Evaluation of the second-generation Sony portable air conditioner: I’m cold, but not completely cold

The summer in Guangzhou is physically "awe-inspiring." For the editorial staff, the unfinished manuscript and the unfinished film are tantamount to "adding fuel to the fire."

The computer was panting, and the air conditioner was not strong enough. In such an environment, a small hand-held fan has become everyone's darling. Standing at the desk, it seems to alleviate the heat in my heart-even though it is blowing hot air.

However, an artifact I recently bought has eclipsed all the small fans in the room. It is Sony's second-generation portable air conditioner Reon Pocket 2, an air conditioner that can "walk".

With it, I feel like the coolest boy in the office. "I'm cold, you are free." I proudly tell my colleagues.

Between the cold and the hot, experience the two heavens of ice and fire

Putting the air conditioner on the body must have appeared in the imaginary composition of many elementary school students. More than 100 years after Willis Carrier invented the modern air-conditioning system, this fantasy became a reality.

Last summer, Sony officially launched the wearable air-conditioning device "Reon Pocket". It is claimed that 5 minutes can reduce the surface temperature of a person's body by 13 degrees.

One year later, its upgraded Reon Pocket 2 is here. It is said that significant improvements have been made in terms of cooling and heating effects, and operating modes. Unfortunately, like the previous generation, it is only available in Japan.

So, I spent 1,600 yuan to buy it and check its upgrade effect. In other words, I checked my IQ.

This 1,600 yuan is not the stand-alone price of Reon Pocket 2, but also includes a matching neckband and a special T-shirt. We will talk about specific usage later.

Open the box of Reon Pocket 2. You can see that it contains a host, a charging cable, a silicone coated patch, and several manuals and warranty cards.

The host looks the same as the previous generation, and the front looks a bit like Apple's Magic Mouse. The honeycomb grille below makes it easy for the air conditioner to inhale.

Here is an introduction to the working principle of Reon Pocket 2. It has a built-in semiconductor refrigeration element. When the current passes through the circuit composed of two different conductors, it will produce the Peltier Effect, which realizes the effect of heating on one side and cooling on the other side, thus giving the equipment cooling and heating Function.

This technique is very common. For example, car refrigerators and thermostatic seats mostly use semiconductor refrigeration technology. Fast temperature change and high control accuracy are its significant advantages.

Back to Reon Pocket 2 itself. When it starts to work, the stainless steel plate on the back will conduct temperature to the skin surface.

If you feel that the steel plate is too cold or too hot, you can remove the included silicone coating patch and stick it on the surface of the steel plate to act as a buffer.

▲The effect of pasting the patch

The only physical button and charging port of Reon Pocket 2 are located on the right side of the fuselage. Tap this button to pair with the mobile app and quickly start the air conditioner.

After connecting with the mobile phone via Bluetooth, you can control the Reon Pocket 2 to work on the app. There are four gears for cooling and heating respectively. The fan mode has three adjustable wind speeds.

▲ The main interface of the app

After understanding how it works and how it works, the next step is the enjoyable body (zuo) experience (si) part.

It takes only 5 seconds to cool the back

There are two ways to wear Reon Pocket 2. The first is to put it in the groove of the collar, and then hang the collar around the neck.

The material of the collar is engineering plastic with strong toughness. If you find it ugly, you can wear high-necked clothes to cover it. The wearing comfort is average, because it is relatively tight, the first time it is worn, it seems that the neck is strangled by a hand. If the neck is thick, this feeling will be more obvious.

▲You can see that the meat on the neck has been sunken in

The other way of wearing is more elegant. There is a small pocket at the collar of its special T-shirt, just tuck the Reon Pocket II into it.

The touch of this dress is very silky. Because it is used as a base, the size is smaller than a normal T-shirt. The positive effect will not be shown. My roommate said that I was dressed as if I was going to participate in a wrestling match, with very spicy eyes.

Two ways of wearing, I prefer the latter. After all, the former was strangled by someone's neck, and the feeling of a cold back always reminded me of the first time I saw Kayako when I was a child.

The temperature guiding area of ​​Reon Pocket 2 directly touches the cervical spine of the human body. This is a more sensitive place, and it is easy to perceive changes in cold and warm.

It has to be said that the cooling/heating speed of Reon Pocket 2 is very fast, and you can feel the dramatic change in temperature within 5-7 seconds of turning on it.

As mentioned above, the cooling/heating of this machine has four gears. We used an infrared thermometer to test the temperature of each gear and its temperature guide area.

It was found that during cooling, the temperature change was not obvious between the first gear and the third gear, and the temperature difference was within 2°C. When it is adjusted to the 4th gear, there will be a more obvious temperature change, and the lowest temperature is 21.2℃.

Since this generation of portable air conditioners has improved the design of the drive circuit, the heating performance has been greatly improved. As can be seen from the table below, the temperature changes in each gear are more obvious, and the hottest can even reach 45.4°C.

Just looking at the numbers may be a little fuzzy. How do you feel when these temperatures are reflected on your body?

Let's talk about refrigeration first. Although it doesn't look so cold at 25°C, when it comes in direct contact with the skin, it still makes people feel agitated. Especially when it was in the fourth gear, the temperature suddenly dropped to 21°C, and I felt that the cervical spine was frozen a little numb.

This feeling reminds me of the excitement of stuffing the snow ball into my neck during a snowball fight.

▲ Picture from: builtbykids

When a cold signal is felt in the neck, it will tell the brain that you are cold now. At this time, even if you are outdoors at 36 degrees Celsius, you will feel cool.

The heating feels more comfortable, like a hand warmer sticking to the neck, driving the whole body warm. But the first gear is enough. When it is in the fourth gear, the high temperature of 45.4℃ can even burn your tender skin.

The fan mode will not go into details, it is very tasteless. Inside the clothes, the wind is so small that people think it is not turned on. Only the whirr of the fan tells you that it is still working hard.

Speaking of sound, the working noise of Reon Pocket 2 is not disturbing. It can be accepted even if it is the largest gear.

Ding, it got a "good guy card"

The cold is in a hurry, and the heat is in a hurry. Reon Pocket 2 can be regarded as an experience for me.

Although it has excellent cooling and heating effects, I do not recommend you to buy it. The reasons are as follows.

First of all, through the thermal imager, it can be found that whether it is cooling or heating, the entire back is only in contact with the body, and there is a significant temperature change.

This shows that the hot and cold air cannot spread out on the back, and the cooling and heating effects are uneven. The reason why I can feel cool or warm is mostly because it deceives the brain's perception by stimulating the cervical spine.

Secondly, if you wear thicker clothes, it will affect the heat dissipation of the Reon Pocket 2. The temperature of the fan area will increase, reducing the cooling effect.

However, when winter comes, putting on a padded jacket and turning on the heating mode may achieve a good heating effect.

The third point is the potential risk of cervical spondylosis. Although I didn't wear it for a long time, after a few days of using it, I always felt that the area of ​​the cervical spine was chilly and uncomfortable.

▲ Picture from: Getty Images

Of course, this may also be my psychological reason. But whether it is psychological or physical, there is always an "injury".

The fourth point is that the charging time is slightly longer, and it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge. The battery life of the air conditioner is up to 4 hours (one gear is turned on). If the highest gear is turned on, the battery life will be reduced to 1 hour. It makes people hate it.

But think about it, Reon Pocket 2 is not entirely unworthy of buying. At least, it has touched me:

Last weekend I wore it and met two friends. When they saw an "abnormal bulge" in my cervical spine, they all sent me caring greetings: "Your cervical spine is okay, why is it so drumming?"

At that moment, I felt the warmth of the world.

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