Employees caught fish and were criticized by reports. Dachang has no “toilet freedom”. What is the problem?

As a worker, if you sigh every day after get off work, "I don't know what I'm doing at work?" If you really want to find the answer, I suggest you ask your boss or colleagues in the technical department. Your own feelings are deceptive, but you should check from the company's public network resources. The information it records will not deceive.

Gome deeply agrees with this, so they really checked. Not only did it investigate, it also criticized those who used the company's network to handle work irrelevant, and issued penalty notifications in internal documents. However, internal documents are always leaked, and many netizens have also seen this penalty notice.

In a network environment that advocates fishing and refuses to work overtime, Gome's operations have of course received a lot of criticism.

Before the company collapses, I like to start to grasp discipline.

Why don't you inform which employee has the long overtime hours? It's disgusting!

What's wrong with listening to music? Listening to music, I can't make a watch without music!

It feels like being monitored like an ancient laborer…

A penalty notice triggered so many discussions, and the relevant person in charge of the Public Relations Department of Gome Group had to respond.

From the company's point of view, we will follow the employee handbook and manage employees to a certain extent.

Some employees' situation makes sense and reasonable, and HR will make a correct judgment. Moreover, like the video department, it must be a long time to open Douyin, it is impossible for us to make a report.

It seems that I can understand it this way. Except that some employees do have the habit of listening to music, it is normal to consume more than 20 gigabytes of data to listen to music and download music. Those employees who use more than twenty gigabytes of Tencent Video at work are really exaggerated. From this perspective, there is no problem with this announcement.

It's just that in addition to whether "fishing" should be annoying with the company, many people are concerned about this method of detecting fishing by technical means. In this matter, the relationship between labor and management is very unequal. The company can clearly know the employee’s fishing and overtime status, but they will not report the overtime status, because the former can pay less and the latter may pay more.

Ancient laborers used whips, modern laborers were supervised by artificial intelligence and the Internet

Do workers need to be managed? After working from home for a long time, I think I still need it. With the deadline, I can work at home and insist on writing the article in the early morning after fishing. With the morning topic selection meeting, I can struggle to get out of bed instead of sleeping until two o’clock in the afternoon. I have eight hours of work. Due to the requirements of production and draft volume, I will not go to work with a smirk and go off work with a smirk.

The company pays to hire people to work. There is no problem with proper management. There is no problem with the eight-hour work system and basic workload restrictions. But if it is a little bit more, is it an exaggeration?

The "degree" of company management is a difficult problem to grasp. It has requirements for employees' working hours, as well as different dimensions such as restrictions on employees' workload. But no matter how difficult it is to grasp this degree, no one will think that Amazon warehouse workers are not even willing to go to the toilet on other floors due to basic workload restrictions. Is it normal to choose to use mineral water bottles to solve it?

▲ Amazon warehouse workers choose to directly use mineral water bottles to solve

Whether it’s the basic workload of Amazon workers or Gome’s public network resource flow monitoring, this is the company’s unilateral management method for employees. It is a further management refinement in the digital age, which can better mobilize employees’ "work potential." "It can be seen directly whether their workload is saturated.

But existence does not mean reasonable. As more and more intelligent management equipment and technologies enter the office, someone really needs to ask, is this reasonable?

The multi-party parliamentary organization in the United Kingdom feels that this is probably unreasonable, so they want to propose the "Algorithmic Accountability Act." In their view, this system of algorithms for monitoring employees and setting KPIs is damaging the mental health of employees and needs to be controlled by new legislation. They stated in the report "New Frontier: Artificial Intelligence at Work":

In particular, the combination of universal monitoring and work goal setting has had a significant negative impact on the mental and physical health of employees, because employees are under extreme pressure from continuous, real-time micro-management and automated evaluation.

Why do the orders for takeaway riders never finish? Because the takeaway platform constantly touches the upper limit of riders through a set of efficient systems, and can continue to add orders to riders; why there is no end to the work of the assembly line because it restricts all your touch In fish time, someone will do everything by linking the number of pieces to work; why retail delivery drivers always violate traffic regulations, because in the online logistics time system, there may be no transportation time below the maximum speed for car breakdowns.

▲ Takeaway riders will continue to be guided by the system to challenge their limits

Prisoners in the ancient dynasty would be sent to do hard labor. A little laziness would be whipped by supervisors, but that might also be regarded as an administrative punishment. Nowadays, workers use labor in exchange for remuneration, but they have to be under the supervision of various scientific and technological means. The clock-in software can only be regarded as an entry-level, and the digitalization of each work process can continue to explore the upper limit of employees. Be regarded as a kind of spiritual oppression.

From the perspective of those requesting legislation, artificial intelligence needs to be people-oriented, but the company's current use of artificial intelligence, algorithms, and technology supervision has brought unfairness to employees.

Smart office can be very "efficient", but workers also need to respect

The development of technology is rapid. From the current point of view, technology will basically run ahead of laws and regulations. The company wants to restrict employees through technical means to see where the upper limit of employees is. This may be easier than thought.

Some technology companies have designed smart cushion products. This cushion can monitor their health, collect the fatigue that may be caused by improper sitting posture, and send out reminders in time. What's more practical is that this cushion can also measure the heart rate of employees, which is very practical for employers who are worried about sudden death of employees during high-intensity work.

▲ Smart cushion under test. Picture from: New York Times

This in itself is a product that can reduce the probability of sudden death of employees from another level, and at the same time help employees optimize their sitting habits, but at the same time it has also become the best tool for companies to determine employees' working hours. HR only needs to retrieve the relevant information of the cushion to know if the employee has been absent from the work station for a long time.

A woman was asked by HR after taking part in the internal test of the smart seat cushion, why one day she was not at the workstation for half an hour. Another colleague who participated in the closed beta was also asked why he left fifteen minutes early one day. The side effect of this smart cushion makes employees who participate in the closed test feel like they are in jail, "because all the evidence is in the cushion, you are being constantly monitored."

American office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller has started to develop smart desks and digital platforms synchronized with them four years ago. Since then, it has successively introduced smart office hardware such as networked office chairs and office integrated equipment. However, any networked hardware will generate data, and the data may bring some side effects to the office chair that originally wanted to be purely intelligent.

▲ Herman Miller smart office products.

But no one wants their every move to be arranged and watched. For those who work for more than money, this kind of constant monitoring and control is unacceptable.

Yobhel, who has graduated for three years, can't forget her junior year working in a computer motherboard assembly plant for a month and a half in summer. I work from 8 to 20 every day. Except for two meals in the middle, I only have 15 minutes of free time to go to the toilet. If you want to go to the toilet at other times, you need to report to the team leader and find someone to take over. You can't leave the assembly line at other times.

"I didn't go there after that, no matter how much money I gave, I won't go." For Yobhel, the summer job is to make money, but this way of making money is too devastating and she won't think about it again. However, there are many assembly-line factories that are worse than her summer work environment. Some will put an anti-static wristband on the worker’s hand, which can only be unlocked once a day to let the worker go to the toilet. The worker will be monitored by the environment during the rest of the time. This guarantees the longest working hours.

▲ Everyone on the assembly line is an efficient working machine

Workers in the assembly line do not like such a strictly controlled work environment, but they have relatively few jobs to choose from, and they rarely consider career development when choosing a job. It is more important that they can make money as soon as possible, so let It will be easier for workers to accept such tight control.

But for Internet crackers, it may be more difficult to accept such control and management. This is the case with the toilet condemnation some time ago. Pinduoduo employees have no toilet freedom; Kuaishou employees will see a timer accurate to the second when going to the toilet; Bytedance installs signal blockers in the toilet; 360 also has statistics on toilet usage Applets.

I have a high salary, I am 996. I want to rely on the company's class to complete the class leap. I want a decent job, so the company can't even control the toilet to this step. Precise control of the toilet time may be only the first step, but then if you add smart cushions and other connected devices that can get your work status, the company can really control all the working hours.

Today, when Internet workers have to use their own data as much as possible to access the Internet, similar smart office equipment and artificial intelligence work flow optimization is best to use less routines and be more sincere. Otherwise, it's not stupid to hit workers. If this way of fishing is blocked, look for another one. If this company has to be controlled, it will be replaced by another company.

▲ The machine controls the human brain. Picture from: Wired

While improving efficiency, companies also need to draw red lines. The most efficient method is to make people work non-stop, but whether this can really produce more work results per unit of time requires a question mark, not to mention this method of forcing others to continue to work is a bit less respectful and a bit more Distrust.

If the boss of the company really installs a ring of assembly line workers in the hands of the employees, then you may not only like to mention the hot searches on Weibo, but also receive several resignation applications the next day.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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