Embarrassment savior: This “breakup app” can help you get back your ex’s stuff

"It's not your colleague who sends you a message every night."

"When did you flip my phone?"

"Then don't do bad things!"

"Can you trust me?"

"Let's break up."

He slammed the door and hurriedly got in a taxi, shaking for a while before he recovered: all his belongings were still in the suffocating room just now.

Now, Postdates wants to help you get everything back.

This is a new food delivery website and app . It was created by artist Ani Acopian, producer Suzy Shinn, and developer Brian Wagner. The name mimics the food delivery platform Postmates.

However, it is a "predecessor takeaway platform."

In simple terms, you can use it to ask the delivery staff to get back what you left at your predecessor’s house.

First enter the website or app. You need to choose your emotional relationship. It is not limited to your ex. Other options are: "Ordinary Dating", "Divorce", "Cohabitation", "One Night Stand", "Friends" and so on.

After choosing one of them, Postdates will make a list of what you want to pick up for reference.

For example, if you live together for a long time, you will recommend gamepads, water bottles, books, potted plants, cat food and other items.

For example, it’s just a one-night stand. The recommended items are wallets, jewelry, sexy underwear…

After you confirm the items you want to get back, the delivery staff will get in touch with the other party. After the other party agrees, Postdates will send a delivery staff to pick up the items and return them to your residence within 24 hours.

If your ex does not agree, then the delivery staff will not charge.

It can be said that this app avoids all embarrassing possibilities-no need for you to meet with your ex, no need for you to chat with your ex, no need for you to imagine a hundred kinds of matchmaking scenes.

But currently, this service is only available in Los Angeles and New York.

In terms of fees, a service is about 25-30 US dollars (about 162-195 yuan), depending on the location of the courier, because the delivery staff may face disputes, you can also pay the delivery staff 3.99 US dollars " Emotional labor" additional costs.

It seems that an "emotional takeaway fee" is not cheap.

Of course, for many people, it may be easier to spend this money than to meet your predecessor.

In fact, the team behind Postdates has launched some similar emotional services before.

Last year, on the eve of Valentine's Day, they imitated Amazon's website Amazon Dating and turned dating into an online product.

Boys and girls of different ages, identities, and health levels are all displayed on the website with a clearly marked price, starting at $4.99.

You can choose to chat, accompany, hug and other options in the service content, but this service is actually a prank, unlike this Postdates, they turned the creativity into reality.

Ani Acopian said :

Technology has greatly changed our lives, but we can also find some ways it makes our lives easier and more interesting.

Postdates solves one of the painful emotional problems of contemporary young people by means of online takeaway, combined with the examination of the romantic relationship of contemporary people.

Internet tools have brought great convenience to our lives, but in fact, there are still many hidden needs and spaces that still need to be explored.

If Postdates comes to China, do you want to use it?

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