Feed the cow a candy

Understanding the cow is better

Understanding the "bull"

This is a creative short video contest with the theme "Bullish".

▲ "Bullish" Short Video Creative Competition

In 60 days, 170,000 short videos were contested, 1,000,000,000 times played, and 22,790,000 likes.

—— You don’t need to count the number of zeros, short videos that stand out from many excellent videos can make us understand "cow". Look at it first:

Excellent video one: change

At the Apple press conference in September 2019, Jin Jin, three males and five females (names) appeared in the live Apple Watch video, telling the changes that Apple products have brought to her. Her bullish video also revolved around "Change" expands.

It can be seen that Apple products have helped Jinjin exercise, create and record life, and become her good partner.

Excellent Video 2: Milk

With the help of iPhone's powerful photography and post-production functions, as well as a rich app ecology, Cantonese bloggers run and eat to create stop-motion animations with milk as the theme, and travel back to childhood in one second.

This excellent stop-motion animation short film is completely produced by the iPhone, which perfectly demonstrates the creative power of the iPhone.

Excellent Video Three: Record

Nowadays, mobile phones have become the most portable life recording tool for people. In 2020, "Big V" Jonathan Ho took his iPhone to 15 cities and recorded those unforgettable scenery.

If the complex scenery is a canvas, then the iPhone is the magic pen, using 4K HDR, fast slow motion, and three-camera system to "paint" everyone's life.

After enjoying the excellent works, I believe you are a bit curious about the winners of this "Bullish" Creative Video Contest. Who can take away the 256GB iPhone 12 Pro with a brilliant video? They are:
@金金 is three-point male and five-point female, the work "Change"
@汤机长, works "FOREST"
@废柴憨憨, work ""Han Shi Ji" Liu Niu Soup"
@Side running while eating, the work "Milk"
@虚虚不虚, the work "Bullish Gongbao Chicken"
Congratulations to them for winning, and we are also bullish by the way!

100 candies for "cow"

Apple’s friends said that this may be the largest short video creative competition for fruit fans on the domestic short video platform.

Yes, this is the "Bullish" short video creative competition initiated by us (Aifaner) and Apple authorized franchise stores-just with creative passion and talent, you can bring 100 256GB iPhone 12 Pro back to 100 Home.

In addition, the Creative Video Contest has also set up two other minimalist interactive sessions: luck (to the store to draw a lottery) and arrogant (invite friends to participate), allowing Apple authorized franchise stores to harvest another kind of comforting world Reality : All people who have lived in isolation for a period of time touched all kinds of new devices in the store, watched the screen pictures pass by frame by frame, and smiled.

▲ "Bullish" adds a touch of the year of the Ox to Apple authorized franchise stores

▲ Participate in the store and get in touch with Apple devices

This kind of human reality can also be quantified… On the bullish list, there are online contestants who have collected tens of thousands of bullish bullies in just one week ; Apple authorized franchise store activities are very popular; Jingdong cards totaling 100,000 yuan are at the beginning of the event After being caught by Miankong, Guofen’s combat effectiveness has never disappointed. According to the rules of the competition, 100 talents won 100 candies (a 128GB iPhone 12 Pro)

▲ Consumers come to the store to draw

We hide behind the "cow"

Following the Tangzhi exclusive " Spot Lide " event , Ai Faner once again initiated a different consumer co-creation.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, we launched a 60-day "Bullish" creative video contest on the Tangzhi platform , so that every friend who is full of love, @自己, @朋友, @爱人 and friends, make a wish for a more exciting life and life journey.

In order to ensure that a large number of users participate in this competition in 1,750 Apple authorized franchise stores in 595 cities across the country, Aifaner has assembled the products and technologies of the Tangzhi platform, and through the Tangzhi user community, has realized the entire digital operation-event registration, Participation verification, friend invitation to the store and other links are supported by the sugar paper applet . The user's participation video is uploaded to the WeChat video account and Douyin dual platform, covering the mainstream short video users, through good content and platform comprehensive, in-depth, and pulsed dissemination. "Apple experts are by your side" concept.

▲ Full coverage of graphics, small programs, and videos, as well as KOL linkage

Judging from the final data, Aifaner has become an enabler of digital content and products in Apple authorized stores through technology and operational means, connecting more content creators and local users. Apple products and Apple authorized franchise stores beautifully swiped the screen once, allowing Apple's "experts around" to really close the distance with local users.

Another organized "bullish" video game creative motivation, because the love child norm insight into the Apple franchise stores are authorized to market pain points, hope to use a different way to help brand professional services more efficiently serve customers.

In 2020, the iPhone will ship about 36 million units in the mainland market, but there are only more than 40 Apple official retail stores in the mainland, concentrated in first- and second-tier cities, and a considerable part of the iPhone is provided to users in Apple authorized franchise stores.

Compared with Apple’s official retail stores, Apple’s authorized franchise stores sell the same National Bank’s iPhone and provide almost the same pre-sales and after-sales services as the official retail stores. However, due to the lack of effective access channels in Apple’s authorized franchise stores, consumption People do not know that there are many Apple authorized franchise stores around them, and they still go to Apple’s official retail stores to buy or repair iPhones. For consumers far away from Apple’s official retail stores, they will invisibly bear higher traffic and Time costs.

This time, with the help of the technology of the sugar paper applet and the ability to connect to the user community, the "Bull Gas" event undertook full collaboration. It not only smoothly allowed consumers to come to nearby Apple authorized franchise stores, experience the service quality of the franchise stores first-hand, and realize the brand. Social communication and product exposure.

Connect love, make difference

At the beginning of the AirPods Max release, it triggered a wave of buying, and the delivery date of the grab has been queued for the next 15 weeks. Fan children love candy wrapper platform for the first time launched "Spot Synaptic 'exclusive events – will not increase their take immediately.

▲"Spot Stand" event

"Spot Lide" is our digital innovation based on user experience and combined with digital giants.
At that time, many consumers found that the sources of Apple’s official retail stores had been sold out. At the same time, Aifaner discovered that Apple’s authorized franchise stores also had a batch of AirPods Max. With the help of the sugar paper applet, Aifaner became the interface between users, brands and products. Link, invited many KOL forwarding activities including flypig, covering more than 10 million fans, specially designed appointments and lottery draws, so that Apple's authorized AirPods Max franchise successfully found its own owner. Behind this event is Aifaner's recognition of consumers' co-creation and our love for good products.

▲ KOL linkage of "Spot Lide"

▲ KOL linkage of "Spot Lide"

▲ KOL linkage of "Spot Lide"

Regardless of whether it's "bullish" or "spot achievement", the feedback is actually the value proposition of Aifaner: finding good products and connecting consumers. It's just that there are differences in form. Graphic videos, candy-paper applets, and short video contests all ultimately lead to the same goal, all of which allow consumers to experience the joy of playing good products.

In the new year, Aifaner will continue to distribute sugar to everyone through the Tangzhi platform, sharing the "sugar feast" with you who also love products.

Join our experience and innovation journey of sugar paper, and become "powdered sugar" together! enjoy! "

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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