then… Apple changed the computer to look like an iPad.

Of course, more important than the shape is that it has upgraded a computer chip, which Cook pried from the Mac-M1.

As of right-angled frame, Yuba same, not the same wonderful color control keyboard, you do not have to worry about the white dirt. Because… it's also not resistant to black.

It is still 11 and 12.9 inches, one big and one small brother, but the large screen is upgraded to Liquid retina XDR screen.

With more than 10,000 mini-LEDs and more than 2500 local dimming zones, the large iPad Pro also has a display effect similar to an OLED screen.

Simply put, it is to watch HDR video, the night is darker, the light source is brighter, and it is closer to the real world.

But unfortunately, such an excellent screen is more about consuming content. What many film and television workers are concerned about is: Can it be used as an HDR monitor through "accompaniment" ?

The answer is no. If you just use it daily, the perception of the difference in screen quality between the two is not as obvious as the screen size.

The only difference between the iPad Pro's body and the previous generation is that the openings of the four speakers have become smaller and larger. For this change, Apple has not improved the sound effect at all, but the actual measurement is really different. Some burrs.

The new iPad Pro upgrades the front lens to ultra-wide angle. Click here to witness a wider world and a slimmer self.

But who would take a selfie with dumbbells?

In fact, this ultra-wide angle is used in FaceTime video calls to achieve a larger range of viewfinders. When you move around, the camera will follow you, keeping you in the C position forever. When others join, they also take care of others' face, as if there is a cameraman who has been following the filming.

It's just that this cameraman is called artificial intelligence.

In fact, Samsung and Huawei also have similar functions, but the iPad Pro’s lens changes are more agile and more human-like. At present, the third-party application Dingding has access to the function of character centering.

In addition to the screen and front camera, the biggest improvement of the iPad Pro lies in performance.

Looking at this USB-C interface first, it finally supports Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4 standards. The transmission bandwidth is increased to 40Gbps, and the theoretical speed is 4 times faster than the second generation of the previous generation USB 3.1.

I use a card reader to connect the old and new iPad Pro to import 15G photo materials to the album. The 2020 iPad Pro takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and the new iPad Pro is 1 minute faster.

Do you think the improvement is limited? Of course, to use the full strength of the Thunderbolt interface, in addition to the iPad Pro with a starting price of 6199, you have to buy a hard disk box, SSD, and ultra-high-speed SD card that supports the Thunderbolt interface. This is an arms race.

iPad Pro comes with a 20W charging head, but the actual measurement shows that the 12.9-inch stable charging power can reach 35W, and the 11-inch battery can reach 30W. The charging speed is slightly improved compared to the previous generation.

If the expansibility of Thunderbolt 3 allows iPad Pro to enter the computer circle, then M1 can be said to be an ID card of computer pedigree .

Compared with the A12Z, the single-core running score has increased from 1118 to 1716, and the multi-core performance has been directly increased from 4000 to 7258, which is 50% faster than the previous generation. It's even similar to iMac.

The graphics performance is even more crushed, and the memory upgrade, the 1TB version jumps directly from 6GB to 16GB, completely ignoring Darwin's theory of evolution.

Of course, running points does not mean experience.

I used Lightroom to process more than 400 RAW photos in batches, and exported them as JPG original images. It took 45 minutes for the previous generation iPad Pro, while the new one took 26 minutes.

Then I used Lumafusion to edit and export a 6-minute 4K vlog video. The export speed of the new iPad Pro is 9 seconds faster.

Gaming is a good way to squeeze the graphics performance, but I found that the original gods and peace elites do not seem to have optimized the M1. At the highest quality, the original gods will appear obvious jagged. For the Peaceful Elite, dropped frames occurred. As for fever, there is not much difference between the two.

Therefore, rigorous testing has to wait some time.

M1 is powerful, but the iPad Pro three years ago is still strong today. In other words, my ability is not worthy of your ambitions.

In other words, there are no more iPad applications to fully appreciate the performance of the M1.

At this point, the test part of the new iPad Pro is basically over, and its real potential may have to wait until next month WWDC.

Apple hopes that the iPad Pro will become a computer of the future. For this reason, they invented the Apple Pencil, created a new interaction, supported the magic keyboard and cursor, and solved the productivity problem.

If it's almost anything, apart from the fact that multitasking and split-screen are not so good, I think it should be-lack of real productivity software.

Compiling iOS apps and drawing complex CAD images are still difficult to compare iPad Pro with desktop terminals.

In my opinion, M1 is not just a routine performance upgrade, its real purpose is to change the iPad software ecology.

Apple executives have repeatedly emphasized that they will not merge iPadOS and macOS systems, so a reasonable explanation should be one set of software and two interfaces.

I boldly predict that at the WWDC next month, Apple will announce some key measures for developers: For example, once you develop, you can easily migrate Mac applications to the iPad platform. At that time, we are expected to see a real transformation of the software on the iPad platform.

They are neither a replica of the Mac nor an enlarged version of the iPhone. They are unique-the iPad version.

They are more friendly to touch and Apple Pencil, and have a simpler interface, but the desktop platform has a lot of functionality and professionalism .

You may ask: Is the current Mac not enough? Why do you need iPad Pro? Why shape the next computer?

Maybe you have forgotten that the office supplies on people's desks-computers, keyboards and mice, have not changed for decades. We have been accustomed to work countless times in 365 days , just sitting in a grid, opening a notebook, and using the mouse to walk around documents, tabs, and dialog boxes.

And whether you are a doctor, reporters, lawyers, or musicians, architects, PC or Mac is your only choice.

But there are still some people in the world who have some jobs, in the rural rice fields, in the mountains and valleys, and in the sky. There should be three hundred and six in the world, and there shouldn't be only one choice for that tool.

iPad Pro failed to make it to everyone's workbench, but it created a new workflow and made up for some of the problems that traditional computers could not cope with.

▲ Apple x APPSO iPad e-notes solicitation activity for the first school season "Paperless Drawing Notes" winning works display

In university classrooms, it replaces traditional paper and pen, solves the problem of modification and organization, and allows handwritten notes to be retrieved in the cloud.

At the event site, it became a powerful tool for real-time photo editing, and the photographer did not have to hold a 2 kg computer to chase after the customer to confirm the photo.

In the field of design, it combines a computer and a hand-drawn board into one, allowing illustrators to find inspiration at any time.

Analyst Ben Thompson once told a story that impressed me particularly:

The school asked her daughter who was in elementary school to complete a job: edit a document with Word on the school computer, and then save it in a folder.

And his daughter used a tablet since she was young, and she couldn't understand the concepts of saving documents, creating folders, and copying files at all.

So I think that when these children are illiterate, they will use their fingers to fly on the touch screen and use iPad to watch cartoons and play games to learn Tang poetry.

You ask him: What is a computer?

Must it be them?

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