Energy, Tesla, Neuralink, space: Elon Musk in Turin at Italian Tech Week

The Italian Tech Week, the conference on the tech world organized in Turin by the GEDI group, has just ended, and among the guests Elon Musk is undoubtedly distinguished, with a very interesting speech on technology, space and the future.

Doing business: Elon Musk's advice at the Italian Tech Week

In addition to being an icon of our time, Musk is first and foremost a successful entrepreneur. For this reason, the main part of his speech could only focus on his ideas and advice for doing business successfully.

When asked what was the best recipe for doing business, Musk specified that it is not an easy thing and that if you do not have the right ideas it is better to give up and avoid taking risks. For those who did not want to give up and felt they had the right idea, a workaholic like Elon Musk could only suggest dedicating body and soul to their business:

(We must) dedicate a lot of time to the company: it is like a person, an animal, it has its own life cycle , it starts with a few cells, then becomes a newborn, a child, an adolescent, an adult. The size of a company depends on where it is in the life cycle, it may be necessary to reconfigure it, redo it from scratch, change it completely as it grows

They would seem empty words, if they were not spoken by an entrepreneur who in the course of his career has faced very hard times and taken gigantic risks in order to carry on his companies. Precisely on the difficulties faced with Tesla, Elon Musk focused another important moment of his interview

Tesla has risked bankruptcy at least 6 times in its history – said Musk – The worst moment was between 2008 and 2009, we were very young, no one believed and invested, we were alone, I asked friends for money to pay the 'home rental, I had finished what I had earned by selling PayPal . So we made one last attempt: it went well, the loan was closed on Christmas Eve 2008. If we didn't make it, we would be finished.

Musk then went on to tell how in the second moment of crisis for Tesla, John Elkan (one of the owners of the GEDI group that manages the event and presenter of the interview) was close to him with advice and suggestions.

Elon Musk and nuclear power: energy policies at the Italian Tech Week

To introduce the energy issue was the director of La Repubblica Maurizio Molinari who asked which energy sources will recharge the cars of the future. According to Elon Musk:

We need to go back to seeing nuclear energy as a good thing . If we don't want to open new plants, at least we don't close the ones we have, they are safe, and certainly much less dangerous than coal-fired ones.

However, the creator of Tesla and SpaceX does not disdain random renewable sources either. According to Musk, Europe could meet its energy needs with a 200 km by 200 "solar farm".

The frontiers of space: Mars and beyond

Obviously there was no lack of questions related to space exploration. SpaceX continues to surprise and overcome new frontiers, continuing to aim for Mars, with the dream of a future colonization. It is therefore legitimate to dream of the next step and for this reason Musk was asked what were the frontiers of the human race after the conquest of the Red Planet:

if we are able to base there we could leave to explore the solar system and other galaxies, maybe find other civilizations and this will inevitably redesign our role in space. I don't know if we will be able to go beyond our galaxy, but already in ours we may already encounter an alien civilization

Neuralink: “the future of technology” according to Elon Musk

 Elon Musk's vision of the future of technology is undoubtedly optimistic. Also in this case there is no lack of space for one of his creatures: Neuralink. The company deals with neural interfaces and a few months ago presented the first prototypes tested on pigs as well as showing a nice demonstration of a monkey able to control a video game with his mind .

Thanks to these interfaces, it promises to soon be able to get those who have been victims of spinal accidents to walk again. The first results are encouraging but for Musk there is even more:

We have smartphones, computers, technology that exploit artificial intelligence, but still in an inefficient way. Neuralink can facilitate our relationship with technology, make it more immediate .
Then there is what Neuralink can do for quadriplegics or quadriplegics , who can interact with computers without needing the body, but using only the brain.
And let's not forget the possibility of expanding Neuralink's work to animals: we know little about them, after all, and that is that they want food, water, go outside, some cuddles. But who knows, maybe, there is more: maybe there is a secret life of dogs that we do not know, and that Neuralink will let us know .

Between jokes and food for thought, Elon Musk's speech at the Italian Tech Week in Turin was undoubtedly one of the most interesting. Meanwhile, we look forward to the next South African Tony Stark follies.

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