Dyson released a new product Omni-glide universal vacuum cleaner, possibly the most flexible vacuum cleaner

On December 1, the first day of the last month of 2020, Dyson released a new series of vacuum cleaners, Omni-glide, in the Chinese market.

Although this new product is still a vacuum cleaner series, its shape is very different from Dyson's previous vacuum cleaner products. It also caused a whirlwind when it was launched overseas.

If you look at the official pictures carefully, you can find that the biggest change in the Omni-glide vacuum cleaner compared to the past is that it has abandoned the traditional gun-style grip, but replaced it with a straight line design that completely penetrates the top and bottom. The cyclone and motor , Filter and handle are placed in a straight line.

What are the benefits of this design? According to the official introduction, this design allows the air flow to pass in a straight line theoretically, reducing the loss of air flow, so the performance of dust and gas separation will become better.

In addition, designing the handle part in this way can also free the wrist from the restraint, and the user can more flexibly control the vacuum cleaner for vacuuming operation by turning the wrist during use.

In order to reduce the burden on the wrist, the Dyson Omni-glide universal vacuum cleaner also uses a click-type power switch design. A power button and a powerful mode button are added to the part of the handle near the rear filter, so you don’t need to hold the button when cleaning. , Which also allows users to swing freely when using it.

The biggest feature of the Omni-glide universal vacuum cleaner is extremely high flexibility. For this reason, Dyson also introduced a new universal soft velvet roller suction head. "Universal" means that a total of four are designed at the bottom of the suction head. A universal wheel allows the suction head to move in any direction such as horizontal, vertical, arc, etc., which can better fit the table corners and chair legs that were not easy to clean in the past.

Functionally, it is still the basic structure of the soft velvet suction head, but for the first time it adopts a double brush strip design. The double revolving gear box is driven by a built-in motor, so that two diagonally sewn carbon fiber brushes can be moved from two directions at the same speed. At the same time, it absorbs dust and covers a larger area.

Because of design changes, the Omni-glide universal vacuum cleaner can now "lie flat" directly, and can reach the bottom of a cabinet or sofa with a height of 8 cm to vacuum. Of course, you still need to squat down to use it. And the main unit only weighs 1.07kg, so it can be used alone for small girls.

The Omni-glide universal vacuum cleaner is designed to be light and portable. The use concept is to charge as you use it. The battery can be used for 20 minutes under typical use. However, the charging base takes into account the problem that many renters cannot damage the wall. The non-perforated charging stand design is a good choice to lean against the side of the cabinet.

In addition to the universal soft velvet suction tip, it is also equipped with a desktop cleaning tip, a gap (soft) dual-use tip, and an electric mattress tip, which can clean the desktop and household surfaces, blinds and high places, and Mattress sofa.

The Dyson Omni-glide universal vacuum cleaner has two classic colors, matte purple and bright gold, and the prices are 3390 yuan and 3590 yuan respectively. The bright gold version is slightly more expensive because it is equipped with a slit lighting tip. The new products will be officially launched on Dyson WeChat flagship store and other official channels on December 1. The shiny gold models are only available in limited quantities at Dyson's official WeChat flagship store and Dyson's official direct-run experience store.

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