Epic Games wins against Google and its monopoly on Android apps

Epic Games, the famous software house behind the video game successor Fortnite, recently achieved a significant legal victory against Google and its parent company Alphabet. The court in California unanimously ruled that Google, through its Play Store, unlawfully impeded other developers by restricting competition and charging high commissions of up to 30%, amounting to an abuse of its dominant position in the app market.

The verdict: implications for Google and the App Market

The verdict, which comes after more than three years of legal battle, recognizes that Google holds a monopoly in the market for application distribution on Android and paid services in apps. This ruling not only implies economic damages to Epic Games, but also highlights how Google Play and its payment service have violated antitrust rules.

Epic Games' statements and Google's reaction

Following the ruling, Epic Games said: “Today's verdict is a victory for all developers and consumers everywhere.” They pointed out that Google's practices in the mobile app market have been found to be illegal, abusing its monopoly to impose exorbitant fees and stifle competition.

On the other hand, Google, through its vice president Wilson White, announced plans to appeal the verdict , stating that Android and Google Play offer more choice and openness than other platforms.

Epic Games against Google: long-term consequences of the ruling

Epic Games against Google

The ruling has the potential to change the existing duopoly between the Play Store and App Store, which dominates the mobile market. It could lead to greater competition in the market, with benefits for developers and consumers.

Additionally, Epic's victory could encourage other developers to take legal action against Google and Apple and could spur lawmakers to step in to regulate the mobile market . In particular, with the entry into force of the Digital Markets Act in Europe, we could see significant changes, such as the possibility of having alternative App Stores and third-party billing systems.

Epic Games vs. Google: a shift in the mobile app landscape

Epic Games' victory against Google is not just a success for a single company, but represents a turning point that could rewrite the rules of the mobile app market, paving the way for greater innovation and competitiveness. However, Google's decision to appeal indicates that this legal battle may still be far from over.

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