EU Commissioner Breton sends letter to Musk for illegal content and misinformation on

Elon Musk, a renowned entrepreneur and technology visionary, is famous for being the founder or co-founder of numerous highly successful technology companies, including SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, The Boring Company, OpenAI and SolarCity. In addition to these feats, he is known for his bold visions of the future, spanning the colonization of Mars, human-machine integration, and the transition to a sustainable energy-based economy.

However, not everyone shares his vision. European Commissioner Thierry Breton has sent a letter of criticism to Elon Musk regarding potentially misleading content on one of his platforms. Let's examine the allegations and what they mean for this social platform .

The European Commission's letter against Elon Musk

The European Commission takes a clear position against Elon Musk. The Commissioner for the Single Market, Thierry Breton, sent a letter to the entrepreneur, owner of X, accusing him of spreading illegal content and disinformation.

EU Musk

According to the Commission, Elon Musk did not promptly respond to reports regarding illegal content, in particular regarding the violent images spread following the Hamas attack in Israel. The letter also states that false content is circulating on social media, such as old images of irrelevant armed conflicts or military footage that actually comes from video games.

The communication concludes with an invitation to Elon Musk to present within the next 24 hours the measures he intends to take in this regard, with his response included in the DSA compliance assessment file. Musk has 24 hours to contact the competent authorities, including Europol , and respond to the complaints made against him. It should also be noted that in the event of future non-compliant behaviour, sanctions will be applied.

There were already many tensions between Elon Musk and Europe, in fact, recently, the founder of Tesla expressed interest in the migratory emergency in Italy, expressing strong criticism towards Germany for its position towards NGOs , to which Berlin has granted funding. Elon Musk's messages addressed to the German government were very explicit. “Are the German people aware?”, the tycoon had questioned in a deliberately provocative tone.

From Twitter to X

Towards the end of July, Elon Musk surprised everyone by changing the Twitter logo from a blue bird to a bright X. This decision has raised various questions, and the possible answers revolve around a tribute to his space company, SpaceX, which revolutionized the aerospace industry with its reusable rockets and the ambitious goal of colonizing Mars.

EU Musk

Additionally, the use of the X may suggest a sense of mystery regarding Twitter's future directions. This symbol evokes the idea of ​​something unknown, unexplored, inviting users to be curious and remain attentive to upcoming news. Elon Musk plans to turn Twitter into a WeChat-like super app. The entrepreneur aims to restructure the platform to make it a complete hub for users, offering services ranging from payments to shopping and messaging.

Future developments

How will the visionary Elon Musk deal with the fine imposed by the European Commission? Undoubtedly, there is a time limit within which he will have to respond and communicate his next strategies to counter the spread of misinformation on platform X, violates the code of conduct on disinformation, provoking negative reactions from European institutions. So, will he be able to resolve this situation or will he face sanctions?

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