Faraday Future goes public today / Ideally, the new sales force in June is the first / Tesla: Provide services to the owners of the disaster-stricken cars


  • GAC Acura CDX Enjoy PLUS will be on sale soon
  • Ankewei Plus adds 652T, a seven-seater four-wheel drive luxury model
  • Chery QQ ice cream opened blind order, benchmarked Hongguang MINIEV
  • Ideal car's sales in June ranked first among new forces
  • Faraday Future will be listed on Nasdaq
  • Tesla: is making every effort to provide services to car owners affected by the rainstorm
  • Priced at 123,700 Euros, Mercedes-Benz S580e is on sale overseas
  • Mercedes-Benz releases preview of VISION EQXX concept car
  • Volkswagen releases second quarter electric vehicle sales data
  • Ford will launch a fleet of self-driving taxis this year
  • Mercedes-Benz uses AI to relieve fatigue and road rage
  • An electric concept car without doors

GAC Acura CDX Enjoy PLUS will be on sale soon

GAC Acura recently announced that the CDX Enjoy PLUS version will be released on the 24th of this month.

The new car is based on the GAC Acura CDX Enjoy Edition. In terms of appearance, the new car incorporates Acura A-Spec exclusive design elements. The front face has a classic "diamond pentagon" grille design and a large-size brand LOGO is placed in the center, which is very aggressive. .

In terms of configuration, the CDX Enjoy PLUS version is equipped with leather seats, and at the same time, the rear parking radar's monitoring range of obstacles is expanded. The trunk also reserves a 12V power interface to supply power for lighting, car refrigerator and other electrical appliances. In terms of power, the new car is expected to use a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 134kW, matching an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox. (Via Netcom)

This "Pearl White" car paint is still pretty good-looking.

Ankewei Plus adds 652T, a seven-seater four-wheel drive luxury model

Recently, Buick officially released news that Buick Envision Plus has added a 652T seven-seater four-wheel drive luxury model. The car is based on the 652T seven-seat luxury four-wheel drive model, priced at 273,900 yuan.

The appearance of the car is the same as that of the Envision Plus, using Buick’s latest "sculptural aesthetics" design language. The front is full of power, and the flying wing grille on the front face is also very visually impactful. The number of chrome-plated parts is also just right. Improved the sense of refinement of the front face.

In terms of interior, Buick Envision Plus adopts an all-in-one cockpit design with a "2+3+2" three-row seven-seat layout. Among them, the left and right sides of the second row of seats are equipped with Easy Entry function to facilitate the entry and exit of the third row of passengers. At the same time, the two-piece panoramic sunroof and the optimized third-row corner window can provide passengers with a better visual experience.

Do you really need a seven-seater car?

Chery QQ ice cream opened blind order, benchmarked Hongguang MINIEV

Chery QQ ice cream officially started blind order today. This is a small electric car with a very handy exterior design. Judging from the previously exposed road test spy photos, the car has a square shape and is very cute. At the same time, this design can provide more space in the car, which is in line with its urban micro-electric vehicle positioning.

In terms of power, Chery Automobile has not announced more power information, but it was previously learned from relevant channels that the cruising range of Chery QQ ice cream will reach 200 kilometers, which can better benchmark the electric car sales champion in the first half of the year. Hongguang MINIEV. (Via love card car)

Wuling met his opponent this time.

Ideal car's sales in June ranked first among new forces

At the end of the first half of 2021, the new energy market remains lively. According to the recently released data from China Automobile’s data terminal retail data, Ideal ONE’s insurance coverage in June was 7,827 vehicles, surpassing Weilai (7777) and Xiaopeng (6639) for the first time, and rushed to the top sales volume of China’s new car manufacturers. position.

In addition, Ideal ONE has surpassed many joint ventures and imported luxury SUVs, and ranked first in the sales of medium and large SUVs. Also on the list is Weilai ES8, which is ranked 14th.

At present, the camp of new forces is still expanding, and there are more and more players who can fight. In this market environment, the "counter-attack" of ideal cars in June has also become more prominent. (Via Sina Auto)

This is the first time that Ideal has become the No. 1 sales force of a new force, and it is not easy.

Faraday Future will be listed on Nasdaq

According to today’s news, Jia Yueting’s Faraday Future will merge with the American company Property Solutions Acquisition Corp. on the 22nd, U.S. time, and will be listed on the Nasdaq. The trading code will also be changed to FFIE.

The transaction is expected to provide Faraday Future with approximately US$1 billion in funding. In other words, with the completion of Faraday Future's shell-making listing, the company will become the third listed company that Jia Yueting has participated in. Due to its 20% stake in Faraday Future, affected by this news, the Hong Kong stocks of Evergrande Automobile have soared recently, with a maximum increase of nearly 30%.

In addition, Faraday Future’s flagship model FF91 has begun to accept orders, and has received more than 14,000 orders. (Via Wall Street knowledge)

After five years of silence, Jia Yueting's "Pannier Rebirth"?

Tesla: is making every effort to provide services to car owners affected by the rainstorm

In the face of the rain disaster in Henan, @ Tesla Customer Support posted today that dozens of vehicles affected by the heavy rain have arrived at Tesla's service outlets, and they are making every effort to provide services to car owners.

In addition, Tesla stated that its service center has not interrupted services due to heavy rains, ensuring that it responds to customer service needs 24 hours a day. And in the next month, Tesla will provide all Zhengzhou car owners with free vehicle inspection services. At the same time, during the disaster relief period, all overcharges in Henan Province were opened for free.

In the rainy weather, looking at the cars on the road, I feel worried.

Priced at 123,700 Euros, Mercedes-Benz S580e is on sale overseas

According to official sources from Mercedes-Benz, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class plug-in hybrid model S580e has been officially launched in overseas markets, with a starting price of 123,700 Euros, which is approximately RMB 942,700. There is no significant difference between the plug-in hybrid version and the fuel version in appearance and interior, only the power is different.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 3.0T power engine with a maximum power of 270kW and a peak torque of 500N·m; the motor has a peak power of 110kW and a peak torque of 480N·m.

The pure electric cruising range of the new car under WLTP conditions is up to 100km, and the acceleration time from 100 kilometers is 5.2 seconds.

The power is much better than the existing S series in China.

Mercedes-Benz releases preview of VISION EQXX concept car

Mercedes-Benz today tweeted a picture of the VISION EQXX concept car. The car will become a symbol of Mercedes-Benz’s most efficient model, with a cruising range of more than 750 miles (approximately 1,200 kilometers). ).

Markus Schafer, head of Mercedes-Benz’s R&D department, commented: “We have assembled a group of engineers to tackle this extraordinary task: the company will build the world’s highest mileage and energy-efficient electric car to date.”

In fact, it is not difficult for Mercedes to build the most efficient mass-produced electric models. The company has extensive experience in aerodynamics, and it has launched several models with outstanding performance in air resistance. The EQS previously launched is the best example.

▲Mercedes-Benz EQS

Can I travel from Beijing to Shanghai with a full battery?

Volkswagen releases electric vehicle sales data for the second quarter of 2021

Recently, Volkswagen Group (including Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, SEAT, etc.) reported that the total global delivery of plug-in electric vehicles exceeded 342,000 units, and the sales of plug-in electric vehicles will accelerate growth in the second quarter of 2021. .

The sales and growth data of BEV and PHEV are as follows:

  • BEV: about 170,939 units (a year-on-year increase of 165.2%)
  • PHEV: about 17,1300 units (a year-on-year increase of 204%)
  • Total: about 342,239 units (a year-on-year increase of 183%)

According to the Volkswagen Group, the high growth rate is directly related to a number of newly launched BEV (pure electric) models, and this momentum will continue in the second half of the year.

Currently, the number of electric vehicles sold by the group is about half of Tesla's sales, but the growth rate indicates that its sales will be even greater in 6-18 months. In terms of the sales volume of electric vehicles, Europe is by far the largest market of the Volkswagen Group, accounting for 74.9% of the total sales. (Via new trip)

In other words, ID.3 is also about to be unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show.

Ford will launch a fleet of self-driving taxis this year

Ford said yesterday that it will form a fleet of self-driving taxis in Miami with self-driving startup Argo AI and ride-hailing platform Lyft later this year, and will bring this service to Austin next year.

Ford announced that the service will use manual backup drivers at the beginning, and then fully autonomous driving will be realized. The company plans to deploy 1,000 self-driving taxis on the Lyft taxi-hailing platform in five years.

It is understood that Ford and Argo AI have already tested autonomous driving fleets in cities such as Austin, Detroit, Miami, Palo Alto, and Pittsburgh. (Via CNET)

Autonomous driving services are still advancing much faster than expected.

Mercedes-Benz cooperates with Endel to use AI to relieve fatigue and road rage

Mercedes-Benz and German start-up Endel are teaming up to create a new in-car experience to keep drivers calm and alert on the road.

Endel's AI is supported by research results in neuroscience and psychoacoustics. By analyzing factors such as weather, driving speed and road type, as well as personal input from the Endel application, AI will generate an appropriate sound environment to support Mercedes-Benz's luxury series of cars.

Endel CEO Oleg Stavitsky said the new technology can be used to combat fatigue and road rage. He said: "The car is one of the environments that requires both concentration and relaxation, and it often switches between the two states. To this end, we have developed a special Endel Car Experience to help drivers concentrate and fight road anger. To improve road safety.” (via Gasgoo)

The problem of "road rage" really needs to be solved.

An electric concept car without doors

Due to the lack of an auto show, the development of this year's concept car is quite slow. But Pininfarina made up for our lost time with the new Teorema.

The smooth, round body of this concept car looks more like the latest Hyperloop passenger compartment than a traditional car. The appearance may attract the most attention, but it is the interior that lays the foundation for the entire concept car.

The Teorema experience starts before entering the car. When the center panel of the glass roof slides open, the entire rear body shell will swing upwards, and passengers can walk into the car from the rear of the car, just like walking in The same door.

Teorema has a unique seat layout of 1+2+2. In addition to allowing walking access at a standing height, this layout also allows each occupant to move or reposition freely in the car.

The rear two rows of seats can be combined and folded into two independent recliners, providing an opportunity to relax with legs or sit in a conference-style arrangement. When taking a short nap, Continental smart glass changes color around the rear cabin to enhance the atmosphere of rest.

In Level 5 fully automated driving mode, the driver can rotate 180 degrees to freely interact with other people in the car. In driving mode, the driver faces the front and uses the dual joystick control system to operate the car, while the rear passengers remain engaged through the WayRay augmented reality system integrated on the roof glass to provide surrounding information.

It is reported that the Teorema concept car was created entirely through virtual reality, and we may still be far away from it, but this may be a good direction. (Via cnBeta)

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