E3 2021 blockbuster new game summary: the first release to join Microsoft XGP! “Horizon 5” and other 3A masterpieces are coming

E3: I want you to die.

Last year, the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), which was forced to go against global players for a year due to the impact of the epidemic, finally came back. Major game makers are also suffocating new games and a big show is urgently needed to detonate the enthusiasm of global players.

This year’s E3 2021 exhibition will open ahead of schedule on June 12 and end on June 16. So far, big-name manufacturers such as Ubisoft, Microsoft, SE, WB, Take2, etc. have announced new travel plans. There are a lot of things to watch. This article has sorted out all the major new games released until the 15th.

After reading it, you can start to collect equipment.

Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest, as the starter of E3, opened in the early hours of June 11th. Many new games and new DLC were announced in the live broadcast of the event, and there was even a "director's cut version."

1. Death Stranding Director's Cut Version

Kojima Studio announced that it will release the "Death Stranding Director's Cut Edition" on the PS5 platform, but there is no specific news yet. It should be optimized for the PS5 platform and introduced new gameplay. It is worth mentioning that the trailer is in the guide cut version. Hideo Nakakojima played "Carton Terrier" again, which is also considered a fantasy linkage.

2. Metal Slug Tactics

A strategy game based on the world view of the Metal Slug, the classic style is preserved, with Roguelike elements.

3. Call of Duty Theater Season 4

"Call of Duty Theater" is a battle royale game. The fourth season expansion will be launched on June 17. The updated content includes new characters, new modes, and new weapons.

4. Dual campus

Double Dot Studio’s new work "Double Dot Campus" continues the simulated operation of “Dual Dot Hospital”. Players' goal is to build a perfect college in their minds. The game is expected to land on multiple platforms of PS/Xbox/PC in 2022.

5. New World

The online MMORPG sandbox game "New World" developed by Amazon Game Studios announced the official release date (August 31). The story background time is set in the mid-17th century. It adopts a buyout system and is now open for pre-sale. Steam pre-sale price is 149 yuan.

6. Blood Hunt

The supernatural multiplayer battle game "Blood Hunt" developed and produced by the Swedish studio Sharkmob is announced to be launched within this year. Players can act as humans and pick up weapons against vampires, or they may switch camps to become vampires and use special abilities to hunt humans.

7. Black Photo Album: Grey Underworld

The last work of the Black Photo Collection trilogy, "Black Photo Collection: Grey Underworld", has announced more content. The story takes place on the Iraqi border in 2003. The player plays the role of an American CIA agent, exploring the Soviet-American civilization in the depths of the desert. , And fight against ancient creatures. The setting of the game is quite attractive, but the quality of the previous game is mediocre. It is necessary to put a question mark on the quality of the game.

The game is expected to be launched on August 22 this year.

8. Overwatch 2 announces character styling

The much-watched "Overwatch 2" only announced the shapes of Baptiste and Sombra at this year's E3 conference. When it will go live is unknown.

9. Endless Dungeon

Sega Endless Dungeon has released a new promotional video, which is a space-themed Roguelite multiplayer action game. The release date is undetermined. The game will land on the PS/Xbox/Swich/PC platform.

10. Back 4 Blood

This is a multiplayer cooperative FPS game with a variant theme. Looking at the English name of the game again, what do you think of?

Yes, it was created by the creators of the "Legend to Survive" series. It is known as the spiritual sequel to the survival series. It has a battle mode and a multiplayer online mode.

At the Microsoft press conference on the 14th, the studio released a live demo video. The game will be released on October 12 this year. I miss the days of playing "Legend of Survival" with my roommates during college.

11. Elden Ring

The soul player shouted, "Miyazaki Hidetaka will abuse me again." This voice was heard by Miyazaki Hidetaka. This time he also found George R.R. Martin, the author of "A Song of Ice and Fire", to write the story of "The Circle of Eldon". The work will be released on January 21, 2022 and will be available. For PS/Xbox/PC platforms, players who have purchased the PS4 version can upgrade to the PS5 version for free.

The plot is based on ancient myths, the narrative style is similar to that of "Black Soul", and the map is far more grandiose than previous works of the same kind.


On June 13, Ubisoft announced the content of many sequels. Among them is the new game series of "Snatch" the sequel to the big director Cameron's Avatar movie.

1. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

In 2009, the sci-fi 3D movie Avatar directed by James Cameron was released, starting the Chinese 3D movie trend. In the same year, Ubisoft launched the Avatar game, allowing fans to continue to immerse themselves in the colorful alien world built by Cameron.

But who would have thought that Cameron spent ten years on the sequel and let Ubisoft make it first. The new game is built with the Snowdrop engine and uses the signature open-world adventure gameplay. Players will play the role of the Namei tribe on the planet Pandora, explore this world, and attack the human forces who invaded their homeland by the way.

The game will be released in 2022, so the question is, can we see the sequel to Kadao's Avatar in the cinema next year?

2. Rainbow Six: Alien Species

At the 2019 E3 conference, Ubisoft announced the gameplay of "Rainbow Six: Blockade".

At the E3 conference in 2021, Ubisoft officially changed its name to "Rainbow Six: Alien". Of course, this time Ubisoft not only changed the name of the game, but also released a new promotional video. Secret service operators work together to fight the alien infection in a three-person team, which infects the human host and the environment.

The game will be released on September 16.

3. Far Cry 6

Before E3 2021, Ubisoft announced a promotional video for "Far Cry 6", introducing the basic gameplay and story background.

At the press conference on the 13th, Ubisoft released a new CG clip, introducing the encounter between the villain Fried Chicken and the protagonist. The protagonist was captured alive by the villain while escaping from his hometown by boat, which was not directly shown in the video. Uncle Fried Chicken boarded the ship, but there was a gun battle in the background, portraying the villain's cruelty, and his purpose on boarding the ship was not for the protagonist, but to find his son.

The work has been open for pre-sale on Steam, and will be officially launched on October 7. Ubisoft announced the season pass gameplay at the press conference, allowing players to play the villains of the first three games (what a bad taste) and experience a brand new game mode.

4. Watchdogs: Legion Blood DLC

This DLC will be launched in early July. Players can play the original protagonist Aiden and the second-generation character Wrench, and continue their mission in London.

5. Riders Republic

Ubisoft Annecy Studio will bring you a brand new extreme sports game. The entire world will become a playground for players. You can engage in various extreme sports competitions such as BMX, skiing, and winged flying. There will be large-scale racing. , Stunts, unlimited tournaments, battle modes, multiplayer competitions and other gameplay methods. The game will be launched on the PS/Xbox/PC and Stadia platforms on September 2nd.

6. Mario + Crazy Bunny: Starlight Wish

The Mad Rabbit is here again, this time with Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. The game is a strategy game developed by Ubisoft and published by Nintendo. Players can use the terrain to make strategic arrangements that are beneficial to them and eventually defeat them. Evil forces. Will land on the Switch platform in 2022

Microsoft & Bethesda

The wealthy Microsoft is really strong this time, not only has brought many new works by first-party studios and partners, but also a new piece of hardware.

1. XSX mini refrigerator

When the Microsoft Xbox Series X game console just debuted, some players joked that its shape was too much like a refrigerator, so Microsoft later built several large refrigerators for the opinion leaders in the technology sector, but that was just a small test. The players said We want a mass production version.

Once again, Microsoft heard everyone's voice and launched a mini refrigerator with a perfect XSX shape, which will go on sale within this year.

2. Forza Motorsport: Horizon 5

Horizon ushered in a new work, this time players can travel by car in Mexico. The PlayGround Games team introduced the 12K level sky screen data for the first time, which may bring the strongest racing game screen on the market.

The game will be launched on the Xbox / Windows 10 / Steam platform on November 9th and will be added to the XGP game lineup for the first time. Xbox Game Pass is getting more and more popular.

3. Age of Empires 4

At the 2017 Cologne Game Show, Microsoft announced "Age of Empires IV", and finally has an official release date at this year's E3 show.

On October 28th, players will be able to experience a more realistic history with 4K picture quality on Windows 10.

4. Starfield

Bethesda Studios began to develop a next-generation new work immediately after "Fallout 4". After 6 years of development, this game can finally meet players at E3 2021, "Star Region".

As the first new IP of Agency B in recent years, they set the background of the star field in space. Just looking at the posters has a very beautiful texture. The game will officially meet with players on November 11, 2022.

5. Stalker 2

The classic FPS game developed by Ukrainian work GSC Game World ushered in the second generation sequel of the series. "Stalker 2" still uses the Chernobyl exclusion zone as the story background and is built with virtual engine 4 to create a horrible living atmosphere. The game will be released on April 28, 2022.

6. Battlefield 2042

As a close partner of Microsoft, EA has enough time to fill up the real machine demo content of the new work "Battlefield 2042" at this press conference. Of course, they did not disappoint the players. The demo contains the big scene of yellow sand all over the sky. , There is also a detailed description of the indoor battlefield, the sky is omnipotent, the battle royale mode supports up to 128 people to play in the same scene, with island maps, disaster weather, scene destruction and other features.

Will it become a new generation of "graphics crisis"? The work will be on sale on October 23 this year, and pre-orders are now open.

7. Halo: Infinite

"Halo: Infinite" will have a very advanced multiplayer mode with rich content. The multiplayer mode will even join AI players and take over the players after they leave the game midway, but it is currently unknown whether they will join the battle royale mode.

The game will be released during this year's holiday (usually Christmas), the first release to join XGP.

8. Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth

The remake version of "Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth" will be available on Xbox on September 23. It mainly remakes the characters and special effects in high definition. All the reservations are reserved and support up to 4K 60fps mode. This bowl of cold rice is really fragrant.

9. A Plague Tale: Requiem

The new work of the "Plague Tale" series will be launched on Xbox and PC platforms in 2022, and will join XGP for the first time.

10. Replaced

This is a 2.5D horizontal version of the action game. The player plays an artificial intelligence REACH trapped in a human body. With the style of pixel comics, it tells a rather sad story. Xbox is exclusive, will be released in 2022, and will join XGP for the first time.

11. Among Us

Will log on to the Xbox platform within the year and join XGP for the first time.

12. Biography of a Hundred Heroes

The Japanese-style action RPG game "Hundred Heroes" is confirmed to be an exclusive game for the Xbox console. It will be released in 2023 with the first XGP.

13. The Ascent

In a cyberpunk-style shooting RPG game produced by Neon Giant Studios, players need to take up weapons and fight against the upgoing groups that dominate the city. It will be released on July 29th with the first XGP.

14. Outer World 2

Obsidian announced the sequel to The Outer World without any real machine demo content. The promo content uses narration to dub the screen, and finally tells his inner story through the narration: we just announced that there is a sequel, and only in the new folder Please look forward to the new Logo.

15. Microsoft Flight Simulator

The next-generation flight simulation game is finally about to land on the Xbox next-generation console. Just on July 27 this year, the new platform will also be landed together with the free DLC content linked to "High Aspirations 2: The Lone Ranger".

16. Redfall

The Arkane team’s new original IP new work "Redfall" announced that it will be released in the summer of 2022, exclusively for the Xbox console, and the first XGP. The story setting is similar to the previous blood hunt, with vampire elements.

17. Atomic Heart

The FPS game developed by the Russian studio Mundfish with the Soviet era background will be released within this year, with the first XGP.

It is not difficult to see that Microsoft is trying to enrich the Xbox Game Pass game lineup. XGP is a game subscription system that Microsoft uses to counter the opposing PS5 exclusive strategy. The XGP game lineup continues to grow, and its appeal is no worse than monopolization.


1. Resident Evil Village DLC

The producer of Resident Evil Koda Koda announced that "Resident Evil RE: Verse" will be launched on the platform next month. Players with "Resident Evil Village" can play for free. In addition, the DLC content of the latter is also in production. A blank check, more information will be announced in the future.

2. Monster Hunter Story 2: Wings of Destruction

Capcom has announced a new promotional video for "Monster Hunter Story 2: Wings of Destruction". The demo version will be launched on June 25. The game progress will be synchronized to the official version of the game released on July 9. There will be free content updates after the release, and the first wave will join the Tooth Hounds in "Monster Hunter: Rise".

3. The Reversal Referee: Chronicles

This game contains 1-2 of the Reversal Referee, which were released in 2015 and 2017 respectively. For players who have not been in contact with this series before, "Reversal Referee: Chronicles" is a good complement. select. The game will be launched on July 27th, landing on the PS4 / NS / Steam platform.


This E3 show is full of sincerity, and most of them are games that can be played within the year, with very few pie. Especially Ubisoft and Microsoft special, one after another surprise.

Some media said that this time Microsoft's XGP lineup will be a magnificent prologue to the next generation of games, and I agree.

If XGP is now a cold meal collection, it can’t be said to be luxurious, but for $14.99 a month, you can play 3A masterpieces such as "Halo", "Control", "Radiation", "Horizon 4", etc., cost-effective It's also quite high.

In the future, XGP will have more first 3A masterpiece blessings. It is difficult to conclude how much this will affect the sales of Xbox Series X|S, but at least for me, it is difficult to rely on the Xbox camp. .

After a one-year gap, E3 2021 will complete the wish list of many players in one go. In addition, there will be a Nintendo press conference tomorrow. Will this time the long-awaited Switch Pro console be released? It has become the finale egg of this E3 conference, and we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up of the event.

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