Exclusive Interview | Starting from the bull with “bangs”, what is the “Apple-style New Year”?

The core of Apple is the personal connection with customers, and this connection is best reflected in the retail end, both online stores and physical retail stores.

No matter how customers choose to establish this connection with us, we must ensure that we can bring the personalized care and service they expect from Apple.

Deirdre O'Brien told Ai Faner that she is Apple's senior vice president of retail business and human resources.

▲ Deirdre O'Brien

O'Brien can be said to be an Apple "veteran".

She has joined Apple since graduating from university and has been working here for more than 30 years. She participated in the initial construction of Apple Store and online store. She is someone who "knows deeply about Apple's unique culture" in the words of Cook.

Recently, we had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with her to talk about Apple’s special events for the Spring Festival this year and Apple’s work in retail.

Starting from "Biu Hai Niu", what is the "apple-like New Year flavor" like?

If you want to establish a personal connection with Chinese customers, the Spring Festival seems to be an inevitable node.

If every year before the Spring Festival, Apple’s "New Year Movies" are leading us to rethink the "meaning of the year," then Apple's retail work is more like every "small thing" that we must prepare for the "New Year" in life.

First of all, create a festive atmosphere.

I especially like to see team members in our store wearing red T-shirts, and consumers coming to the store to share the joy of the festive season.

Except for the staff who put on red T-shirts in the Apple Store, we have seen one on Apple's official website, official WeChat public account and Apple Store since the end of January, which can be recognized as Apple’s "Liu Hai Niu" at a glance .

Originally, the silhouette of a cow painted in the original "bite-bitten apple" is really nothing special, but this cow is very stylish with a bangs, which is reminiscent of the "smartphone bangs wave" set off by the iPhone. , Suddenly became naughty and humorous.

If you look closely, this "bangs" may also be a witty move to deal with the lack of space inside the logo and the inability to symmetrically place the other eye of the cow.

In addition to this "Liu Hai Niu" that still dominates Apple's official website, Apple actually displayed another version of "Liu Hai Niu" on its official website.

When I browsed Apple's official website in the 30th year of the year, I ran into the "Liu Hai Niu Rain"-the emoji version of "Liu Hai Niu" with different expressions appeared on the page as I swiped.

In addition to visuals, Apple has, as always, released a series of special Spring Festival song lists on Apple Music.

Next, it's time to "deliver New Year's goods."

This year, Apple launched the "Shopping New Year Gifts" guide on its official website, with the "Apple-like Auspicious Language" copywriting to help consumers better purchase products.

However, the most special thing this year is that they launched a special hardware product for the festival for the first time-the Year of the Ox limited edition AirPods Pro.

Adding a limited edition product feels like the most ideal way to celebrate the festive season. The Year of the Ox symbolizes resilience and perseverance, and the Spring Festival represents the renewal of the unity and the renewal of Vientiane.

I hope that in the new year, we all can persist through the epidemic. I also hope that everyone, including our teams and communities around the world, can be reunited again.

The cow pattern printed on this is also exquisite.

It is understood that the inspiration for this pattern design mainly comes from the habit of overlapping words or graphics in traditional Chinese culture to represent a further positive spirit. At the same time, this also echoes the New Year theme of the official website homepage "I wish you a great new year."

Finally, it is the "New Year"-celebrating the holiday with relatives and friends.

To this end, Apple launches a series of Spring Festival recommended apps on the App Store every year, including games suitable for playing with relatives and friends; tools to help you create interesting New Year greeting emoticons; and products that assist in creating memories and making videos and photos.

In addition, from January 29th to March 14th, Apple’s online and retail stores have held Today at Apple courses with the theme of "Happy New Perspective".

In the review of the "Apple-like New Year" event, one of the more intuitive feelings is that online and offline experiences are becoming more and more unified.

Especially under the baptism and catalysis of the epidemic, there were more Today at Apple courses that had to be experienced offline in the Apple Store, and now they also have more online version options.

However, this has not always been the case.

The evolution of Apple’s official website interprets the development of Apple’s aesthetics and also records the development history of e-commerce

As a company driven by product thinking, experience has always been an aspect that Apple has done very well.

In our previous articles, we have discussed Apple's thoughts on product packaging and store design in order to create an atmosphere and sense of immersion in harmony with the product and the brand.

As the "digital facade" of the brand, the development of Apple's official website not only interprets the development of Apple's aesthetics, but also records the development history of e-commerce, and finally comes to today's situation of online and offline cooperation and unity.

According to Apple Explained, Apple first launched its official website in the early 1990s. The design at that time not only reflected the style of website design at the same time, but also revealed the ambiguity of Apple's internal product strategy.

When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he sorted out the company's product line and found the "center of gravity" again. As a result, in 1998, we can see a very obvious change from Apple's official website. The homepage has changed from being messy last year to being simple and clear.

In the following days, the design of Apple's official website has been consistent with the UI design style of the same period, and the overall style of the brand is very unified.

Even so, for a long period of time, Apple's webpage and online store were separated from offline retail stores. It was not until 2014 that these two channels that directly contact consumers were officially classified as one business. .

This change is also reflected on the website.

Before 2015, Apple not only listed the introduction entrances of various product lines on the menu bar at the top of the official website, but also set up a "store" entrance. This means that if consumers want to know about Apple's products, they can enter a specific page from the relevant product line button, but want to buy something? You have to go in and buy from the "Shop" button.

▲ The previous official website had a dedicated “Store'' entrance

▲ Now, the product introduction and purchase page have been integrated, and the overall operation is more intuitive

It is from this transition that Apple has also entered the "new retail" era.

This is why the current "Apple-style New Year's Taste" is so unified and convenient whether it is in life or between numbers and bits.

Although Apple did not vigorously promote the changes and development of its official website, we can also see its cutting edge from its development process (Jack Ma officially proposed the concept of "new retail" at the Yunqi Conference in 2016).

And now, Apple has unified the retail business and human resources business, these two business units closely related to "people" to O'Brien for unified management, and it indicates what direction retail will develop in the future?

Although we may have to wait a few years before we can fully see the current trend, we can see from the activities of this year’s Spring Festival that the localization of Apple’s retail is becoming more diverse and rich than ever. These changes are also incompatible with "human Links are closely related.

In an interview, O'Brien shared with us two insights related to "people".

In her view, "customers in China and all over the world have amazing curiosity." The retail end is never just for sales, but to provide customers with "personalized care and service, whether you choose the one that suits you best." iPhone, looking for support for products you use every day, or simply wanting inspiration."

When designing these localized services, she said that it was based on "Apple has more than 10,000 talented team members in China, focusing on the needs of Chinese consumers."

Encourage consumers to explore freely + focus on the local team. This may be the source of Apple's "personal connection". For the Chinese market, there is nothing more worth taking to see how companies understand the emotional needs of "people" than the Chinese New Year node.

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