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In the world of many of my cleanliness friends, absolute cleanliness does not exist in the world. Even if the eyesight is good enough, there will be dust that is ignored by the naked eye.

When various vacuum cleaners continue to increase suction power, improve dust and gas separation design, and maximize cleaning capabilities, Dyson put forward a new idea: how to find dust that is hard to find with the naked eye?

The answer given by Dyson's new flagship V12 Detect Slim today is-laser detection.

Laser makes what I thought clean becomes real

The laser device is integrated on the right side of the soft velvet tip of the main suction head. It is a laser diode 7.3mm from the ground. When cleaning, the diode will diffuse outward through a lens to form a green light band covering the main suction head. , So as to illuminate the dust in front of the tip.

At the moment it was turned on, those invisible dust particles cast speckled shadows under the green light.

Dyson engineers said that the reason for using lasers is that lasers have good directivity and high energy. For human eyes, green light is 8.5 times brighter than red or blue light, and it can provide 500 lux of ambient light.

In order to verify the effect of V12 laser detection, I sprinkled some salt particles on the ground, which is almost invisible to the naked eye.

I also borrowed another vacuum cleaner from a colleague for comparison, which is equipped with LED lighting.

After several days of use, I also found that the laser has different contrasts under the influence of light. Properly dimming the light can make the dust exposed more clearly.

New ideas for intelligently adjusting suction

In the previous generation of V11, Dyson hoped to realize the intelligent adjustment of suction. The solution at the time was to make the "high torque suction head" change according to the resistance of the ground material, so as to use the microprocessor to adjust the suction.

For example, when used on a carpet, Dyson will automatically increase the suction power, and when switched to a smooth wooden floor, Dyson V11 will dynamically reduce the suction power.

V12 changed a way of thinking: Regardless of the ground material, adjust the suction according to the dust particle size.

How to determine the particle size of dust? Dyson used a new sensor- piezoelectric sensor, this technology is mostly used in NASA space projects to detect space debris to avoid collisions with the space station.

When dust enters the machine and hits the surface of the piezoelectric acoustic sensor at the entrance of the dust collector, it will change its shape or cause vibration waves. The shape change and vibration information are converted into pulses by piezoelectric sensors, and then converted into electrical signals, and the size and quantity of dust are measured and counted through algorithms.

Piezoelectric sensors monitor particulate matter 15,000 times per second. For example, when the V12 Detect Slim is equipped with a laser slim soft velvet tip or an anti-winding spiral tip, when the piezoelectric sensor finds a large amount of dust, the chip will send this information to the motor and battery, thereby increasing Suction power, when the dust level returns to normal, the suction power will be weakened accordingly.

I tried laying a talcum powder tape every 30cm on the floor of the same material, and then gradually pushed it through this mixed environment with V12, and the change in suction power could be clearly felt even from the sound.

The response of V12 is still very fast. When it comes into contact with the talc belt, it can basically adjust the suction within half a second.

Although the machine still has built-in automatic, power-saving and powerful modes, this function basically changed my habit of manual adjustment and left the choice to the machine.

Dust classification of vacuum cleaners

Since the sensor can identify and detect dust, V12 also adds another function-dust classification.

Compared with the traditional infrared dust sensor to estimate the amount of dust intelligently, V12 Detect Slim can record the number of different particles in the range of PM10-500. The LCD screen of the fuselage can monitor and analyze the size and quantity of inhaled dust in real time, and classify it.

However, vacuum cleaners cannot directly identify the types of dust such as pollen and dander, but distinguish them according to the particle size of the dust-greater than 500 microns, greater than 180 microns, greater than 60 microns, greater than 10 microns, presented in a histogram.

The benefits of data visualization are to provide scientific proof of cleaning, and to help users understand the cleaning effect-when I repeatedly clean a clean space, I can find that the data graph has no longer grown.

When the machine is charged again, the data will be automatically cleared. Of course, if it can be cleared manually, it may be more flexible.

The old problem of tangled hair

For many long-haired girls or pet owners, the most difficult time for household cleaning is to clean the tangled hair on the brush head with bare hands after finishing the hygiene.

Dyson V12 redesigned the electric mattress suction head, transforming it into an anti-winding spiral suction head, built-in motor, tapered structure, when the hair is sucked into the brush bar, it will move from one end to the other like a spiral , And throw it out of the dust collector.

As the hair from the female colleague’s head was unsuccessful, I found a ribbon (a cat rope). Through the upgrade video, we can see that the ribbon smoothly enters the suction dust collector along the cone.

Is this process familiar? Yes, it is a screw conveyor, a machine that uses a motor to drive a screw to rotate and push materials to achieve the purpose of conveying. It can also be traced back to the " Archimedes screw pump" of ancient Egypt .

It is hoped that anti-entanglement design may be applied to the main suction head in the future, after all, the hair is not only left in the bed.

A flagship that combines suction and light weight

In the design of the whole machine, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim has changed the traditional trigger-type switch, but integrated a one-button switch above the dust collector. After a light start, it is no longer necessary to hold the button for a long time.

Some fine traditions have also continued:

For example, the detachable battery design I like very much, if I change the "magic clip" in the middle, you can double the use time and expand the use area. It not only solves the problem of portability, but also does not reduce the dust collection area.

For example, the design of the horizontal dust collector, this catapult-start design avoids getting hands dirty when dumping garbage, and dumping garbage is more hygienic.

The birth of Dyson V12 Detect Slim is inseparable from the foreshadowing and exploration of the previous works:

V11 uses 185AW suction power and 60 minutes of battery life to prove that Dyson still has advanced advantages in the design of digital motors and cyclones, while Digital Slim has achieved lightweight products, and Omni-glide has changed the structural design of traditional vacuum cleaners. Gives the flexibility of the machine and adapts the equipment to people.

▲ Dyson V11 and Dyson V12

If the strong suction V11 is a little heavier, and the lightweight Digital Slim has a slightly weaker suction , then the V12 Detect Slim achieves a balance of the four for the first time: it has the Digital Slim lightweight structure, and the suction can reach the first-line level of 150AW. At the same time, it solves the three pain points of dust detection, suction adjustment and hair entanglement.

In an interview with us, Dyson’s engineers said that light weight is not a blind pursuit of weight reduction, but the clean performance of the whole machine. Therefore, when making improvements, engineers need to carefully consider which components can be optimized and which cannot be compromised.

What is a good vacuum cleaner? The standard used to be large suction power, but the market puts forward a higher standard- smart, durable and flexible.

When there is excess suction, lightness and intelligence are another kind of productivity.

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