Edge 50 Ultra released, Motorola regains the charm of “wooden back cover”

Wood has always been regarded as an affinity material and a medium for communication between man and nature.

Ten years ago, moto X was officially released. Motorola is bringing wood to a smartphone for the first time.

Later, with the change in aesthetic trends and the consideration of wireless charging functions, mobile phones with wooden back covers gradually disappeared from our sight.

However, the recent update of Motorola Edge series has changed this matter.

Motorola has just launched three new Edge series phones: Edge 50 Ultra, Edge 50 Pro, and Edge 50 Fusion.

The Edge 50 Ultra is the highest-specced phone among the three, and it’s also the only phone with the option of a “solid wood back cover.”

The Edge 50 Ultra is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen3 processor and is equipped with a 50MP main camera, a 64MP triple telephoto lens, and a 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens. The front camera also reaches 50MP resolution.

The Edge 50 Pro comes in three color options: Lavender, Moonlight Pearl, and Black Beauty. Among them, the moonlight pearl color scheme is relatively unique and was designed by the Italian company Mazzucchelli 1849. It features a handcrafted acetate finish, and each Moonlight Pearl pattern is unique.

Edge 50 Fusion has a well-balanced positioning and configuration, and the main pink plain leather back cover is also very eye-catching.

All three phones have an IP68 rating and support wireless charging.

In the history of Android mobile phone development, Motorola had a glorious time.

Not to mention the first-generation Milestone, the subsequent Defy and Droid Razr series also have extremely outstanding industrial designs.

In terms of material diversity, there should be few mobile phone brands that can compare with Motorola.

Wood, metal, glass, leather, polyester, and even bulletproof nylon, Motorola has used countless materials on its mobile phones.

Moto X can be said to be the pinnacle of Motorola’s material exploration.

As a mass-produced industrial product, smartphones are often designed not to sacrifice the practical needs of the majority for the personalized needs of a few users. This practice helps spread design and production costs and minimizes risk.

Therefore, most mobile phone manufacturers usually only offer 2-3 color and style options for their devices. Only larger brands have the ability to launch co-branded models or other special designs.

But on the moto X, Motorola has launched a service that allows users to customize the storage space, body color, phone back shell and material before purchasing the phone.

You can even engrave on the back of the phone and finally put them together to make this phone a unique product.

This service is called "Moto Maker" and once made moto X synonymous with mobile phone personalization.

Moto X continued to explore materials at this time, and wood was also used on a smartphone for the first time.

This makes us sigh that in addition to plastic, metal and glass, mobile phone materials can be so diverse.

After Moto X, mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and Smartisan have all become fans of wood.

Unfortunately, due to issues such as heat dissipation and cost, mobile phones with wooden back covers are gradually disappearing.

Today, we finally see wood again on our mobile phones and have the opportunity to feel the texture of wood.

The Edge 50 series will currently focus on the European, Middle Eastern, African and Latin American markets, and it is not yet known whether it will be available on domestic shelves.

However, Motorola has previously warmed up the X50 Ultra on domestic media platforms, and it is expected that the X50 Ultra will be the domestic version of the Edge 50 Ultra.

Glass and metal materials have their own unique advantages, but wooden phones can also bring a more natural use experience. When choosing materials, we ultimately need to make a choice based on personal preference.

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