Facebook: Meta increases the duration of the voices on Messenger to 30 minutes

Good news for some that results in a nightmare for others: Meta has increased the maximum duration of Facebook Messenger vowels to 30 minutes . Audio, which previously stopped after 60 seconds, now has a half hour limit; more than enough time for a voice message.

The announcement comes on the occasion of Valentine's Day: “ Why limit your love message to 60 seconds? " says Meta, introducing users to the new feature. There are conflicting opinions on the news: there are those who say it is useless, those who appreciate the freedom to send longer vowels without interrupting and those who take the opportunity to make fun of the dubious usefulness of the update.

Facebook Meta and Messenger vowels

Meta 's post is clear: starting from today the Facebook Messenger voices will have a maximum duration of 30 minutes . “ It's torture ”, “ Should this be good news? “,“ I prefer a phone call! "Users explode, yet not everyone finds the functionality a" stupid "and useless gimmick.

It will have happened to all of having to send a voice on Messenger and to be interrupted before finishing the speech. A minute is not long to talk to each other, and the limit had become quite annoying , also because there was no sound warning of the end of the time available. So it happened that the sentences were cut in half without anyone noticing, thinking instead of having recorded everything.

Many users worked around this by recording voice notes from their phone and then sending them as an attachment on Messenger. An inconvenient solution, no doubt about it, but in some cases it was the only way to communicate with someone without using the telephone . Messenger vowels are mainly used for trading on Marketplace or to contact someone without having to provide a mobile number. An audio on Messenger, while it may seem strange to some, is often the most convenient way to communicate.

The extension to 30 minutes

Vocal enthusiasts on Messenger can finally rest easy: the limit has increased to 30 minutes. Increasing the maximum duration effectively eliminates all timing problems (we hope no one records such a long audio!). One wonders, then, why Meta had introduced the stringent limit of 1 minute in the first place.

Facebook meta voice messenger

The company has never commented on the reasons for the maximum duration. Messenger was born as a text chat, so it is likely that Meta simply did not want to take on audio longer than a minute . A chat should guarantee immediate communication, and vocals inevitably weigh down the exchange of messages.

It is true that those who send a message find it faster to record a vowel instead of writing, especially when the speech becomes more complex. Between the time to type and time to call, the most comfortable solution is always an audio. With a vowel the activity that is taking place is not interrupted, even if on the other hand the enthusiasm is not always the same as the one who records.

The other news of Messenger

The vowel duration update comes after a series of changes involving Messenger. On January 27, Meta announced several new features for the instant messaging app , such as end-to-end encryption for chats and notifications for screenshots. If someone takes a screenshot of a timed message ( vanish mode ), Messenger notifies the sender to let them know.

Facebook meta voice messenger

News also for the reactions: with a double tap it is possible to put a heart to the message, a bit like what happens on Instagram for posts. A new feature has been added to reply to messages faster : just a swipe is enough to be ready to type. In addition, from now on, a typing indicator will appear in group chats that will show who of the members is typing.

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