Facebook = Meta? The largest “meta universe concept” conference in the 21st century

What does the thumbs-up sign like this mean for Facebook?

After Facebook launched the thumb-like button in 2009, user retention has been significantly improved; through the like mechanism and the three functions of social graph and Newsfeed, Facebook also sold the data to advertisers, breaking the original profit model. So even after Facebook started to use emojis to make likes cry, laugh, startle, and anger to express a wider range of emotions, the thumb symbol still represents Facebook.

This is undoubtedly an extremely important feature for Facebook, but now, the most important feature has become the Metaverse.

Today, Facebook announced that it will change the company name to Meta. This thumbs-up sign that represented Facebook for many years at the Silicon Valley headquarters was removed and replaced with an infinite sign that represents the future direction of development.

Zuckerberg said that the name Facebook can no longer represent what the company is doing. From connecting more people with the thumbs-up icon, to reaching one billion people in Metaverse, the technology company that made its fortune on campus in the PC era now has a bigger goal.

Today, we are regarded as a social media company, but our company’s DNA is to build technologies that connect people, and Metaverse is the next frontier, just like the social network we started with.

Our hope is that in the next decade, Metaverse can reach one billion people, carry hundreds of billions of dollars in e-commerce, and provide employment opportunities for millions of creators and developers.

Before the meta universe has arrived, let’s take a look at the "big pie" drawn by Facebook

What does the metaverse look like in Facebook's eyes?

At the Facebook Connect 2021 conference, Zuckerberg mentioned several basic concepts:

Presence, Avatars, Home space, Teleporting, Interoperability, Privacy and safety, Virtual goods, Natural interaction interfaces).

The concept is boring to explain. Zuckerberg brought a beautiful imagination of the meta universe from social, entertainment, games, fitness, work and other aspects, and interspersed some of the latest developments in Facebook's software and hardware technologies.

You can build your own "home" as you want. It can be a healing forest cabin, a sci-fi space capsule, etc. You can also invite friends to play as guests at any time, and everyone has their favorite virtual image in the meta-universe. Appear. Such a social scene will be realized through Horizon Home, a new feature of Facebook's VR platform.

In order to enhance the social connection between reality and virtual reality, Facebook introduced the Messenger phone function to the VR platform. You can make Messenger calls to real friends in the virtual world, keep in touch at any time, and invite them to join and play together.

The entertainment of the meta universe does not have to be offline. Even if you are in a foreign country, you can "move" and arrive at the scene at any time to enjoy the rhythm with your friends, and you can also participate in parties with virtual images and purchase NFT products.

Use augmented reality to play games with friends from all over the world. Whether it's playing chess, table tennis or surfing, you can have new experiences, and these are all possible in the future on Facebook.

Having said that, Zuckerberg announced good news: "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" will be launched on Oculus Quest 2 in the form of VR.

For fitness enthusiasts, Metaverse allows you to gain a gamified real experience, turn boxing into monsters, participate in AR riding courses at home, or have an exciting battle with the Olympic fencing champion.

Of course, the characters in the imagination are all wearing thin and light AR glasses. Zuckerberg also knows that wearing VR headsets is more cumbersome for fitness, and said that Facebook is developing some accessories to make Quest 2 more comfortable to use.

Then enter Zuckerberg's favorite scene: work.

No matter where you are, Metaverse allows you to have an immersive office experience. Virtual discussions and meetings with colleagues are like face to face. Back to reality, Zuckerberg announced that Quest Store will support more 2D applications, including work collaboration software such as Dropbox and Slack, and social software such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition, they will also test using a work account to log in to Quest 2.

Compared with the meta-universe meeting, the educational scene sounds more attractive.

Wearing AR glasses, the entire universe of the Milky Way appears in front of your eyes, zooming in and out at any time; you can also go back to ancient Rome 2000 years ago to understand how ancient buildings were built. Facebook announced that it will set up a $150 million special fund for this purpose to cultivate more creators to build such an immersive education ecosystem. In addition, a professional Spark AR course and a formal certification program will be provided.

The link to make money is finally here, how to do business in the meta universe?

Imagine that you are an Instagram beauty blogger who founded your own fragrance brand. You can create your own virtual space and invite fans to the new product launch party. You can also sell physical and virtual items at the same time, and the mood behind each fragrance can be fully displayed through the environment. Zuckerberg said that in the future, he hopes to help more creators start their businesses in Metaverse and find their own audiences.

Metaverse requires consumers, developers, creators, entrepreneurs, etc. to create together. In addition to beautiful imagination, Zuckerberg also mentioned the tool support that Facebook can provide, such as announcing the launch of the Presence Platform to help developers build mixed reality on the Quest platform. In addition, it also announced the launch of an iOS App "Polar", even if you don't have any technical background, you can easily create your favorite AR filter effects.

As for the hardware, Facebook announced a new high-end headset Project Cambria, which is said to have slimmer optics and smarter sensors, which can transmit high-resolution full-color video and make the wearer’s facial effects more realistic and natural. .

In addition, Zuckerberg also revealed Facebook's first AR smart glasses Project Nazare, but it is still under development, and it may take a few years before it goes on sale.

Can the name change save Facebook's bad image?

Facebook's name change to Meta is traceable.

In July of this year, it was reported that a team was established within Facebook to develop "Meta Universe" products. Zuckerberg even stated in an interview that Facebook will transform Meta Universe within 5 years. In September, Facebook announced that Andrew Bosworth, the head of the VR/AR hardware department, will take the position of the new CTO, and it will spend 50 million US dollars to establish a fund for Metaverse related projects. The idea of ​​All in Metaverse has long been exposed.

But no matter which universe he is, the reaction of netizens to Facebook's name change is more of a second creation. One of the interesting ridicules is that netizens gave Meta a new meaning:


E= Everyone

T= Through

A= Advertising

The new name means "manipulate everyone with ads," and it has changed back to the essence of Facebook.

In the past few months, Facebook has used algorithms to manipulate users, create traffic with anger, and endanger the mental health of young people. The TechCrunch reporter said that the name change during this "smart" time period is easily reminiscent of Facebook's desire to stay away from scandals and wash itself out.

Is it possible to change the name and start from the beginning? In 2015, Google changed the company's name to Alphabet, but six years have passed in the blink of an eye, and everyone still remembers Google.

In the Facebook Connect 2021 conference, Zuckerberg specially arranged a session to talk about "how to responsibly build a meta-universe."

Zuckerberg said that interoperability, open standards, privacy, and security must be built on the first day of the meta-universe. In addition, he also put forward 4 innovative principles, pointed out how to be transparent about how data is collected and used, and discussed how to let parents join constraints when teenagers use Metaverse.

▲ 4 principles: don't surprise people, provide control, consider everyone, put people first

Putting it together with the various allegations faced by Facebook in reality, this part of the content seems particularly ironic.

At the end of the conference, Zuckerberg, who announced the company's name change to Meta, once again emphasized that the next chapter will be a new chapter beyond imagination.

He may hope that people can forget the Facebook image in the abyss, and remember the avant-garde and pioneer Meta that is all in the meta universe. But for now, whether it is the imagination of the meta universe or the cleaning of the company's image, both are just as beautiful as a dream.

In an interview with Quartz on the topic of Facebook's name change, American technical expert Scott Turman said , "If the public has a negative and instinctive reaction to a brand, then it may be time to change the name. This is a way to rebrand."

There is the second half of his words:

But applying new lipstick to a pig will not fundamentally change the fact that it is a pig.

*This article was jointly completed by Leng Sizhen and Liang Xiaoli.

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