Facebook changes its name to Meta to welcome virtual reality

Facebook Inc. formalizes the change of name in Meta , thus decoupling its corporate identity from the social network of the same name, which is now seen as something "toxic", also highlighting the transition to a new emerging business focused on virtual reality .

This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company , during Facebook Connect '21, the event in which the company shows (as every year) the technological innovations for users and developers of the world linked to the social network Facebook.

“The metaverse is the next frontier. From now on we will focus primarily on the metaverse , no longer on Facebook ”.

The Facebook metaverse marks the next chapter of the Internet

So what is the metaverse? The metaverse is an idea born in the imagination of science fiction novelists . In Meta's vision, people will come together and communicate by entering virtual environments, whether they are talking to colleagues in a meeting room or going out with friends in remote corners of the world.

Several examples were made during the conference: Zuckerberg referred to the possibility of using holograms instead of TV, or transpositions of real life into that of the virtual world such as concerts and parties. That's right, Facebook wants to bring these activities to the Metaverse as well , in order to allow everyone to participate, even from different countries. Another very curious example brought during the conference is that relating to the possibility of buying digital clothes to dress virtually .

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However, this isn't the first case of a tech giant changing its brand . Perhaps remember that Google itself changed the company name to Alphabet Inc. in October 2015, seeking to provide a stronger and more responsible corporate structure to oversee its various businesses, co-founder Larry Page said at the time.

The hope of the Facebook head is to be able to exploit its vast user base on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp), which includes over 3 billion people around the world, in an audience that will embrace immersive digital experiences. through devices created specifically for augmented and virtual reality software, a business already aggressively pursued by Meta itself and its rivals.

The name change could also hide other reasons. Leaning more on the metaverse makes it seem like the company is diversifying its business at a time when it is facing new pressures in the social media market. Rivals like TikTok are gaining ground and Zuckerberg has just specified that he is reorganizing Meta to focus again on attracting young adults .

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