Ele.me, which released more than 30 advertising videos a year, started using AI to generate videos

"The Vincent video is really cool."

This was my first sigh after seeing Sora’s jitter-free, detailed, and smooth videos. And I soon realized that the short videos and advertisements we see every day will be affected by Vincent Video earlier than the film and television industry.

For example, AI can quickly help us go from a modern press conference to a beautiful farm.

The biggest difference between AI and humans is that there is nothing impossible in its dictionary. As long as you make a request, it can give you a solution no matter how unreasonable it is. The scene change can only be said to be a small test, from coffee to a bowl of fragrant Yuan Ji Yun Dumplings, snail noodles and family portrait wontons, so I can only say "Only AI can do".

After all, for AI, "logic" does not refer to connections in the real sense. This magical effect, like the magical changes in presentation slides, is a new logical expression after AI reshapes the worldview. Perhaps in the near future, it will become a commonly used transition effect called "AI change".

But we don’t have to wait until the future, because the video slices shown above that integrate AIGC into product launches are not product examples of a certain AI company, but are Ele.me that we use almost every day, generated based on Stable Diffusion 2 Model Production’s latest short film, The Impact of AI on the Advertising Industry, has begun.

Are you hungry if you are looking for something fast? You also need something fresh.

At least today, I am still cautious about AI-generated ads. The weird expressions, unnatural images, and rough production like a plane draft not only failed to achieve the advertising effect, but even looked a bit scary.

▲ Pictures come from: 小红书@思不二兰, @言武waku

I believe in the speed of AI progress, but simply and crudely adding advertising slogans to AI-generated paintings will not only look fake at first glance, but will also be difficult for users to resonate with, and naturally will not achieve the effect of "widespread advertising".

But not all advertisements using AI are bad. For example, McDonald's asked ChatGPT to answer "Who is the most iconic burger in the world" and turned it into a brand endorsement.

Ele.me, on the other hand, uses seemingly illogical AI changes to associate various new food products – if I have to say it, it cannot be said to be illogical. After all, these new food products can indeed be purchased in the Ele.me app. Arrived and delivered on time.

▲ Riders are like this gardenia, shuttling through every corner of the city

In the TVC Ele.me, my favorite part is the clip where the cranberries in the hands of the 1DianDian staff grow back on the tree. This effect of tracing back to the origin of the raw materials allows us to taste 1Dandian through the video. Cranberry Milk Green only takes the fresh flavor.

Yes, this rendition was also generated by AI.

Ele.me is not the first platform to use AI in advertising, but it is obvious that Ele.me is not pursuing the first but pursuing freshness. It is not using AI to make tricks or save time, but to truly integrate AI technology and the content it wants to express. Integrate to give ads a better display.

Perhaps in the eyes of the Ele.me team, AI is not a serious issue that changes the world, but a tool that can show unlimited creativity. As part of the visual testing and post-production process, AIGC naturally saves valuable time in the production of short films, but Ele.me knows very well that the prerequisite for saving time is that the advertising effect can be perfectly presented.

I believe that netizens who see this advertisement will not feel offended by the addition of AI. They will only smile knowingly after realizing that AI technology is used somewhere in the video.

Pursue long-termism in a fast pace

So, what does such a creative, technological, and interesting TVC want to tell us? It’s actually very simple, it’s “Go to Ele.me to search for the 18th Red Envelope Festival, grab 10,000 copies of big-name new products for free, and get another 88 yuan Red envelope".

It is such a traditional and somewhat rustic promotion form. If it were me, I would probably use pop-up ads to promote promotions. What attracts everyone is the discounts, not AI. But Ele.me is different. Not only on March 18, but also since last year. Starting on the 18th of every month, Ele.me has been obsessed with promotional activities that seem to be “excessive”.

On November 18 last year, Ele.me celebrated its anniversary by teaming up with top ten brands to give away 100,000 free orders. The birthday short film starring KFC, Starbucks, Haidilao and other brands also had a birthday atmosphere.

On December 18th, it was also free of charge. Through year-end sentiments, Ele.me teamed up with big brands to create a year-end party on the 18th, and once again combined the benefits with theme marketing to strengthen users' minds.

In the following January and February, Ele.me teamed up with different brands to send out 18 red envelopes in different forms, including New Year benefits and start-up bonuses. Then today, March 18, Ele.me played a new trick with AI.

If you think about it carefully, it seems that every once in a while, we will see Ele.me’s advertising video on the hot search. Along with the hot search, there is a high probability that some netizens will say, “This has nothing to do with Ele.me.” evaluation of.

As long as you search, you will find that last year alone, Ele.me launched more than 30 commercials. In addition to the 18th Red Envelope Festival mentioned earlier, you can also see the "Seasonal" themed on the twenty-four solar terms. official".

▲ Every season, riders will wear new skins

And Wutiaoren who changed their name to "2.5 people" to give everyone a 50% discount.

On Alibaba’s official website, Ele.me is a local life service. In 2021, Mr. Yu Yongfu, who just took over Alibaba's local life business, said in the first all-staff email: Local life is a protracted battle, a boxing match that has just begun. The process is destined to be long and cruel, and both sides You can't KO your opponent, you can only score points.

Perhaps in Ele.me's mind, local life is a "protracted war". What it requires is not just a shot to change places, but a long-termism of continuous plowing and harvesting.

So you will see that Ele.me does solar term marketing, releases public welfare videos, and uses creative methods to tell you that today’s orders are free on the 18th of every month, and even the choice of AI tools. It is a stable and versatile Stable Diffusion before Sora is officially released. Ele.me wants to be at the forefront and communicate with users. There is no need to say much about its intentions.

▲ The first sign language rap MV created by Ele.me to give a voice to the hearing-impaired

For most people, AI represents efficiency and advancement, but Ele.me is trying to use AI to pursue a balance between quality, speed, and cost, using the most advanced functions to demonstrate a different long-termism.

In the new year, Ele.me is still with users

As soon as I arrived at the company this morning, I received a thank you gift from my colleague: "I bought you a coffee. Thank you yesterday." Coincidentally, the coffee she bought me was the new product from Ele.me 318 launch conference, LAVAZZA Gardenia coffee tea latte.

Looking back at Ele.me’s new products in 318 this time, in addition to LAVAZZA’s Gardenia Coffee Latte and William Pear Gardenia Coffee Latte, there are also Yihetang’s Qilan Green Light Milk Tea and Yangzhi The two-cup set of Ganlu Meng Red House, a little bit of cranberry milk green, the delicious duck neck with rattan pepper bone-off and fried chicken feet, and Yuanji Yunyun Dumplings with snail rice noodle soup family portrait wontons, etc.

Among these 6 new products, there are old brands that have collaborated with Ele.me many times, and there are also new friends who are cooperating with Ele.me for the first time. It seems that Ele.me does not want to leave behind any creative gameplay and fresh benefits when it comes to promotions. It looks good. , also delicious.

At the end of this video, the representative of Ele.me said goodbye to everyone and said, "This surprise is far from over."

From more than 30 creative videos a year to solar terms marketing that combines tradition and hot topics to now’s new product launch conferences embracing the AI ​​era, although I know what Ele.me is talking about here is that the 318 Red Envelope Festival is far from over. But I always feel that it is also telling us that Ele.me’s creative journey in the new year is far from over.

I have already begun to imagine a new year where Ele.me is destined to be fast, fresh, trendy and interesting.

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