Drink milk tea and get stock! Nai Xue teaches stock trading, my account is “green to glowing” and I am moved

On June 30, 2021, Nai Xue’s tea Hong Kong stock market fell by more than 13% on the first day. The media said that it is difficult to tell the story of expansion of new tea drinks.

On June 30, 2022, Nai Xue's tea "virtual stock" was listed, and it attracted a lot of attention on the first day, and it has the momentum of becoming the king of creative marketing this year.

Although the real stock of Nai Xue's tea is still falling today, with the operation of this virtual stock simulation, he has successfully allowed his young consumers to experience the "first lesson in the stock market" by playing games.

Nai Xue stock, buy milk tea and send it?

On the first anniversary of Nai Xue's tea's listing, the brand announced a long-prepared recharge event, and it will also give you virtual stocks.

As of press time, in reality, Nai Xue's tea stock is 6.65 Hong Kong dollars per share. If you buy a cup of milk tea and get a share of stock, then Nai Xue's tea panties will be lost, and the market value will continue to fall. But fortunately, this is just a small game that borrows the shell of the stock market. Saying that it will give you stocks is actually giving you points.

Points, gold coins, energy, glory points… This is a common currency unit in the brand membership system, but the core is a "currency" of the membership system in the brand, most of which can only be circulated within the brand, and the exchange point coupons are small gifts or something.

▲ Nai Xue virtual stock game trading interface

This is common, and common also means bland. Whether it's naming or gameplay, users are so commonplace that they don't have any special interest.

At this time, Nai Xue's tea stone was earth-shattering, using stocks instead of points, introducing the stock market game into the membership system, and reducing dimensionality to attack the original old game. This is how Naixue introduced the gameplay:

A unique virtual stock game, feel the "heartbeat" of the stock price and stimulate the earning of "rewards".

During the first three days of Nai Xue's tea's first anniversary, users can get virtual shares as a gift by ordering in the applet. If you order 30 yuan, you will get 30 shares. Of course, the stock price cannot be compared with the actual price. 30 shares can be exchanged for 3 yuan vouchers in Naixue Mall. We can also think that its value is almost 0.1 yuan per share.

If it can only be exchanged for gifts, then this virtual stock is actually nothing special, that is, the name of the original points has become a stock. The special thing is that you can use "virtual stocks" to complete "virtual stock trading" in this "virtual stock market".

Users can buy or buy virtual stocks, and the value of virtual stocks is also changing at any time.

Yes, except for the first 3 days of the campaign, you have to buy stocks to get them. Nai Xue replaces real money with Nai Xue coins, allowing you to complete virtual stock transactions in a completely non-money way.

▲ Virtual stock activity

Virtual stock price = real closing price of Nai Xue Hong Kong stock * RMB exchange rate, so we can also think that the rise and fall of Nai Xue stock in the real world will also happen in your virtual stock market. If you think that the changes in the real world are too small to affect your income in the virtual stock market, you can also use leveraged currency to increase leverage.

Take a loan to buy stocks, win a villa by the sea, and lose a casino rooftop (although it is not virtual).

As for the ups and downs of stocks, it depends on your vision. You can completely experience the "happiness" of bottom-hunting and cash-out on the mountainside in the virtual Nayuki stock market.

However, as a marketing campaign launched by a brand, it must still have the purpose of attracting traffic to itself. After you start playing the game, Naixuecoin becomes more and more important to you. This is your "start-up capital" for investing in stocks. It is essential to sign in every day. How can you be absent from the double Naxuecoin on member days every Wednesday?

It's all about being a stock market winner.

▲ The rules interface in the applet

The first lesson of stock trading, marketing is very interesting

This is a risky marketing.

Some lawyers believe that this kind of virtual stock will encourage users to spend more, and there may be a problem of absorbing social funds in disguise. And Nai Xue coins and Nai Xue virtual stocks also involve the risk of unauthorized issuance of securities and illegal fundraising.

Nai Xue also knew that it was risky, and wrote the keywords of virtual, game, and simulation in every corner of the entire trading interface, emphasizing that "the relevant rules do not constitute an invitation to subscribe for Nai Xue's stock or advertisements related to it."

But I have to admit, it was fun.

▲ Nai Xue virtual stock trading interface

Nowadays, it is difficult for young people to buy a house, and it is even more difficult to save money and other inflation. Maybe you want to do some investment testing. Once you open the trading software, you will be intimidated by the high entry threshold and data that you can't understand at all. There are actually very few people who can sink their minds to learn financial knowledge and financial management. Most of them are "you mess with your finances, and your finances take care of you".

Fortunately, the young friends didn't have much money to lose, and they felt heartache when they lost a thousand children and eight hundred, so they stopped their losses in time. But cutting the flesh and exiting does not mean that young people don't want to understand these things, just that they choose to shy away. And now there is a stock trading game with basically no thresholds that allows you to try it out and experience the impermanent changes in the stock market. You can also try to use it to successfully trade stocks.

How can you not be excited?

▲ Even in the virtual stock market, you may lose everything

This is of course a risky step, and it is uncertain whether the regulators can accept such a self-built virtual stock market.

But risks and returns are always proportional. If nothing happens, Nai Xue can watch users drink milk tea and eat European bags, and slowly learn to trade stocks. Everything starts from Nai Xue's single virtual stock market, and can I try it on the first brand applet that eats crabs.

After all, this is not the stock market. This is a membership system, a point, and a simulated stock market game made by a new tea brand.

This kind of game marketing is no stranger. The e-commerce platforms we are familiar with have been making mini games all the time. There are countless mini games for growing vegetables. Of course, most of the game modes are somewhat homogenous. It stands to reason that selling goods only needs to be discounted and paid, and does not need to be a game, but you can see how many people insist on punching in to receive vegetables and fruits every day. It is a profitable business for users to play.

▲ Duoduo Orchard, Dongdong Farm, Baba Farm

The more energy and time users invest in branded mini-games, the harder it is to give up, and the more willing they are to buy, buy, drink, and drink for the game.

Growing vegetables, raising cattle, raising flowers, and running restaurants are very common, and almost any brand can do it; after everyone starts to get used to wearing watches, wristbands and games based on physical activity, the insurance company also promises how many days to reach the target. How much premium can be reduced; now you can invest in stocks in Nai Xue's mini-game, and the stocks will go up and sell for money, which can be exchanged for vouchers or even Macbooks.

Today, the mini game of growing vegetables has become more and more common. I, a young man who is "losing money and looking around at a loss", really likes this mini game of stock speculation.

Although stock market experts may find this less serious, a new consumer brand can really play something new.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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