Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro: Cooking is to turn the dull life into romance

I once discussed a question with a friend. The houses in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are so expensive. One square meter is worth 100,000 yuan. of.

At that time, I always thought of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, and felt that the kitchen was the appendix in the house, and it was optional. But over the years, I actually prefer the "worldly fireworks" around me. If there is no kitchen in the house, it will naturally lack warmth and life.

However, going to the kitchen is also a coin. The positive side is the romantic imagination of food and warmth; the negative side is the realistic dilemma of choosing vegetables, washing dishes, cooking oil, and fuming the pot. Just like the "worldly fireworks" that appeared in one's own kitchen, the image is good, but the experience is bad. Confined to day and night, the kitchen, and the people you love, you need to make reality more romantic.

Jade dust falls in the courtyard at dusk, pushing the window into the eyes

Perhaps the kitchen carries too much functionality, so people's pursuit of its beauty is always lower than that of the living room and bedroom, so the kitchen appliances in the kitchen are basically either black or steel, plus some small pieces of white, pay attention to A pragmatic and authentic. Romance is always accompanied by a little unnecessary and poetic. The "Fang Taiyue Shadow Grey" of the Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro is inspired by the grey in Chinese landscape paintings, and has become a classic third color in Chinese kitchens.

In our traditional oriental aesthetics, color is also a well-established field with rich meanings. We say that red is not necessarily red, but red cherry blossoms and lip gloss; when we say yellow, it may also be pine flowers or leaves.

The unique color of "Fang Taiyue Shadow Gray" appears in the kitchen, and it is quietly compatible with colorful ingredients and kitchenware, integrating with various home styles. This kind of gray is indisputable and does not show mountains and dew, it exists in the kitchen in a harmonious manner, restrained and deep, elegant and subtle.

"Yueying Grey" has achieved the charm of Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro, and its shape requires another process to shape.

Over the years, in the field of consumer electronics CMF (color, material and process), AG glass has been a strong stroke and has become an essential process for high-end equipment. Fang Taiyue's Shadow Set Pro may be the largest consumer-grade product that uses AG glass.

Compared with the simple processing method of 8 processes of ordinary glass, in order to reflect the matte micro-velvet texture of "Fang Taiyue Shadow Grey", the glass of Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro adopts 12 processing processes. After the whole process, a piece of glass needs Treated for 24 hours, which is twice as long as ordinary glass. At the same time, more processes and time also mean lower yields and higher costs. This is what Fang Tai calls the process of "running jade and quenching sand".

While retaining the delicate and delicate look and feel, it is more atmospheric and elegant than the stainless steel material of traditional kitchen appliances.

Among them, half is the material and cost, and the other half is from Fang Tai's aesthetics.

Humans have been processing metals or ceramics for thousands of years, but glass belongs to modern times, so it has its own and modernist temperament, which is often associated with minimalism.

Fang Tai naturally did not ignore this natural temperament of glass material, and then chose a straight line outline that was never sloppy in terms of shape and line, and achieved the extremely simple shape of the whole set of kitchen utensils.

In addition to adapting to AG glass, the modernist and minimalist style is also related to the Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro. How to keep the same style of many devices without being cluttered is a problem. solution.

In the field of consumer electronics, lighting has also extended from functional to decorative, so CMF can also be extended to CMFL. At this point, Fang Tai's thinking is even a bit ahead. The addition of floating atmosphere lights and hazy moon halo is actually a function of It has become a decoration, seeing the light but not the light is undoubtedly another advanced form of expression.

In line with this restrained and orderly design, there are also ultra-thin range hoods and integrated embedded layouts, which avoid the sense of depression and intrusion, and then cooperate with the whole set of kitchen appliances, which is a pleasure.

It must be admitted that as long as CMFL is willing to spend the cost and cooperate with the right design ideas, it can innovate in the look and feel and touch, and create a sense of quality that is separated from the traditional kitchen appliance level.

By the way, the reason why I say the design ideas here is that modern and minimalist styles are compatible and intelligent. Only in this way, this set of kitchen appliances is truly a combination of form and spirit, and the outside and inside are one.

Sexually wise and able to speak, only clever to know the opportunity

Whenever we talk about smart home or artificial intelligence, we cannot avoid the question of "fake intelligence, real mental retardation", or the suspicion of forcibly creating scenes and needs. The icing on the cake is a great compliment to artificial intelligence.

As a professional leading brand of high-end kitchen appliances, Fangtai has given Yueying Series Pro the intelligence that goes beyond the icing on the cake. The FIKS 4.0 smart home system it is equipped with has entered the realm of just-needed, and it has also changed our perception of kitchen utensils .

For example, I've always been ashamed of having a conversation with a voice assistant, and I've got all three. But when I was in the kitchen with a kitchen knife in one hand and a dish in the other, and both hands were wet, I realized that voice interaction is not important in the hall, but in the kitchen.

Fang Taiyue Shadow Set is the voice interaction center of Pro, which can perform device control, inquiry and service like a smartphone.

This is the so-called "sex wise and able to speak, only clever to know the machine".

You can even watch iQIYI with its large central control screen. Of course, I don’t recommend watching it while chopping vegetables, but you can still listen to a song with QQ music while chopping vegetables.

The main function of this large central control screen is actually the brain of the whole set of kitchen appliances. One screen can control all kitchen appliances, and if there are new devices in the future, they can still be connected.

For someone like me who doesn't cook very often, but likes to venture into the world of culinary arts, recipes are my navigation. The large screen just above the line of sight is undoubtedly more suitable for displaying recipes than a mobile phone, so another wonderful use of this large screen is also here, which is an intuitive way to present a large number of recipes and guide cooking.

Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro is equipped with an automatic cooking pot as standard. When cooking jam, beef stew or porridge, it can be automatically stirred without sticking to the pot, without guarding and not overflowing the pot, and even with sensors to judge whether the food is raw or cooked briskly , to collect juice.

It is said that human beings have three major delusions, the phone is ringing, I can kill, and she likes me; in fact, I think there are three other unsolved mysteries: Is the door locked? Is the kitchen fire out? Is the bathroom faucet turned off?

Now Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro can at least eliminate one of the unsolved mysteries. The addition of the AI ​​smart eye function can visually judge the concentration of oil fume and automatically adjust the range of the hood; and then recognize the scene with fire and no pot, making cooking safer.

Why do you say that the intelligence of Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro has not gone astray? In essence, the position of intelligence is put in place. It is not for the sake of intelligence, but because there are needs and pain points, intelligence is introduced to solve problems.

In the field of high-end kitchen appliances for 26 years, Fangtai continues to focus on the three core technologies of air, water and cooking, and promotes the in-depth development of basic scientific research. Kitchen appliances category, leading the wave of kitchen appliances technology.

As the head unit of the national standardization working group for range hoods, Fang Tai led the undertaking of national key scientific research projects during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, and participated in the revision/development of over 130 domestic and foreign standards. At present, Fangtai has more than 9,100 domestic authorized patents, including more than 2,200 invention patents, and has the largest "patent pool" in the kitchen appliance industry.

In fact, as early as 2016, Fangtai began to explore the intelligentization of kitchen appliances. As a pioneer in this field, Fangtai's FIKS 4.0 smart kitchen system can be regarded as a phased complete body.

From another point of view, in the Fang Taiyue shadow set Pro supported by the FIKS 4.0 smart kitchen system, the central control screen is equivalent to the brain, the voice interaction gives it the mouth and ears, the AI ​​​​eyes are equivalent to the eyes, and various sensors are equivalent to The nose, and they work together, have this set of kitchen appliances that have clear ears, clear eyes, and smart minds.

Ancient and modern abstain from jade and offer oneself, juanshu should be like a cloud

On the Internet, what is more disseminated than gourmet food is dark cuisine. Behind every dark dish, there are stumbling blocks in the cooking process. In the chain of ingredients from the vegetable market to the kitchen to the dining table, there is no room for mistakes. Of course, the help of kitchen utensils in the whole process is also needed.

In addition to the integrated cooking center, the Fangtaiyueying series Pro also includes refrigerators, water purifiers, water heaters, dishwashers, and disinfection cabinets, which means that it covers all the processes in the entire kitchen.

In terms of ensuring cleanliness and freshness, the built-in refrigerator in the set has a fresh air circulation system, plus oxygen control technology to keep fresh, and then the high-energy bubble washing function of the dishwasher, combined with intelligent frequency conversion, cavity separation, humidity control, and slag discharge. , to ensure clean washing, the disinfection cabinet adopts pulsed ozone-free fast-disinfection and negative ion drying technology, so that the tableware is clean and sterile, and the air is fresh and tasteless.

In terms of comfort in cooking, the water purifier's seven-fold filtration and three-stage UV-led sterilization and bacteriostasis can not only purify water, but also equipped with instant heating technology, which can meet the needs of direct drinking water in all scenarios of the family.

Although the range hood has an ultra-thin design, don't think it is a good-looking school. In fact, it can be regarded as a quiet and powerful faction, and even a little bit of a cleanliness. Not only does it work quietly, but it is also very convenient to clean.

In addition to the popular dark cooking group on Douban, there are even more dangerous frying kitchen groups. There are countless cooking overturns here, and there are many safety hazards among them. Earlier we said that it is safe to use fire. In fact, the high-temperature steam of the steam oven is also very dangerous. At this time, opening the box is like opening a Pandora's box.

The steam oven in the Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro has specially added the steam upper row and steam strong row functions, which can reduce the steam volume by more than 90% within 2-3 minutes after the high steam cooking is completed, ensuring the safety of unpacking.

For ordinary people, cooking, including cleaning and disinfection, is best to be as natural and comfortable as Yunjuanyunshuyunwuxin. I talked a lot about automation, intelligence, and experience innovation in details.

From a higher dimension, there are many functions in Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro that reflect the concept of "sets".

What is a "set"? That is, between kitchen appliances, the effect of 1+1=0 can be achieved through intelligent linkage. This 0 refers to the operation of user 0. For example, when the cooking equipment is turned on, the range hood will automatically turn on; this is not the end, according to The range hood's fume concentration and time monitoring determine the user's cooking heavy oil level and cooking quantity, calculate the number and dirtiness of tableware and chopsticks, and clarify the dishwasher cleaning mode. During the cooking process, the user is promptly reminded to prepare cold-cooked ingredients or cold-cooking steps.

This is "Smoke Cooking Linkage", "Smoke Washing Linkage" and "Ice Cooking Linkage". The reason for these linkage functions is actually Fang Tai's continuous thinking about the set of kitchen appliances.

As the founder of the set of kitchen appliances, from the release of China's first built-in five-piece set more than ten years ago, to the release of the integrated cooking center a few years ago, and then to the Fang Taiyueying set Pro this time, the set is this one. The concept is also constantly evolving, from the unity of form, to the integration of functions, and finally to intelligent linkage.

At the end of the day, it's all about food and people. Fang Taiyue Shadow Set Pro condenses empiricism into technology, and uses technology to help everyone in the kitchen with every dish. The temperature of technology is the flame on the stove, the heat in the oven, and the technology to precisely control them. The new era The human touch not only takes care of those who eat, but also those who cook.

Using fire to make cooked food is the beginning of human civilization, and the evolution of the kitchen is of course the evolution of civilization. The most primitive needs of living things have not changed, but we have made the way to meet them more and more elegant, which is probably the essence of the romantic kitchen.

We always say that life is boring and dull because of the oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea in the kitchen, but everyone yearns for the calligraphy, painting, poetry and hops elsewhere. , and calligraphy, poetry and hops can be in the same room.

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