Elon Musk is dad for the eleventh time, his son is Techno Mechanicus

Elon Musk is a name well known for his extraordinary entrepreneurial career and visionary innovations in the field of technology . The entrepreneur has recently been at the center of media attention for another reason, not for his corporate exploits but for his private and family life. In fact, the news of the birth of the technology tycoon's eleventh child was made known. The newcomer is Techno Mechanicus, affectionately nicknamed Tau.

The birth of Techno Mechanicus

The name Techno Mechanicus is certainly unique and out of the ordinary. We currently know very little about Elon Musk's last son, given that his existence was not known until now . Details about the exact date of his birth or his appearance are not yet known, but we know that he is the third child born from Elon Musk's relationship with singer Grimes. It was a biography written by Walter Isaacson that revealed Tau's existence. The news comes shortly after Grimes posted a tweet, later removed, in which he expressed his desire to see Elon Musk's son. It is unclear whether he was referring to the firstborn or the latest arrival, Techno Mechanicus.

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The nickname Tau appears to be a reference to the letter of the Greek alphabet which derives from the modern “X”. This choice confirms Musk's taste for unique and uncommon names. The story between Elon Musk and Grimes has fascinated the public since its inception in 2018. Although there was an official breakup in 2022, the two have continued to maintain a relationship that they both describe as “very fluid”. This relationship led to the birth of three children. They are called X Æ A-12 (abbreviated as “X”), Exa Dark Sideræl (known as “Y”) and, of course, Techno Mechanicus (Tau).

Elon Musk's family

In addition to the new arrival, Elon Musk has ten other children from three different relationships. With his first wife, Justine Wilson, he had the first six. Their firstborn, Nevada Alexander, died just ten weeks after birth due to sudden infant death syndrome. Subsequently, the couple had twins Griffin and Xavier Alexander via in vitro fertilization . The twins are followed by Kai, Saxon and Damian, who were also conceived through in vitro fertilization. During his relationship with Grimes, in addition to the three children already mentioned, Elon Musk had two more children with Shivon Zilis in 2021, further expanding his already large family.

What do we know about Elon Musk's private life?

Elon Musk's private life has been the subject of great media interest over the years, and much information about his personal life is public. Over the years, Musk has been linked to several other women, but these relationships have often been brief and less publicized than his major relationships. Musk has announced significant philanthropic commitments, including billion-dollar donations to causes such as education, health research and the environment. He also announced his goal to sell most of his properties to fund charitable projects .

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Despite the media attention on his life, Elon Musk tends to keep much of his private life private, preferring to focus on his entrepreneurial and philanthropic activities. However, his social media statements and occasional interviews have provided some insight for those curious about his personality and opinions . Elon Musk's professional career is certainly better known, characterized by the founding and leadership of several successful companies . These include Tesla ,SpaceX , Neuralink and The Boring Company. The entrepreneur is known for his bold vision and work in technological innovation.

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