Facebook will once again set foot in the field of hardware, or launch the first smart watch

Two days ago, Apple’s watchOS 8 released on WWDC21 brought us a brand new dial, motion monitoring and more than a dozen new functions. However, this WWDC did not bring new hardware, and several major system updates also All are limited to details and functional levels.

But another big factory in California seems to be making a move.

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According to The Verge, Facebook is currently developing a novel smart watch. Its characteristic is that users can take it off the strap for taking photos and videos, and allow users to share these photos and videos to Facebook or Instagram through the watch.

Around 2013, Facebook and HTC jointly released HTC Salsa, HTC ChaCha and HTC First mobile phones. Users can quickly enter the Facebook application and socialize through the Facebook button on the mobile phone or the home screen, but none of this series of models have received much attention. Great market influence.

This smart watch from Facebook will be equipped with two cameras. The camera on the front of the watch is mainly used for video calls. When the watch is separated from the wristband, the 1080p camera on the back can be used to take better photos and supports autofocus.

▲Picture from: The Verge

It is reported that the reason why Facebook adopts a convenient disassembly design is that it wants to guide users to use the watch like a smart phone. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) wants to use such a mobile terminal to bypass Apple With the mobile phone field "ruled" by Google, it further narrows the distance with users.

Previously, Apple had restricted the collection of user data by apps such as Facebook on the grounds of "protecting user privacy."

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Facebook's goal is to release the first version of this watch in the summer of 2022, and to develop follow-up products in subsequent years. In the planning of subsequent products, Facebook plans to use it as a key input device for AR glasses, and they plan to use the technology obtained from the brain-computer integrated research and development company CTRL-labs. The company once demonstrated an armband that controls a computer through the movement of the wrist.

In fact, as early as 2019, Facebook became interested in smart watches. It considered acquiring wearable device manufacturer Fitbit in 2019, and spent about $1 billion on the development of smart watches.

▲Picture from: Wall Street Journal

According to people familiar with the matter, Facebook is cooperating with wireless operators in the United States, which means that this smart watch can be used independently from the mobile phone. Facebook hopes that sales of this watch will reach six figures when it is first sold.

This reminds us of Spectacles 3, the smart glasses of the image social application Snapchat. The sunglasses are equipped with cameras on the left and right sides. Users can use it to take 60-frame high-definition pictures and share them on Snpchat. However, this product does not Did not get a good market response.

Currently Facebook declined to comment on this matter.

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