Dyson Omni-glide vacuum cleaner first experience: “Firebolt” in the vacuum cleaner

Modern people who are accustomed to flat rubber cotton mops occasionally miss the old-fashioned mops from their childhood memories-bundled with rags, not surprising, but simple and easy to use and flexible. After seeing Harry Potter's flying broomstick, the bear child can hold this "Firebolt" for an afternoon to entertain himself.

The first time I touched the Dyson Omni-glide, I knew the feeling of childhood was back.

This is a vacuum cleaner that is completely different from the previous one in terms of appearance and control. If Dyson used V11 to break through the ceiling of suction and Digtial Slim to solve lightweight, then Omni-glide's mission is flexibility.

If traditional vacuum cleaners are "straight-forward" like a flat rubber mop, then Omni-glide is as flexible as an old-fashioned mop and can be moved as you wish.

Lightness is the prerequisite for flexibility . Dyson redesigned the structure of the entire vacuum cleaner. The Omni-glide is only 1.9kg and the main unit is 1.07kg, making it the smallest in the entire vacuum cleaner family.

In an interview with Ai Faner, Archie Henderson, head of Dyson's China R&D and design team, said that flexibility is mainly due to two technologies-universal soft velvet drum suction head and linear body design.

Let's start with the universal soft velvet roller suction head. The bottom of the suction head is equipped with 4 universal wheels. The principle is similar to that of a suitcase. The wheels can rotate 360 ​​degrees, making it possible to move forward, pull back, turn sideways, and surround.

Although it does not seem to have much technological additions, the wheels contain a lot of engineering design ingenuity: for example, the small sealed bearing next to the brush bar is embedded above the protective shell. Since the rotating shaft is inside the protective shell, no matter how it rotates, The protective shell is always kept at the front of the wheel, so that dust is caught in the universal wheel, causing damage.

In order to serve the flexibility of operation, Omni-glide changed the design of the traditional Dyson vacuum cleaner gun style, and changed the fuselage into a linear design. The cyclone system, motor, filter and handle are all in one line.

▲ Dyson Omni-glide and Dyson V11

When I first started, I was at a loss for this huge change, but when I got used to the sweeping posture of dragging and swinging, I discovered the benefits of a straight handle. In addition to grasping, holding, holding, and pinching gestures, you can switch left and right hands at will , You can even change the travel route of the tip by rotating the handle.

The introduction of universal moving wheels + linear handles brings direct changes that are more suitable for complex and compact home environments. For example, to deal with the following scenario, you have to move the furniture or lift the vacuum cleaner repeatedly. The Omni-glide can directly go around the legs of the table, leg and chair to fit and rotate.

In this process, I was able to unlock many new cleaning poses.

For example, swiping and twisting the wrist can make the system rotate 90° horizontally to achieve lateral travel.

Another example is compass-style cleaning, which takes people as the center and draws a circle like a compass, allowing the vacuum cleaner to achieve an arc-shaped trajectory.

After clearing an area, directly play drifting to achieve a 180-degree turn.

When cleaning low spaces such as the bottom space of the sofa, Omni-glide can lie down at 180 degrees, and the measured 8cm can be extended in. Previously, a bent accessory was needed to complete this operation.

In fact, I did not feel much inconvenience when I used V11 to operate a straight vacuum cleaner. Once I became familiar with the operation of Omni-glide, it was really difficult to go back.

It gives me the feeling that the device is trying to match people as much as possible, rather than making people adapt to the device.

Archie Henderson told me that Omni-glide was inspired by the sketches of the founder James Dyson. On Christmas Eve two years ago, James Dyson was inspired by stick broom and conceived the shape of a broom-type cordless vacuum cleaner.

The design of the double-roller brush strip is another change that is visible to the naked eye. We have only seen this design on the sweeping robot. The double brush bar has a built-in motor-driven double revolving gear box, so that two diagonally stitched carbon fiber brushes can simultaneously absorb dust from two directions at the same speed. The double roller brush bars cover a larger area and clean efficiency higher.

Another detail is that the side of the main suction head is wrapped in soft velvet to avoid bumping and rubbing the furniture when cleaning the welt.

In terms of accessories, in addition to the main suction head, an electric mattress suction head is used to remove mites, a slit (soft) dual-purpose suction head is used to clean the grille, blinds and narrow corners, and a desktop cleaning suction head is used Accurately remove dust and large debris on the surface of desktops and furniture.

Omni-glide is also equipped with two vacuum rods, one long and one short. The two rods can even be connected together, making the machine up to 1.5 meters long and cover more distant locations.

With the change of the gun structure, the Omni-glide's power switch has also become a click type. After a light click is started, it is no longer necessary to hold the button for a long time.

This change is really critical. It means that when rotating and cleaning, it is no longer restricted by the angle of the button, the hand is no longer restricted, and the length of the fingers and the length of the machine handle can be fully utilized to cover more distant areas.

With a smaller body, lighter weight, and more flexible operation, Omni-glide is very friendly to girls and elderly people with delicate statures.

After all, flexibility itself is a kind of productivity.

Thanks to the design of the Dyson digital motor and the multi-cone cyclone, the cleaning ability has become the least worrying link. The Hyperdymium rotating speed motor equipped with Omni-glide is much smaller than the previous ones, but the speed is still as high as 105,000 rpm, while the V11 is 12,500 rpm.

However, the nominal suction power of Omni-glide is only 50AW, which is not too high to be honest .

Archie Henderson believes that the suction power is only a reference value to measure the vacuum cleaner, and the cyclone design and separation capacity should be balanced in the design. " From the perspective of product design, many of Dyson's ideas and methods for building products are based on the overall structure of the product. Taking the two new products launched this year as an example, we have considered which parts can be used from the beginning of the design. Integration, which materials can be removed, but still ensure that the product is still reliable and easy to use. "

In my week of use, Omni-glide does not have any limitations in its cleaning ability. As long as it is not particularly stubborn stains, ordinary dust and garbage can be handled.

In contrast, sweeping robots on the market are usually only 30-40AW, and it is not difficult to deal with the cleaning of wooden boards and tile floors.

However, if you use Omni-glide for bed cleaning, the effect of removing dust mites is still slightly worse than that of V11.

Despite the new design, some of the advantages of Dyson vacuum cleaners have been retained, such as the design of the horizontal dust bin since the V10. This catapult-start design avoids getting hands dirty when dumping garbage, and dumping garbage is cleaner.

Omni-glide has two gears by default. After turning on the power, press Max to activate the strong mode. It is measured that a single charge is sufficient for ordinary cleaning in a 60 square meter environment, plus the cleaning of the bed and sofa in the 5-minute strong mode.

Continuing the previous detachable battery design, Omni-glide's battery module is designed inside the handle this time, and the installation is a bit of a "magic clip". By purchasing an additional battery, you can double the use time and expand the use area.

In terms of price, the Omni-glide matte purple model is priced at 3390 yuan. In addition, there is also a bright gold model with narrow-slit lighting nozzles, which is only available in limited editions at Dyson WeChat official flagship store and Dyson's official direct-run experience store, priced at 3590 yuan.

In general, Omni-glide is a new product line that Dyson has opened up outside of the V series. It adopts a design that is completely different from the past through engineering design, which greatly improves the flexibility of use, plus the petite machine. The price is very suitable for young people living alone in a small apartment. In addition, if you are looking for a car vacuum cleaner that is convenient to store, Omni-glide is also a good choice.

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