Dyson TP09 air purification fan experience: reject formaldehyde, PM2.5, you may need to point “good home style”


Before masks became the norm in life, wearing masks was already my life habit, because my nose was not very upbeat, and when the season changed, I was particularly sensitive. I would sneeze and sneeze constantly when I encountered dust or irritating odors. .

Since our office is right on the side of the road, even if the windows are closed, the dust raised by the car can always find cracks and invade in, which makes my nose itchy recently, so I had to wear a mask indoors. , To avoid secondary pollution of the air.

At the turn of spring and summer, Dyson released the dyson purifier cool formaldehyde (model TP09) air purification fan, claiming to be able to purify most of the indoor dust particles and harmful gases such as formaldehyde. This will be the gospel for our nasal allergic patients. ?

You think it is a fan, but it is actually an air purifier

We often compare Dyson to Apple and Hermes in the home appliance industry, because these brands have a common feature (except expensive), that is, they are highly recognizable in design, and their unique design style makes people the first The eye can tell that this is their product.

The same is true for the newly released TP09. As a new series of Dyson air purification fans, TP09 continues Dyson's unique fanless structure in overall appearance, and becomes more refined in details.

TP09 has two colors: white gold and black gold. This time we experienced black gold, but compared to "black", the whole body is closer to dark silver. When light shines on it, it will have a metal-like reflective luster. .

The matching base cover is made of champagne gold, and the "low-key" combination of black and gold allows it to blend into most of the decoration style, and it will not appear obtrusive in any corner of the room.

The fanless tuyere composed of arcs is the symbol of Dyson fans and a model of the combination of technology and design. Compared with the previous generation, only the wind from both sides of the vertical line can be used. The entire arc on the front of the TP09 can be used for wind. The changes in the details allow The visual integration is stronger.

The wind power of TP09 can be adjusted in 10 gears. Above 8 gears, there will be a more obvious operating sound. Dyson said that the maximum operating volume is 61 decibels. In the actual experience, when the wind is at the maximum, the operating noise can be basically ignored at a distance of 2 meters. If you want to be relatively quiet, you can adjust the wind to about 7 gears.

As for wind, the air flow of TP09 reaches 290 liters per second, and the maximum coverage distance of the 10-speed wind is about 3 meters. The wind feels like natural wind blowing slowly from the balcony. The colleagues who have experienced mentioned the "comfortable" Adjective, the wind blows on the body gently but not rigidly.

TP09 has a 350° wide-angle head turning. It is better at blowing cool breeze to every corner of the space than blowing a strong gust of wind to cool the entire room.

If the design of the fan is as exquisite as always, then the workmanship and texture of the remote control are the same as before…It's hard to say.

The design of the large plastic texture and the "visual" circuit board can be said to be unparalleled in the home appliance industry. It can be seen that Dyson is really focused on the design and development of the fan, because it takes one percent to redesign this The remote control doesn't seem to be so cheap.

The remote control can control most of the functions of the TP09, such as wind power, head shaking, switching modes, and has a built-in small magnet, which can be attached to the top of the fan when not in use, avoiding the embarrassment of using AirTag to find the remote control.

However, because it is still an infrared remote control structure instead of the popular Bluetooth remote control, it must be aimed at the fan body during remote control. When the head is tilted, the remote control will not be able to operate. Sometimes it is stopped after several presses, and the fan still goes its own way. Shaking his head.

I prefer to use a mobile app instead of the remote control. After connecting the fan with Dyson Link, the mobile phone can remotely control the fan "anytime, anywhere", which is more convenient than the remote control.

Because it is a networked operation, the Anywhere mentioned here is truly anywhere-you can even turn on the fan at home in the office to cool down the room in advance before going home.

And the mobile phone app can also control the direction of the fan swing. As long as you slide on the app and set the angle, the fan will automatically rotate, and you can blow it when you lie on the sofa.

Putting the TP09 and the "normal" bladeless fan together, you will find that the "three dimensions" of the TP09 is much larger, and the base is more "sturdy". The design difference is like telling you-don't be fooled by its appearance. Yes, it is actually an air purifier with fan function.

You may need a little "good family style"

Air is probably the "stranger" we are most familiar with. We are breathing air all the time, but it is difficult to detect the quality of each breath.

PM2.5 and formaldehyde are invisible killers that modern people have to face. Most people stay indoors 80% of the day. For people who have just moved to a new house, indoor air quality has always been a common concern.

TP09 has built-in a variety of gas detectors, which can detect a variety of volatile organic gases including formaldehyde, benzene, ethanol, acetaldehyde (VOC, volatile organic compounds) and so on.

I opened it and tested the indoor formaldehyde content. At the beginning, it showed 0.022mg/m³, which is already a very low safety level. It means that our office has been thoroughly ventilated after renovation. As a result, it will be tested again in 10 minutes. It is controlled at a lower level by TP09, only 0.003mg/m³.

TP09 is also very sensitive to VOC. You only need to spray a little volatile liquid such as toilet water nearby, and the VOC will immediately become red, and after about 5 minutes, it will drop to a safe green level.

Among the many purification functions, what I am most concerned about is the ability of TP09 to deal with fine dust, whether it can give my nose a moment of peace, so I put on a mask and decided to do a smoke test.

On the premise of taking fire-fighting measures, I used a safety mosquito coil to release a large amount of smoke in a space of 20 square meters to test the dust purification ability of TP09.

The first thing to note is that this is in a very extreme test environment. TP09 should be used as a daily indoor air purification fan. The test results are only for reference.

At the moment of smoke, the PM2.5 monitoring meters of TP09 and third-party air detectors both reached the maximum display range (range) of 999μg/m³, unable to display accurate values, and the actual content should be much higher than 999μg/m³ .

After 10 minutes, the value finally began to change. Indoor PM2.5 dropped to 990μg/m³ "lethal quantity" level, 30 minutes later dropped to a heavy pollution level of 118μg/m³, and 40 minutes fell to a light pollution level of 50μg/m³. After 50 minutes, it drops to a safe level of 22μg/m³. Under unusual experimental conditions, the purification speed and effect are still satisfactory.

The secret weapon of purification is hidden in the base of the TP09. The method of disassembly is very simple. You only need to press the switches on both sides of the fuselage to remove the shell and replace the filter element inside.

▲ A total of 2 Cryptomic filters and HEPA filters in total before and after

In the middle of the base is a centrifugal fan for blowing air, and a light blue metal mesh cover is the core technology of TP09-a Cryptomic filter that can decompose formaldehyde and toxic organics, then a white HEPA filter and champagne gold The outer cover.

Among them, the Crytomic filter and HEPA filter element play the role of air purification.

On the Cryptomic filter, there is a manganese potassium catalyst coating that can decompose formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water. Compared with the adsorption function of activated carbon, the catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde can control the formaldehyde more thoroughly without secondary leakage and pollution. .

The thick HEPA filter element is composed of two parts. The white filter on the front is made of 9-meter-long HEPA borosilicate ultra-fine glass fiber after 200 repeated foldings. The light black mesh on the back is made of activated carbon particles. The multi-layer adsorption can capture 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 micron in the air.

On the front small screen, in addition to the values ​​of temperature, humidity, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other parameters, you can also see the use of the filter element with visual animation, which can avoid forgetting to replace the filter element during long-term use, like This kind of intimate little details is quite practical.

Everything is to be able to breathe freely

Back to the price, can TP09 support the price of 5990 yuan? I think it depends on your environment and needs.

▲ 4.65KG body weight is much heavier than ordinary bladeless fans

If your home has been renovated for several years, there is basically no formaldehyde problem, and it is far away from the "earthly", then the TP09 may not be as good as the basic bladeless fan, which not only costs only one-third of the price, but also has a lighter body The air flow is greater.

The ideal scene for TP09 should be a new home appliance that will be added when moving to a new home.

The volatilization of formaldehyde during the decoration of a new home has always been a difficult problem. Since formaldehyde is commonly found in the adhesive or coating of furniture, formaldehyde will slowly evaporate over a period of time as the furniture is used.

The best way to remove formaldehyde is to open doors and windows for frequent ventilation to reduce the indoor formaldehyde content. However, after moving in, sometimes it is not so convenient to open windows for ventilation. Faced with the "invisible killer" constantly emanating from the bed frame and sand, if you want to breathe freely, you may really need an air purifier that can purify formaldehyde. Device.

When you clarify the demand, you will find that the price of TP09 is actually not much higher than similar products. At the same time, it also has a good-looking "skin", the fanless technology that is still full of technological sense, and the long-term Seven years of formaldehyde testing.

James Dyson, the founder of Dyson, once mentioned in an interview that the air purification fan was originally just a fan product. After it was put on the market, as the needs of users changed, the product itself was constantly changing.

Adding humidification, warm air and even air purification and formaldehyde removal functions to the fan are all changes made by Dyson in order to adapt to the changing needs of consumers. Dyson is transforming from an expert in wind to an air expert.

Dyson and the scientific research team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences released the "White Paper on China Consumers' Home Environment Health Research", which pointed out that everyone inhales up to 9,000 liters of air every day, and the indoor environmental quality cannot be ignored.

9,000 liters of air, and TP09, which is close to 6,000 yuan, after measuring the cost of breathing comfortably, I began to cherish every mouthful of "pure" air I breathed in.

Higher and higher

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