Fairphone 4: the latest model of the sustainable smartphone

Fairphone has announced its new sustainable smartphone, the Fairphone 4. The company, since its inception in 2013 has always focused on the sustainability of its products, to limit the waste of electronic material that has always characterized the smartphone market.

Why Fairphone is sustainable

The idea behind Fairphone is to create a smartphone that is easy to repair and that does not force the user to throw away their device at the first malfunction of a component.

The first step in respecting this mantra is to use a modular design. In particular, Fairphone sells 8 repair modules that allow you to replace, when damaged, 8 different components of the phone . In particular, it is possible to replace the display, the battery, the back cover, the USB-C port (which, speaking of electronic waste, the EU wants to use as a standard charging port for all electronic devices in order to reduce waste ) , the speakers, the ear capsule, the rear and front cameras.

The modularity of Fairphone 4

All these pieces can be removed using a standard screwdriver, allowing the user to self-repair their smartphone. In addition, Fairphone guarantees a wide distribution network that allows local repair shops to intervene on the smartphone quickly.

Fairphone would like to keep spare parts in stock until at least 2027. We can hardly believe him, in fact the spare parts of the Fairphone 2 are still available in stock despite the phone being released 6 years ago and the last one has been sold more. two years ago.

As proof of the reliability of its devices, Fairphone guarantees them for 5 years, a much longer guarantee than the already abundant two years mandatory in the European Union.

Last but not least are software updates. Fairphone currently guarantees them only until 2025, but intends to extend them at least until 2027 , allowing the user to have a functioning, safe and updated smartphone for at least 6 years!

Fairphone technical specifications: not bad!

From a smartphone that focuses on ethics and sustainability, no monstrous performance is expected, nor top-of-the-range specifications. In fact, the models prior to the one presented today have never shone in performance.

Fairphone 4 in this sense constitutes a further step forward. In fact, the company is committed to guaranteeing mid-range performance, as well as 5G connectivity that add value (as well as durability) to this new model.

The chip is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G, a classic mid-range processor. The RAM cut can be chosen between 6 and 8 Gb while the internal storage varies from a minimum of 128 to a maximum of 256 Gb, obviously expandable with micro SD. The battery (removable!) Is 3905 mAh. The display is 6.3 inches and is a 1080p LCD panel.

The camera sector is also absolutely respectable. Two 48-megapixel modules, one normal and the other wide-angle are mounted on the rear. The front camera is 25 megapixel. In addition, the rear camera can capture video in 4K at 30fps.

The lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack that will force users to use bluetooth headphones or to bring an adapter is upset. However, the same company has specified to The Verge that the choice is motivated by the desire to obtain a certification of the highest possible level for waterproofing. The phone will therefore be IP54 certified and will therefore be able to withstand light splashes of water (compared to other phones it is less waterproof but it pays for the fact that to make some parts removable, the pieces are not welded).

Its repairability was evaluated by the specialized site iFixit which gave it a score of 9.3 out of 10, a real prodigy!

We do not know how successful the Fairphone project will be, but we hope that its sustainable smartphone can at least serve as a stimulus for leading companies in the sector to begin evaluating more environmentally friendly roads for the very polluting smartphone industry.

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