Firefox 89 is released, UI design becomes the focus of upgrade

On June 1, Mozilla brought users the biggest interface change of Firefox since 2017.

The latest Firefox 89 has a redesigned UI, which Mozilla says is "simpler, more attractive, and easier to use."

Compared with the previous version, the new version of Firefox 89 uses a design language called Proton by Mozilla. Compared with the previous version, the new Proton interface prepares more vertical space for labels, and the main menu introduces a lot of space. White, and the layout of the icons has been redesigned.

▲Picture from: Mozilla

Mozilla said that the Firefox design team has investigated the daily habits of users and drew the following interactive heat map. It can be found in the figure that there are three main areas that users click most frequently:

Tab bar: About 43% of clicks will be at the top of the browser;
Navigation bar: About 33% of clicks will be on the navigation bar, including forward, back, refresh, address bar, etc.;
Favorites: Users will use the Favorites button to open websites they frequently visit.

Therefore, Firefox 89 focused on making improvements in these three areas.

▲Picture from: Mozilla

The first is the update of the tab bar. Mozilla has added huge tabs to Firefox 89 and adopted a floating design, the purpose of which is to visually guide users to move the tabs more. The user can click and drag the tabs to rearrange their order, or drag them out of the tab bar to open the website in a new window.

Floating tags can directly provide you with information when you need it, such as visual indicators for audio control.

Mozilla commented on the new label design in its release notes.

▲The tab bar of Firefox

At the same time, the navigation bar of Firefox 89 has become more concise.

It can be found in Mozilla's heat map that the utilization of several buttons on the right side of the address bar is extremely low. Therefore, Mozilla removed the entire "Page Actions" menu for Firefox 89, and only retained the three-column menu on the far right. In terms of operation It's simpler and more intuitive. Coupled with a bright and lively UI design, it can give users a more relaxed and intuitive experience.

But not all users like this new UI.

Although Mozilla just wants users to get a simpler and more relaxed experience, for some users, the area of ​​web browsers that display content is equivalent to productivity, and the large tab bar and navigation bar are not they want to see.

Of course, there are ways. Firefox 89 also supports compact layout. Just enter "about:config" in the address bar, choose to accept the risk and continue, then search for "", click the arrow on the right to switch the value to true, and you can switch the layout on the "Customize Toolbar" interface .

In addition to the desktop client, the Firefox mobile version has also been updated synchronously and replaced with a Proton interface design. The new version of the Firefox iOS client improves the tab logic and improves the search experience, even optimized for the iPad.

On the Android client, the "Synced Tabs" has been adjusted from the menu bar to the tab management interface, and a manual synchronization button has been added.

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