Electronic invoicing: innovation and digital revolution in Italy

Over the past few months, most Italian companies have found themselves forced to intensively change their billing process . In fact, electronic invoicing is now mandatory. How should Italian companies consider electronic invoicing? As a further obligation to submit to, or as a real opportunity?

Electronic invoicing must be seen as a great opportunity, as an innovation to be welcomed with open arms. This digital revolution , because this is what it is ultimately about, allows you to optimize processes and become more and more efficient in your work, therefore an added value for your work.

The advantages of electronic invoicing

The adoption of electronic invoicing is giving today's businesses the opportunity to become more and more efficient . This from many different points of view, first of all the possibility of reducing all activities with low added value. We think of the activities of receiving invoices , registering and filing them, managing documents, searching and consulting. These are activities that, thanks to digital invoicing, no longer have to be carried out directly, with the possibility of saving time, resources and money .

Electronic invoicing saves time and money and is more efficient.
Electronic invoicing saves time and money and is more efficient.

We also think about the spaces necessary for the storage of invoices in paper format, which thanks to the electronic invoicing revolution can finally be used in another way. Finally, without forgetting that there can no longer be delays or errors of any kind and the management of invoices is error-free, transparent .

Technological investments for electronic invoicing

Some might argue that the economic savings that Italian companies have managed to obtain with electronic invoicing is not real, given that it was necessary to activate technological and organizational investments to be able to fulfill this obligation in the best possible way. This is true, but it is also true that these are limited and low-cost investments.

Electronic invoicing is part of a digital revolution already underway.
Electronic invoicing is part of a digital revolution already underway.

In fact, every company already owned a computer before this digital revolution and there was certainly no need to buy a new model. Yes, it was necessary to pay in order to obtain an electronic invoicing service , but just take a look at the websites of the most important suppliers, such as https://fatturapro.click/ , to discover that in reality the costs are not they are so high.

Electronic invoicing, which features to consider when choosing

When choosing the reality on which to rely for billing, it is certainly not good to rely solely and exclusively on cost. What features to check? Here is a short list, which we hope will be exhaustive:

  • Cloud platform . First of all we would like to underline that it is preferable to choose a cloud platform, rather than a software to download on your computer. In fact, with a cloud platform you can access electronic invoicing from any computer as well as from any mobile device, smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, the updates are automatic and you always have the opportunity to work, without blocks or slowdowns of any kind.
  • Automation . It is important to check that most of the processes are fully automatic, so that you can issue a document in just a few clicks. The signature of the document must also be automatic and all operations must always be monitored by the system.
  • Team of experts available . It is essential that the chosen platform offers you a team of experts at your complete disposal, via email, chat, telephone. In this way, in case of need, you always have the possibility of obtaining the right assistance, from competent personnel with long experience in digital.

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