Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram down: disservices for all users

Panic among Zuckerberg's social media users: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are down , unreachable and unusable. The first inefficiencies were reported around 5:30 pm, and the three social networks have been unusable for almost an hour. WhatsApp users are no longer able to send or receive messages, while Facebook and Instagram feeds are out of date. News being updated

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram down

Don't worry, it's not your connection's fault. Instead, there was a sudden collapse for the most used social platforms: Facebook , WhatsApp and Instagram have been down for almost an hour. The service outage map is constantly updated on downdetector , and comments and jokes about the incident rain down on Twitter.

“Sorry , something went wrong ” Facebook tells us, while WhatsApp is totally blocked. The Instagram feed can be browsed, but updated a few minutes before the outage. The causes of the problem are not yet clear: for the moment we hope that the services will soon be usable again. All good for Telegram and other platforms not related to Facebook.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down: the reports continue to increase
Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down: the reports continue to increase

In the meantime, there is panic among users, especially for the inability to use the messaging service. Many also use it for work, and at the moment communications are completely cut off. In some cases, users report the appearance of the warning " You may have new messages ", but it remains blocked between notifications without showing any messages. It is also impossible to send messages to the various chats.

When will it resolve?

The inefficiencies are affecting all the cities of Italy. Not knowing the nature of the problem, it is difficult to predict the timing of resolution. The downs of Facebook and other applications are rare events after all, and are generally resolved in a fairly short time.

Meanwhile, the hashtags #facebookdown, #whatsappdown and #instagramdown explode on Twitter , all three in trend. The social network is the only one left active among the most used ones, and users are flocking to the microblogging platform to understand what is happening and exchange a few jokes about what happened.

Judging from the reports that appeared on downdetector, Italy is not the only one to have been hit by inefficiencies. The downs of the three platforms were also reported for several European countries, and beyond. In all cases, the outage began shortly after 5:30 pm. No announcements from the company, no official communication. The reports continue to rain and it is not yet known when the services will resume functioning .

The last recorded down dates back to March 19 this year, when users reported malfunctions for Facebook and WhatsApp. Even earlier, at the end of September 2020, other disruptions had appeared for the Facebook family apps. In both these cases it was a question of malfunctions that had affected not only Italy, but the whole world.


The volume of reports seems to be decreasing, at least for Italy. WhatsApp has communicated on Twitter that it is aware of the disservice and that it is already in motion to solve it.

The same message appeared in the official Facebook profile on Twitter. Andy Stone, Facebook's communications manager, also reported the same message to reassure users.

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