Dyson V15 first experience: it’s time to say goodbye to the traditional “ineffective cleaning”

A few years ago, when I first entered university, I, who had always been rough and fleshy, began to have allergies on my face. However, after applying a lot of desensitization masks as suggested by Baidu, my face is still red and swollen.

Later, the doctor listened to my "autonomous process" and criticized me as "ineffective treatment," and quickly arranged an allergen test for me. The results showed that the culprit was latex. So the spearhead immediately aimed at the latex pillows purchased at the beginning of school.

Sure enough, after putting on a new pillow, my allergic symptoms gradually disappeared. This experience not only warned me to "stop using Baidu as a doctor", but also let me understand the difference between "effective treatment" and "ineffective treatment".

In fact, many things in life are full of "effective" and "ineffective" solutions, such as cleaning the room.

Sometimes I have been busy for a long time, sweeping and dragging, and the house is still full of dust; the sheets and quilts are changed and washed every week, but they are still allergic to mites… These maddening home troubles, the reasons can be summarized in four words: "ineffective cleaning ".

So what does "effective cleaning" look like? How can "effective cleaning" be achieved? The vacuum cleaner V12 released by Dyson at the beginning of this month has pointed out a direction through laser detection and sensor analysis.

The latest flagship vacuum cleaner V15 not only upgrades the suction power to the strongest 230AW in the history of Dyson, but also has a more powerful HEPA filter and other features. At the same time, it also has the same laser detection, sensor analysis and other functions of the same V12, which can be said to be the existence of the vacuum cleaner.

Visualization makes cleaning more effective

The traditional way of cleaning is to sweep where it is dirty. Whether it is a broom or a vacuum cleaner, the judgment is based on our eyes.

However, the eyes sometimes seem to be deceiving. Obviously there is nothing on the floor, but when you walk barefoot, you will still get dust from your feet.

This is actually not to blame for the eyes, but because the dust and particles on the ground are too small, and there are often ceiling lights in the room, so that they can lie on the floor safely without being noticed by human eyes.

When the angle of the light source changes, these dust and particles will appear obediently. This is similar to lowering the angle of the mobile phone when we take a photo to make the photographed object taller.

According to this idea, Dyson V15 uses laser technology on the suction head of the vacuum cleaner.

This laser device can be seen on the right side of the soft velvet suction head of the main suction head. It contains a laser diode. When it is turned on, the diode will scatter outward through the lens to form a green light band to illuminate the dust in front of the tip.

I sprinkled some particles on the ground to simulate dust, which is almost invisible to the naked eye under natural indoor light. Under the laser of the specific angle of the Dyson V15, these particles have nowhere to hide, and people can tell at a glance where they need to be cleaned.

▲Comparison before and after the laser is turned on

Compared with the suction heads with LED lights on the market, lasers have significant advantages, that is, good directionality and high energy. Compared with another vacuum cleaner with LED lighting in our house, the laser of Dyson V15 clearly illuminates the dust on the ground and covers a larger area.

Why choose a green laser? According to Dyson engineers, for the human eye, green light is 8.5 times brighter than red or blue light and can provide 500 lux of ambient light. Simply put, it is to have better visibility.

There is no need to worry about security. It is safe and harmless to watch the ground illuminated by the laser while cleaning.

In fact, for slightly larger particles and dust, the laser can greatly expand the "visibility" of the human eye. But this is not enough. For dust and dirt like mites, dander, pollen, etc., which can be seen with a magnifying glass, it is difficult to observe with the naked eye even with a laser.

At this time, the piezoelectric acoustic sensor of Dyson V15 comes in handy. It can sense dust of different sizes, record it in real time, and display it on the LCD screen at the rear.

Through 15,000 measurements per second, this piezoelectric sensor can record the number of different particles in the PM10-500 range and classify them according to the size of the particles.

The presentation is very clear. The histograms of different colors on this LCD screen correspond to dusts larger than 10 microns, 60 microns, 180 microns, and 500 microns, respectively.

This can not only provide scientific proof of cleaning, that is, where is dirty and what kind of dust is there, but it can also help users understand the cleaning effect-when the cleaning is in place, the histogram will no longer change significantly.

From the naked eye to the data, Dyson V15 makes the cleaning process visible. Compared to "follow the feeling" during traditional cleaning, V15 allows deep cleansing to be seen with your own eyes, and the cleaning effect is more at ease.

It is worth mentioning that V15 can not only use this piezoelectric sensor to distinguish the size and quantity of dust, but also adjust the suction power in real time according to the amount of dust, which is very smart.

In order to achieve effective cleaning, in addition to visualization, there is another point that cannot be ignored, that is, the filtering effect of the vacuum cleaner.

While the vacuum cleaner sucks in dust, the airflow will be discharged from the air outlet grille at the rear. So we can see that most vacuum cleaners will place a layer of filter in front of the exhaust hole to separate the air mixed with bacteria and dust.

If this filter is not reliable, or the vacuum cleaner is not well sealed, it is likely to cause secondary pollution-the unseparated gas will be discharged from the tail or the gap in the fuselage and blown directly onto our clothes or faces.

However, secondary pollution is not only harmful to our respiratory health, but it is also indescribably effective in cleaning. After all, part of the dirty gas sucked in "escapes" out, which is equivalent to not being cleaned up.

One of the major upgrades of the Dyson V15 is that it has a complete HEPA filter, and the filter at the tail can be removed and washed.

Friends who have air purifiers at home should not be unfamiliar with the term HEPA (High Efficiency Air Filter). The filter that meets this standard is the most effective filter medium for pollutants such as smoke, dust and bacteria. Can capture and seal 99.97% of dust as small as 0.1 microns.

In this way, Dyson V15 can easily avoid secondary pollution. While ensuring health, it can also achieve effective cleaning.

In addition to being effective, there are also efficient

Cleaning the room is a physical task, and the sooner it is done, the better. This requires us to improve the efficiency of cleaning.

How does Dyson V15 make cleaning more efficient? In addition to using lasers to make dust visible, and using the display to display the type and amount of dust currently inhaled, people can easily distinguish the current cleanliness. There is also a key ability: the strongest 230AW suction power in Dyson's history.

The suction power of the Dyson V15 reached an astonishing 230AW, which created the peak suction power of its own wireless vacuum cleaner. This is also a very distinctive upgrade point for V15.

If the suction power is large, the dust collection efficiency of the vacuum cleaner will increase in theory, which can reduce the repeated vacuuming action in the same area. So what is the dust collection efficiency of Dyson V15?

In order to simulate dust and dirt, I used cat litter, millet, and 20 pieces of paper scraps as test garbage, totaling 100 grams, and spread them evenly on the ground. This is an extreme scenario. After all, there is far less common dust in a family unit.

Then, the Dyson V15 in the fully charged state is subjected to a single vacuum test in the strong mode, and finally the difference between before and after the ground garbage is inhaled is calculated, and the dust collection rate is calculated.

During the test, the naked eye can see the powerful cleaning ability of Dyson V15. Wherever I went, there was basically no remaining rubbish.

As a comparison, I also used a vacuum cleaner with a nominal suction power of 165AW at home and repeated the same steps above. It can be found that there is still a lot of residual garbage in the area where the suction head passes. Due to the large size of cat litter, there are not a few cat litters that have been crushed, which increases the amount of cleaning.

From the measurement results, the total amount of test waste sucked by Dyson V15 is 99.3 grams, and the dust collection rate is 99.3%. The other vacuum cleaner sucked in only 94.4 grams of test waste, and the dust collection rate was 4.9% lower than that of the Dyson V15.

▲The dust collection capacity of Dyson V15 on the left, and 165AW vacuum cleaners from other brands on the right

For friends who have more carpets at home and need to remove dust mites and need to clean the whole house in depth, the greater the suction, the better. Because this will make it easier and more efficient to clean the mites and dander in deep carpets and mattresses.

I sprinkled some dust mite simulants on the sofa, and covered two layers of towels to simulate bed sheets. After installing the Dyson V15 with a suitable brush head, vacuum twice through the towel to observe the dust removal.

It can be seen that after vacuuming twice, the dust mite simulant under the towel has basically disappeared.

As a control, after repeating the above steps for another vacuum cleaner in the house, there were still many dust mites remaining under the towel. The effect of removing mites is immediate.

Accessories upgrade, standard upgrade

In the past, when we evaluated the pros and cons of a vacuum cleaner, we often used the "Golden Triangle Standard" as a reference. First, it sucks cleanly, second, there is no attenuation of suction power, and third, there is no secondary pollution.

These three dimensions are not challenging for Dyson V15.

The 230AW suction power of the whole machine surpasses the crowd, and it is difficult to find a rival in terms of "sucking cleanly"; the classic cyclone separation technology prevents garbage from clogging the air passage and filter to maintain a stable suction; the whole machine HEPA filter is also well avoided. Secondary pollution.

It is challenging and easy to be overlooked by manufacturers to reduce the maintenance difficulty of the vacuum cleaner.

Just like you don't want to wash the bowl after cooking, most users are reluctant to clean the suction head after cleaning. Especially for users who have long hair or who have pets at home, the hair strands that are tightly wound around the suction head are always heady.

In response to this pain point, the Dyson V15 is equipped with a variety of suction tips with special engineering structures, which is simply a "lazy artifact."

For example, my most commonly used electric mattress suction head uses a spiral brush head. The principle is the same as that of the screw conveyor, and the material is pushed to achieve the purpose of conveying.

Through experiments, it can be seen that when long hair or long rope is sucked in, it will follow the cone and be smoothly pushed into the dust box. Avoid the embarrassment of hair stuck on the brush head.

Another high-torque tip also has anti-winding features. Its anti-entanglement brush strip is equipped with 56 polycarbonate fiber teeth, which can reduce hair tangling around the bristles. I used it to clean the blanket on the bay window. Many cat hairs were sucked into the dust box, but one stick was not stuck on the suction head.

This high-torque suction head is not only anti-winding, but also can automatically adjust the suction power according to the type of ground. For example, on the carpet, it will increase the suction, make it fit the carpet surface, and improve the cleaning effect.

These upgraded accessories make the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner easier.

It can be said that based on the previous "Golden Triangle Standard", that is, on the basis of clean suction, no attenuation of suction, and no secondary pollution, the Dyson V15 is easy to maintain and has been properly upgraded to the "Golden Four Corners Standard."

An easy-to-maintain vacuum cleaner is a really worry-free right-hand man. And an "effective cleaning" vacuum cleaner is a must-have for next-generation cleaning tools.

Compared with the lighter V12, both are equipped with laser search light function, piezoelectric sensor and liquid crystal display, which are both effective cleaning tools.

However, the strong suction power of up to 230AW and the HEPA filter of the whole machine allow Dyson V15 to go further in effective cleaning, and truly achieve the perfect combination of efficiency and effectiveness.

Say goodbye to traditional cleaning methods, a Dyson V15 can clean the whole house, and you can feel at ease.

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