Feel Good Weekly | Why has dating software started to provide psychological counseling for victims of sexual harassment?

  • Dating software Bumble will provide support courses for victims of sexual harassment
  • Write a "code of conscience" for the machine to end illegal logging in the jungle
  • It is said that big cities are indifferent, but the new report says that residents in big cities are less likely to be depressed
  • Dole has started sending pineapple leaves to make "leather"
  • Athleta: What does a lifestyle brand that only makes women's clothing look like?

Dating software Bumble will provide support courses for victims of sexual harassment

Unlike most dating apps, Bumble positioned "female dominance" and "protection of women" from the very beginning.

In this software, the expression of interest between men and women in the process of "swiping" can contribute to the "matching success" state, but only at this step the two parties cannot start chatting.

The software setting, after "pairing success", the female user must first send a message to the man within 24 hours, otherwise the pairing will be invalid.

Founded in 2014, Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of Bumble, previously worked at Tinder, and finally left the company for sexual harassment, took Tinder to court, and created this female-led dating app.

Even so, Bumble, like Tinder last year , was exposed to lack of control over users who were reported of sexual harassment on the platform, and the response was lagging behind. Starting this year, dating software has gradually introduced different protection mechanisms.

And Bumble's latest action is to cooperate with Bloom to launch a mental health course for users on sexual assault/harassment. Most of the support and courses provided by Bloom are provided by people who have experienced sexual harassment/ assault.

Specifically, when a Bumble user reports to the official that he has encountered an infringement or has experienced an abusive relationship, the Bumble team will provide him with a free Bloom platform course redemption code. In addition to the courses, users can get up to six psychological counseling services and one-on-one dialogue support.

Prior to this, Bumble also clearly listed what behaviors would be defined as sexual harassment on its official website, and warned users that if the above behaviors occur, they may receive warnings from the customer service team or even be kicked off the platform.

Write a "code of conscience" for the machine to end illegal logging in the jungle

It is difficult to stop humans from destroying the earth, but we can stop the machines they use.

Hugo Veiga said. He comes from the creative company AKQA, which once launched a code called "Code of Conscience".

The purpose of this code is very simple.

The engineering vehicle with these codes will automatically stop operating once it reaches the natural reserve. The project hopes to prevent illegal logging.

Preventing illegal logging has always been a difficult problem. Some organizations do not have enough resources to fight against illegal logging, and some local governments lack the motivation to protect them. Therefore, blocking machines is a new way of thinking.

The problem is that heavy machinery manufacturers who can determine whether a machine is equipped with a "conscience" also lack the motivation to change.

Therefore, after the code is released, AKQA's work will shift to working with non-profit organizations to persuade the governments of countries with weak environmental protection mechanisms to implement this "conscience."

Our dream is to make "Code of Conscience" a real-time monitoring tool, so that all machines operating near the protected area become "visible".

It is said that big cities are indifferent, but the new report says that residents in big cities are less likely to be depressed

"Social fear", I occasionally take a long journey home after get off work, mainly because I don't want to go through the garbage sorting station, because passing by means that I have to say hello to the cleaning aunt in our community.

The aunt is very nice, but I really have "limited social energy".

Unexpectedly, this kind of "forced social interaction" might be beneficial to my health.

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences pointed out that the "light socialization" imposed on us by big cities can help ease our mental health pressure.

The study author believes that although the results of the study have certain limitations, they are also helpful to the planning of small cities and suburbs in the United States:

Can we innovate to encourage people to do more in the city and improve the traffic conditions of those residents who were once isolated from the city, so that they can really go to other neighborhoods?

Although the latest data used in the study only goes to 2019 and does not count the impact of the new crown, its results are crucial to the reconstruction of the post-new crown era-due to isolation, the mental health of many people is affected , And increasing people’s social interaction opportunities can bring better changes.

In large cities, although people feel full of pressure due to many situations, residents are less isolated from others and can communicate with others better.

Dole has started sending pineapple leaves to make "leather"

Under the tide of sustainable development, Dole Foods, the world's largest provider of fresh fruits and vegetables, announced in 2020 its goal of "Achieving Zero Fruit Loss by 2025".

Under this goal, Dole's latest action is to send pineapple leaves to make "leather".

Dole collaborated with Ananas Anam to transform pineapple leaf fiber into a vegan leather material called Piñatex. This material has been used in the products of fashion brands such as Hugo Boss and Paul Smith, and London Hilton also used this material in its first vegan suite in the world.

In addition to helping Dole advance its sustainability goals, this plan also brings new income to pineapple growers in the Philippines.

Athleta: What does a lifestyle brand that only makes women's clothing look like?

In the late 1990s, the sports giants just started to make women's sportswear, but the methods of these companies were simply to "shrink men's sportswear and change the color to pink."

Investment banker Scott Kerslake noticed this demand.

Why would a male investment banker see this? Because he is also a cycling and surfing enthusiast.

When he was traveling with female cyclists, he witnessed the various discomforts of them wearing those "designed defective products" when they were riding bicycles, so he decided to create a brand designed for women's sportswear-Atheleta.

In 1998, Atheleta was formally established. Kerslake recruited many women with cycling, running, yoga, boating and other needs to design products from scratch.

When creating the catalog, Atheleta also pioneered the inclusion of women of different ages and body types, quickly attracting women who yearn for a more comfortable exercise experience.

Today, Atheleta has transformed from a sports brand focusing on sports performance to a sports and leisure lifestyle brand, but they still emphasize that the tailoring and design of their products are based on the needs of real women, taking care of the needs of various body types, and being used by real users many times Test and improve.

Perhaps the biggest change over the years is that Atheleta pays more attention to building a female community.

They made the store "a fitness studio, a place for community gatherings, and a perfect place for people to gather and be inspired", and launched a variety of health courses.

This year, Atheleta even launched the "AthletaWell" project to provide health-related information and services to different women.

The birth of this project was mainly based on the consideration that women may not always find a safe space to ask specific questions. AthletaWell wants to help everyone cope with the complexity of modern women.

The areas covered by this project, from some tips for sleep to answering fertility problems for women over 40, will cover both online and offline forms.

The brand works on social responsibility and also focuses on investing in projects that support women's education and better employment opportunities/environment.

Atheleta often emphasizes that women should feel comfortable and at ease.

This connection with customers has allowed Atheleta to increase its annual revenue by 15% in 2020 when it cannot open its doors. The annual revenue reaches 1.414 billion U.S. dollars.

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