Electronic Arts buys Codemasters and monopolizes sports video games

In recent days, the gaming giant Electronic Arts has announced that it has bought the British Codemasters becoming the new official game developer for Formula 1. This move makes Electronic Arts the manufacturer of the main sports titles . In fact, the list of the official Formula 1 video game will soon be added to the high-sounding titles already present in the Eletronic Arts library. In the near future, therefore, next to the classic Fifa and all the other sports titles we will also find the list of Formula 1 versions. Here is a list of some historic Formula 1 games.

" Electronic Arts and Codemasters share the ambition to lead the world of racing in video games "

These are the words of Gerhard Florin, president of Codemasters which shows the interest in creating more interesting versions for gamers thanks to the experience of Electronic Arts in the development of sports video games.

Electronic Arts acquires Codemasters becoming a giant in sports video games
Electronic Arts acquires Codemasters eliminating any doubts about rumors that Take Two as a company in negotiation with Codemasters.

The agreement was concluded a few days ago with an outlay by Electronic Arts equal to 1.2 billion dollars. The definitive structure of the negotiation, however, will end during the first quarter of 2021. This of Electronic Arts is only one of the latest market moves in the gaming world, most likely linked to the historical moment we are experiencing, given the quarantine periods that still await us.

Electronic Arts Sport with a racing theme

The reason why Electronic Arts can be considered a giant in the world of racing-themed video games lies in the titles it already holds. We present you an overview of the latest titles

  • Need For Speed . The most famous of EA. Since 1994, when the first version was released, the potential of a video game that could lead the way in simulation video games had already been discovered. The latest in the series, Need for Speed ​​Heat is set in the fictional version of Miami.
Need for Speed ​​Heat is one of the most popular Electronic Arts titles
Need for Speed ​​is one of the most famous titles in Electronic Arts. Need for Speed ​​Heat is the latest in the series
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered . The game allows you to race through the streets of Paradise City, on the rooftops and in the parking lots of the city where players can compete in different types of challenges.

These titles, however, are very distant from all the other titles that Electronic Arts publishes annually for different sports. The release of Fifa for football or NHL for hockey is a regular event every year. The goal is therefore to increase this expectation by distributing the game version of one of the most followed sports in the world, Formula 1.

Codemasters and niche gaming

Codemasters is a British video game development company. It is one of the oldest in the videogame field. The history of the company sees different acquisitions, such as that of Sega Racing Studio. Under this name some very famous titles such as Colin McRae Rally and Race Driver are developed. In 2008 he buys the rights of F1 and begins the development of the videogame on multiple platforms.

The interest in the racing world is so high that the new Codemasters Racing label is inaugurated, used for the production of future driving titles under development at the British house. The developer's goal was therefore to concentrate the focus exclusively on the motor industry, abandoning any other genre .

The acquisition of Electronic Arts will bring numerous innovations to the team, in particular in the ways of developing video games such as that of Formula 1.
The acquisition of Electronic Arts will bring numerous innovations to the team, in particular in the ways of developing video games such as that of Formula 1.

The acquisition by Electronic Arts does not seem to have been received, however, with particular enthusiasm. In fact, Electronic Arts is seen as much more aggressive in terms of in-game purchases than Codemasters . We will have to wait for the first release to understand if this feeling will be confirmed or if the two houses will work together so as not to overwhelm each other.

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