Even if the game data of iPhone and Android are not interoperable, it doesn’t work for the same Android.

Speaking of games, liver and krypton are topics that cannot be circumvented. They are like the original sin of games. On the one hand, players complain about games designed by game companies to make money. It either takes a lot of time and money, or exchanges money for game equipment. Gift packages etc.

On the other hand, liver and krypton are also one of the most attractive parts of the game. After all, in the game liver time or krypton gold, most of the time it is like a progress bar, you can see the completion point, this certain sense of accomplishment is in reality It is rare in the world.

However, liver and krypton do not always work.

My friend A Jian recently encountered something that made him surprisingly angry. Because of the problem of the mobile game channel service, he couldn't play the game "Asphalt 9" that he had been suffering for nearly half a year.

Can’t play with system upgrades, can’t play with mobile phones, and there are many "pits" in channel servers

If you do not play games or are not Android users, you may not know what game channel servers are. Here is a brief explanation. Generally speaking, the channel server corresponds to the official server. The official game server is independently operated by the game party, while the mobile game channel server is often operated by large channels (app stores) and game distributors.

As a typical example of self-built application stores, most mobile phone manufacturers will launch game channel servers, such as OPPO, vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc., have channel servers, and there are also some established game operators, such as Jiuyou.

Compared with the official server, there are many things to pay attention to when playing the channel server, and the update speed of the channel server is not necessarily synchronized with the official server.

A Jian is one of the "victims" of the channel server. He has been living with the game props and achievements for more than half a year. Because of the update of the mobile phone system, they are gone, and he can't even play games.

Around July last year, Ajian played the game "Asphalt 9: Legend of Racing". Although the krypton is not much, more than 100 yuan, it took nearly half a year for liver game props and game characters. After all, the performance data of different models are not the same, which is closely related to the game performance.

After pushing the notification on the phone to remind him that he can upgrade the Android 10 system, Ajian updated the system without much thought, and this update went wrong.

After upgrading to Android 10, open the game again, it shows that the system version is not supported. I searched it over and over in the official announcement and TapTap and other game communities. It turned out to be a problem with the national server. The international server downloaded from the Google Play store supports Android 10. Systematic, the national service still needs to be updated.

▲ Picture source: Android Central

Two months later, when the national server was updated, Ajian’s mobile phone remained the same, showing that the system did not support "Asphalt 9". After some tossing and searching, it was discovered that the problem was the channel server. Ajian played it. It belongs to Alibaba server, and Asphalt 9 downloaded from the TapTap community is already a version that supports Android 10.

But after downloading TapTap, the game can be played, but because the server data is not interoperable, the game props and achievements of the hard work are gone, and Ah Jian's mood can be imagined.

After 4 months of waiting, Ajian, who re-logged in to the account, had no original interest, and soon gave up Asphalt 9.

In addition to the inconsistent game update time, mobile game channel servers often have the situation that the game character data is not interoperable, which means that after you change the server, the previous game character data is all gone, and even the original game character cannot be found. The situation of the server.

An editor surnamed Liu in Ai Faner encountered such a situation because he was a player of NetEase’s PC game "Tianxia II" during school. After working, he saw the mobile game of the same name "Tianxia HD" and tried this mobile game. Although krypton gold is not much, it has cost several thousand yuan after more than a year.

Then, because the OPPO N3 mobile phone used was broken and I changed to another brand of Android mobile phone, I couldn’t play "World HD" because I didn’t want to. After re-downloading the game in the app store, the server where the original game character was located could not be found Arrived.

At that time, the game communities such as TapTap were not so well-known, and there were not many places where players communicated about problems. After the last few setbacks, Editor Liu downloaded an OPPO app store and re-downloaded the game from the app store before successfully logging into the game.

However, because I stopped playing the game for a period of time, and it was too late to play the game, the krypton gold did not move, and I gave up "Tianxia HD".

Since there are so many problems with the game channel server, is it enough to download the official server?

The facts are not that simple. When using the mobile browser to search for the official game website and hope to download the official server, the browser will often guide you to download the channel server in the search results. It is difficult for ordinary players to distinguish the difference between the official server and the channel server. .

I accidentally downloaded the channel server. After the game characters, equipment and other data are available, it is difficult to change the server. In some games where the data is not interoperable, because it is different from a friend's mobile phone, it is common to not play games on the same server.

Why is there a channel service

After reading the experience of the above players, you may wonder why there is such a product of channel service.

The channel server is a product of the times and the environment. It is closely related to the domestic application store environment. On the iOS side, the App Store distributes games, and there is basically no channel server phenomenon.

▲ Picture source: Neowin

But Android is different. Due to well-known reasons, there is no store application like Google Play in the domestic Android ecosystem. It is not convenient for users to download applications, let alone games.

For third-party application stores such as Pea Pod and Kuan, it is almost impossible to cover all Android users due to restrictions on popularity and operation. Until mobile phone manufacturers have built their own UI systems, Xiaomi MIUI has been pre-installed in the system very early. App store, and constantly guide users to download apps and games through the Xiaomi App Store.

Pre-installed application stores, coupled with the continuous guidance and education of mobile phone manufacturers, users gradually default to the application store that comes with mobile phones. With the growth of mobile phone manufacturers, domestic Android application distribution has also formed mobile phone manufacturers and some third-party applications. The main distribution ecology.

Seeing this, you should understand why there are channel services. First, application distribution is in the hands of mobile phone manufacturers and third-party application manufacturers. It is difficult for game companies to get more players and users to bypass the application store. The traffic of the application store is concentrated. The advantage can also gain a large number of users in a short time.

Secondly, based on factors such as cost operation, game companies let channel servers share the server pressure. After all, China is a populous country with a large number of mobile game players. According to the " Mobile Game Industry Research Report 2019 " released by Aurora Big Data, 2019 In China, 825 million users use game apps every month.

It is understandable for game companies to use server offloading to offload operating costs. Channel parties such as mobile phone manufacturers can also obtain game revenue sharing by managing channel servers, and players can also download games in a more convenient and faster way.

According to the game media GameLook , the common Android app store channel share in China is based on a 5:5 split, and the App Store draws 30%. As a game community like TapTap, it claims that no share is charged.

Does it look like a win-win-win result? It's actually far from that simple. The management and operation levels of different channel servers are not the same. This is the same reason as the inconsistency of the game agency operation level. When a channel server with poor operation level is encountered, the game update delay is not surprising.

▲Picture from: Chai knows

In addition to the system update and adaptation encountered by Ajian above, there may also be delays in major version updates of the game. Players on the official server have already played the new plot or even the new game system, and players on the channel server have to wait for the version update.

If this is in a highly competitive game, it would be unfair to channel server players. Just imagine that official server players can update in advance to complete the new game plot and get better equipment, props, etc. However, channel server players are compared to official server players. Players are slower because of the server.

Another problem is that the server data is not interoperable. The iOS end and the Android end are not interoperable, which is already very frustrating, but the Android end is also unable to play games with friends. You also need to worry about the mobile phone brand when you change your phone, otherwise you won't even be able to play games after changing your phone.

Although this problem can be solved by downloading the original mobile phone brand's application store or the game installation package in the relevant store, and logging in to the game again, this in itself is a threshold, and there are a large number of players who do not know the solution.

If you encounter unreliable operators, the channel server may even shut down directly because of poor profitability, or because there are too few players entering the server, online games gradually become stand-alone games.

You have to be cautious when playing a game, this should not be the case.

There is nothing wrong with the channel service, but the "eating phase" need not be so

It is worth noting that the channel service with a lot of attention is actually a product of compliance and legality.

Compared with the official service, it often has its own characteristics. For example, the channel service often provides discounts and benefits that the official service does not have to attract players. It costs less money to buy the same items by playing the channel service krypton money.

In addition, there are registration benefits and so on. Registering an account can have an account registration package that the official server does not have. It is equivalent to a game agent. Although it does not have the stability and fast update of the official server, when the server data is not interoperable, It's equivalent to the game circle of self-inflicted enclosure.

However, the "victims" of channel servers have not disappeared. Instead, they continue to increase. In game-related forums and communities such as TapTap, you can see players who have encountered similar encounters with the Ajians. Behind their repeated recruitment is the channel server. The player's information is not transparent.

Many ordinary players simply don’t know the concept of channel server, especially players who switch from iOS ecology to Android. Since the launch of the App Store in 2008, the app store has gradually become the starting point of the mobile software ecology. Let mobile phone users get used to downloading from the app store.

▲ Picture from: Game World Observer

However, the channel party did not provide clear and conspicuous content to remind players that this is a channel server. If ordinary players do not understand the relevant matters in advance, it is basically difficult to distinguish which is the channel server and which is the official server.

Even if you want to download the game official server through the official website, you will still be guided to download the channel server in the browsers preinstalled by mobile phone manufacturers, and even directly in the search engine results, the download method of the pre-channel server will guide users to download.

Players are not unwilling to go to channel servers. Today, when the share of mobile phone manufacturers and third-party application stores are becoming more and more fixed, channel servers have also formed a few relatively stable ones, and there will be no small channels to trick players into running large amounts of money for profit. The situation of the road is much more stable than before.

There are still many discussions about channel servers in the TapTap community, and some players express one point of view:

If you play the channel, you play the channel server, and you play the official server.

This is actually a matter of choice. Some players like the official stability, while others like the convenience and discounted benefits of channel servers.

But the problem is that the channel party does not give players the opportunity to understand and choose. Instead, they are guided to enter the channel server for the benefit of the game, which is a bit ugly.

Fortunately, the situation is changing.

The well-known game company Lilith released the "Awakening of Nations" game online announcement on September 21. There are no mainstream Android app store platforms such as Huawei and Xiaomi. You must know that "The Awakening of Nations" soon appeared on the App Store after it went live. First in the list.

Coincidentally, according to GameLook reports , Mihayou's game "Yuan Shen", which is also a well-known domestic game company, cannot synchronize the public beta and launch mainstream Android application channels such as Xiaomi and Huawei.

People in the game industry generally believe that this is a resistance by game companies to the Android channel, opposing the channel’s high game sharing system and interference with the operation of game parties.

Well-known companies in the industry such as Lilith and Mihayou have chosen to exclude the app store channel for their flagship game works "Awakening of Nations" and "The Original God". This is undoubtedly setting a new benchmark in the entire game industry. App stores can also get a large number of players.

The importance of game quality in the player community is gradually surpassing the convenience brought by channels, which is very likely to force application store channels to improve the original problems.

For players, this is a good change.

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