Ecovacs Depot T10 OMNI experience: a mature sweeping and mopping robot can not only clean itself, but also communicate with people

Speaking of smart home, I don't know what the first product you think of, but the first specific product that comes to my mind is the sweeping robot that you and I are familiar with.

As the earliest developed category since the birth of the smart home concept, sweeping robots have already entered thousands of households. He even tried to grab the mopping work and gradually upgraded it into a sweeping and mopping robot that "sweeps and drags in one".

Although there are already a lot of sweeping tractor products on the market, there is basically only one main reason for most users to buy it home, that is:

I don't want to do housework anymore.

This simple and direct appeal is inseparable from the primitive inertia of human beings.

However, the tractor sweeper that I started relatively early did not meet my inert needs, nor did it significantly reduce my fatigue or improve my sense of happiness. This is because although it cleaned the ground in my home for me, when I looked back, I still Take the time and effort to clean up the mopping robot.

I have to say that if the robot is planned to sweep the floor once a day, it will be quite troublesome to clean the dust box and the mop once every 2-3 days.

Therefore, the development direction of service-oriented home robots is still around the core needs of users who do not want to do housework, and further reduce the manual operation of users.

For example, the dust box is emptied once every 3 months, the robot will clean itself, etc.

Recently, Ecovacs, which announced the start of the 3.0 era of the home service robot industry, launched the all-round version of Dibao T10 OMNI sweeping and dragging robot.

The T10 OMNI, known as the "all-round version", is equipped with a "one-stop" all-round base station, OMNI Station, which brings "automatic" functions such as dust box and self-cleaning, and gives it a YIKO that can hear and speak. Smart voice assistant function. It sounds great, so let's see how it performs.

5-in-1 "Almighty Base Station": Change the dust bag every 3 months

Ecovacs T10 OMNI's "all-round base station" integrates a water tank, a dust box and a robot base layer.

The reason why it can be called "all-rounder" is that the base station provides five functions: automatic backwash mop, automatic dust collection, automatic hot air drying, base station self-cleaning, and silver ion sterilization (optional).

Its core function points are automatic dust collection and self-cleaning, which basically solves the pain point of cleaning the tractor in one-stop, freeing hands and freeing manual labor.

There are three physical buttons on the top of the base station, corresponding to the cleaning tank add/pump button, the host start/pause button, and the host recall/exit button.

After the top of the base station is opened, you can see a 4L clean water tank and a sewage tank with a separate design. The two different colors of the box can make it easier for you to distinguish between two different water tanks.

The unique and ingenious design is that there is also a movable storage layer between the two water tanks, and the cleaning brush and cleaning liquid used to clean the base station base can be taken out by lifting it up.

As mentioned above, in the past, traditional sweeping robots were limited by the space of the robot's own dust box, and it was necessary to manually disassemble the robot's dust box for cleaning. If you're not careful, you might get yourself covered in ashes.

The base station of the T10 OMNI has a larger dust collection box built-in with a "self-dust collection" system. When the robot returns to the base, the dust collection port and the dust collection seat will be seamlessly connected.

After entering the dust collection program manually or automatically, the base station will quickly suck the dirt in the dust box into the dust bag through the high-power internal unit.

The 28000Pa dust suction power can empty the dust box inside the robot in about 10 seconds.

The dust box in the base station is located in the small drawer on the front, and the open button is on the top of the robot base.

The interface of the dust box is made of cardboard. When you gently lift the interface with your fingers, when you are ready to take off the dust box, the specially designed cardboard interface will be closed to prevent the dust inside from being caught in the wind. drift. Thanks to the overall sealing design of the dust bag, it can effectively isolate dust and other allergens, which is very friendly to people who are prone to allergies.

For a dust bag with a capacity of 3L, if the whole house is cleaned every one to two days, the dust bag needs to be replaced every 75-90 days.

Moreover, the dust bag is a low-value consumable item. After it is full of dust, it can be taken out and discarded, and then replaced with a new dust bag. For lazy people, it is also very convenient to directly replace the new dust bag.

Judging from the frequent dust collection effect after a week of use, there is indeed reason to believe that it will take about two months for the dust bag to be fully collected.

Based on the 4L fresh water tank and sewage tank on the top, the all-round base station can also help you realize automatic backwashing of the mop. First introduce the clean water in the clean water tank into the cleaning area, and then use the particles in the base of the base station and the high-speed rotation of the tray to remove the dirt on the mop. The remaining sewage will be recycled by the base station and introduced into the sewage tank.

After washing the mop, a 40°C three-dimensional circulating hot air will be used in the base to dry the mop and the inner wall of the base station, effectively inhibiting bacteria and odors.

In addition, the base station itself also involves the self-cleaning function, which can be done automatically by clicking the self-cleaning button on the top of the base station. Help you finish the last step of sweeping and mopping cleaning.

However, after a period of time, some stubborn stains will inevitably remain in the base of the base station. At this time, you have to manually take out the cleaning brush and cleaning liquid, and use the brush to assist in cleaning.

AI vision , realize 3D mapping of the whole house

Ecovacs' DEEBOT series robots have always been popular products in the Ecovacs production line. On the one hand, the public acceptance of sweeping and dragging robots is relatively high; on the other hand, it is because Ecovacs has deeply cultivated The category is relatively early, and the accumulated experience is relatively sufficient.

This part of the experience can actually be reflected in the two aspects of Debao T10 OMNI's ability to avoid obstacles and its own cleaning ability.

The first is its "perception" ability. The whole machine is equipped with more than 30 sensors and multiple sets of algorithms, so that the T10 OMNI has a relatively complete and easy-to-use whole-house map navigation and AI visual obstacle avoidance capabilities.

The top of the fuselage is a ring-shaped dToF depth sensor, which is not afraid of light when scanning, and can provide a scanning distance of 10 meters and a sampling frequency of up to 7200Hz. Moreover, with Ecovacs' TrueMapping 2.0 whole house planning technology, Dibao T10 OMNI can adapt to various complex scenarios, and can complete a large-area whole house construction map of 100 square meters in about 6 minutes.

Compared with LDS navigation, the mapping accuracy of dToF navigation is about four times higher, and it is hardly disturbed by light in day or night. It can easily scan the surrounding environment indoors, and accurately complete the positioning on the indoor map.

In the case of realizing 2D rapid mapping, T10 OMNI can also identify home environment information and upgrade to 3D map with one click in the app. And users can also "decorate" the 3D map in the app, and set up and mark home decoration objects, such as sofas and cabinets.

Through the 3D floor plan, T10 OMNI can also further know the location of the home. Through the YIKO voice assistant or directly clicking on the home objects on the map, it can perform local cleaning of the bottom and surrounding areas of the home.

The front of the T10 OMNI is also equipped with a 960P "starlight-level camera", which can provide accurate full-color vision.

Thanks to the car-grade AI computing power provided by the built-in Horizon Rising Sun 3 chip, and the artificial intelligence and visual recognition technology of AIVI 3.0 upgraded by Ecovacs, in addition to being able to identify various common items, such as wires, shoes, fabrics, T10 OMNI can also identify dynamic obstacles such as human figures and pets, and make reasonable obstacle avoidance decisions in real time.

The obstacle avoidance ability is relatively good, even walking under the legs of complicated tables and chairs is not a problem.

At the same time, it also adds recognition of ground materials such as tiles, floors, and carpets, in order to adapt to various cleaning situations in the home and complete cleaning for different ground materials.

It is worth mentioning that this camera can also provide the function of "smart housekeeper", we can open it in the app, and remotely use the mobile phone to control the robot to walk around the room and see the position you want to see. In terms of privacy, both the host and app of T10 OMNI have obtained the Rheinland Privacy Certification. When using this function, the app also needs a password to call the camera, so don’t worry.

The two brushes leave no gaps, and the sweeping and mopping experience is satisfactory

It feels very appropriate to use "two brushes" to describe the cleaning ability of Ecovacs Depot T10 OMNI at the physical level and effect level. Although the cleaning ability of sweeping and mopping robots has developed more maturely, the details are still different from product to product.

The CE value (Cleaning Efficiency) is the core indicator for measuring the cleaning ability of sweeping robots in the industry. According to the data given by Ecovacs, Debao T10 OMNI has reached the highest CE value of 95% of its products so far.

This is thanks to the multiple cleaning configuration on it.

Compared with the single-sided brush that is easy to blow the garbage out of the area during high-speed rotation, the Ecovacs T10 OMNI chooses the configuration of the double-sided brush, which improves the efficiency of sweeping by collecting dust on the ground in both directions. At the same time, the bilateral brushes can also better reach the edges and corners of walls, and complete deep cleaning along the corners.

For the floor gap, T10 OMNI uses a self-developed patented rubber-hair integrated roller brush. Its soft rubber strip will form a pressurization effect when it rotates at high speed to improve suction. The roller brush with long and short hair can also clean up the dust accumulation in the gap.

What's more, the imported high-performance motor built in DEEBOT T10 OMNI can provide a maximum speed of 25,000 rpm and generate a suction force of 5,000Pa. Although the Max gear is louder, the cleaning effect is really good. Of course, we can also choose a quieter standard gear, and it is obviously not a problem to deal with the ground with automatic sweeping rules.

T10 OMNI also has the function of mopping the floor. The bottom of the machine is equipped with two "rotation pressure and strong wipe" modules. The thickness of the three-layer structure of the mop and the density of the fluff can be seen and touched. The downforce brought by the high-speed rotation can indeed be cleaned until the ground is relatively stubborn. stains.

However, since the robot body does not have a water tank, the wetness of the mop is basically achieved by dipping water from the base, so there will be some problems at this stage.

First, the mop will feel too wet within a certain distance from the base, and there will be obvious water marks on the ground, which will take several minutes to dry.

So in general, I think the T10 OMNI is one of the best among similar products in terms of sweeping, and the mopping experience is quite satisfactory. We can issue commands in the app or voice to adjust its water output.

In terms of battery life, the Ecovacs T10 OMNI did not worry me too much. The built-in 5200mAh battery can basically sweep my home completely (the practical area of ​​my home is about 109㎡). Regarding the question of where its ultimate battery life is, I hope that readers who live on a flat floor of more than 280 square meters can tell me the answer.

The core competitiveness of T10 OMNI is the YIKO voice assistant

In the dazzling sweeping tractor market, what makes the T10 OMNI stand out is its built-in YIKO voice assistant.

The more important part of the industry 3.0 upgrade mentioned by Ecovacs is to enable AI intelligent voice in smart home robot products. In fact, we have experienced this in the earlier Ecovacs air purifier robot.

When YIKO comes to T10 OMNI, we can use "OK YIKO" to wake up the voice assistant for most of the sweeping commands and then issue them immediately.

Ecovacs T10 OMNI has three "ears" on its body. The three-microphone adapting to the ring can not only achieve precise sound pickup at a long distance, but also realize the function of listening to the position.

When I shout "OK YIKO", T10 OMNI will identify my position based on the sound source, and then quickly adjust its posture, rotate the camera to my side, identify where I am through the front camera, and then Listen to my voice commands again.

Therefore, I can directly issue a straightforward command like "come here and clean it", and the T10 OMNI will come to my side based on my voice orientation and visual recognition, and then start cleaning the environment around me.

You can also say "Go sweep under the sofa", then T10 OMNI will call the built-in 3D map to find my sofa, and then complete the dust cleaning under the sofa based on vision.

In addition to cleaning instructions, the YIKO voice assistant can answer more questions from users. For me, the most frequently asked question is "How is the weather today?"

In my opinion, such an interactive experience is relatively natural. An AI that can understand human speech and give reasonable feedback is a worry-free AI.

What can be done with your mouth, never with your hands. This point really makes the "one-stop, hands-free" experience a more extreme experience.

Almost there

Ecovacs, which enjoys a high status in the industry, can be said to be a continuous leader in the category of sweeping and tractor all-in-one machines. Using the thinking of robots to make products can indeed bring a different human-computer interaction experience and provide services. to people.

A workflow that almost avoids manual intervention and also better caters for our lazy needs.

Although human-computer interaction is an important development direction in the 3.0 era, its shortcomings are the same as the last Qinbao Z1, and it is still an ecological barrier problem commonly faced by the industry. For now, YIKO can only do its part. Even if it provides an open interface, there are not many products that can be connected and collaborated together.

As far as a single product is concerned, the product power of T10 OMNI is already excellent enough. After all, its self-cleaning and self-collecting product features have truly solved the pain point of the "last step" of the sweeper. This is what the sweeping and dragging machine should have. of peace of mind.

Housework is a kind of repetitive work that is neither interesting nor fulfilling. I hope there will be more domestic service robots like this that can replace human labor with words like this.

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