Dozens of “ice cream assassins” are heartbreaking, and hundreds of plush toys make adults rush to pay

Adults don't want to have children, but want to raise them.

Doll is a general term, it can be cats and dogs, it can be Bubble Mart, it can be a Gundam model, or it can be a plush toy.

The top players in the plush toy industry, in addition to IKEA shark, also has Jellycat founded in London in 1999.

There is a child who likes Jelly and Cat very much, and giggles when he thinks of combining the two, which is the origin of the brand Jellycat.

The name is a little quirky in its cuteness, reflecting Jellycat's design style – sometimes quirky, sometimes cute but always a little different.

20 years old is just right to buy, 30 years old is not old

Tom's daughter Suri, Beckham's daughter Xiaoqi, and Orlando Bloom's son "The Elf Prince", these second-generation stars have one thing in common. When they were photographed on the street, they were holding a Jellycat Bang Ni Rabbit.

▲ Tom and Suri.

The star buys it, and Jellycat's emphasis on quality is not unrelated.

Jellycat is known as "the softest soothing toy in the world". It is comfortable to hold and not easy to lose hair. Each model has been tested by European safety standards (EN71) and American safety standards (ASTM).

Unless indicated by a tag, the Jellycat is generally suitable for all ages – from birth to 100 (and beyond).

To live up to Jellycat's "catch everything" for men, women and children, in recent years, it has experienced a change in its audience in China, from a purchasing group that is "worthy of every parent's trust", to "Can I buy a Jellycat at the age of 28?" active collection behavior.

There are more than 80,000 notes about Jellycat on Xiaohongshu, and Douban also has a "Withdrawal Jellycat Mutual Aid Group". When I clicked on it, I found that there are many who failed to quit and turned to show their babies. It turned out that they did not buy it, but considered it how to buy.

The warm-hearted mother bought three Jellycats for her daughter in one go, the 31-year-old macho bought the Jellycats in full and felt that they met each other late, and the 23rd birthday object gave 23 Jellycats. This kind of envy and hatred posts are even more popular .

What convinces these adults, in addition to the feel, is the design and story of Jellycat. For them, plush toys are not just hugs or bites.

There are thousands of Jellycat styles, and the style is mainly cute. There are about 20 series on the official website, including animals, plants, fruits, food, drinks, etc. Each collection contains quite a few styles, both popular and niche.

▲ Jellycat full range.

In the animal series alone, there are those that fly in the sky, run on the ground, and swim in the water, from the popular Barcelo bear and the star-like Bonnie Rabbit, to the unpopular flamingos and chameleons, and even butterflies and scorpions. , caterpillars, fulfill the preferences of thousands of people.

The same goes for the botanical collection, ranging from succulents and cacti to pansies and hyacinths.

Although there are many styles, most Jellycats are well-behaved beanie eyes and smiles, which make you feel cured when you look at them, but there are also some mavericks.

▲ Sheldon shrimp.

It is rumored that Sheldon Shrimp is named after Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. But it doesn't look very smart. From a distance, it looks like an Erlang's legs are crossed. If you watch too much of this Pippi shrimp, there may be a risk that the expression will be assimilated.

The eggplant of the vegetable series is out of the circle with the strength of the expression pack. While its emoji isn't different from most Jellycats, scratching the eggplant skin with a toothpick can create a variety of emojis. With a purple floppy body and a green rhizome hat, it is yin and yang strange when it goes in, and it lies flat and rotten when it goes out.

Similar to the self-made emoticons made by the owners, Jellycat will also take the initiative to give them personalized stories.

Like Jellycat's "Slackajack" elephant, with its soft fur and long limbs, it loves to roam around town, sit anywhere reading and drawing, and you can snuggle and stroke its soft torso and suede fringed tail .

▲ Igoshi and the small box.

[email protected] is probably Jing Yue, there is a "Slackajack" elephant named "Xiao Box", the box is inseparable from him, and even became the symbol of his vlog. Inoue turns ordinary life into interesting, paying attention to the environment and the people in it during the journey, echoing the story of elephants.

Not only that, the Jungle & Safari series comes from far-flung lands. You can climb the treetops with giraffes, or ride the sandy plains with zebras; the Mythical Creatures series are all mysterious creatures with their own myths, and unicorns help you cast spells , the Loch Ness monster invites you to dive deep.

▲ Dress up the Barcelo Bear.

With Jellycat, you can be a childlike farmer, adventurer, and emoticon pack owner. Please put aside the childishness.

Jelly's biggest "disadvantage" is that the price is not cheap. In the Taobao flagship store, the smallest 13cm version of Bonnie Rabbit is 94 yuan, and the largest 108cm version is 1599 yuan; there is only one 17cm version, which costs 115 yuan.

More precisely, this is my shortcoming.

Look at that stuffed toy, doesn't it look like me

The IKEA shark, Blåhaj, is also a contemporary adult pet, suitable for children over 18 months.

Its eyes are dull, its mouth is open, and there is a calm and wordless collapse on its face, lying on its side on the sofa like a sigh, and it is unlovable when it is turned over and held in its arms.

Zi Feiyu, know the joy of fish? I don't know if Broai is happy or not, but human beings like this fuzzy area to be dominated by themselves.

On the one hand, "He helped me write the plan on the first day I got home", "As soon as I got home, I washed all the dishes that I hadn't washed in a year", it is typical for Kuabroai to laugh at himself and complain secretly. Internet surfing youth status. There are more anecdotes in the Douban "What's your IKEA shark doing today" group.

▲ Let's climb the mountain together. Image from: [email protected]

On the other hand, it is very reassuring to hold the one-meter-long Broai. The background color of Broai is drawn very warmly by IKEA :

"This big blue shark is very safe, and if you want to explore the ocean world, it's great to have it with you. Sharks can swim very far, dive very deep, and hear sounds almost 250 meters away."

Whether it's a Jellycat or a Broyer, plush toys aren't just cute anymore.

Because the design of the plush toy itself is interesting enough, and it retains plasticity. It is possible to post babies, play with memes, produce emoticons, and give characters to role-playing. Everyone can have fun and find children's innocence and their own personalization. Express.

Similar to the corner partners of San-X, a Japanese stationery company, they are a group of "imperfect" creatures who like to hide in corners. The penguin, the low self-esteem fried pork chop.

▲ Corner friends.

We can more or less find our own shadow from them, and get the comfort of being sympathetic.

The author of the vegetable sprite series is from Japan. The original intention of the creation is because children do not like to eat vegetables . He hopes that through this series, vegetables will be turned into cute things and children will be more interested in vegetables.

And domestic netizens, because of the homophony, completed a cultural compilation of the naive Caigou – "I am Cai, what can I do?" They also proposed to the author who settled in station B to create "spicy chicken" , Sima Zhao Zhixin passers-by As we all know, black humor is the essence of a hero.

Cloud raising cats and cloud raising dogs also have this trend. In addition to drawing on the power of cuteness, we hope to see a more anthropomorphic side of cute pets.

Stepan, the famous Slavic cat on Instagram, often sits on one leg against the bar, which is full of wine, food and flowers, and disco music is played in the room. It looks melancholy and world-weary in the colorful lights, and it seems to be in harmony with the surrounding lively. Everything out of place, thinking "you stupid humans".

Plush toys have different meanings for adults, which is a bit like the theme of the second season of "Talk Show" – "Break pain points with laughter, and reconcile life with humor".

There is no need for a grand narrative, and there is no need to exaggerate it. This fragmented moment, the stalks and jokes that spread the whole network, echo the sadness and loneliness of the moment in life, and it is already a kind of comfort.

There is a childlike innocence, and there is also pity for one another. Not just cute, they can also have a slack and powerless look that is our own projection.

It is a "non-essential" consumption, and it is also a rigid emotional need

Plush toys may often be seen as "non-essential" consumption, but not for individuals.

Dream pillow tapir "Onmyoji" said that the name is the shortest mantra, and it is a thing that binds the fundamental appearance of things. When we buy a stuffed animal and give it a name, it's like the little prince domesticated a fox.

In Xiaohongshu, someone kept a tag for their Jellycat and made a roster, with a sense of ceremony. "After all, they are my pacifiers, and they are responsible for them."

The soothing effect of plush toys has long been confirmed by experiments.

In 1959, American psychologist Harlow provided baby monkeys with two artificial female monkeys , one wrapped in sponge and wool fabric with a built-in warm light bulb; the other was made of barbed wire and had a feeding bottle on its chest.

It was found that all the young monkeys cling to the velvet mother almost all day long, and only had to go to the wire mother when feeding. It proves how important a sense of real, furry security is beyond food and clothing.

The same applies to humans. "Dr. Clove" pointed out that we need physical contact such as shaking hands, hugging, and touching very much. The brain will release oxytocin because of pleasant physical contact, which can relieve fear.

In addition to friends, family members, loved ones, and pets, plush toys, thick blankets, there are similar effects.

In many cases, alleviating loneliness can only rely on the latter. Results from the seventh national census show that the number of adults living alone is expected to exceed 92 million.

Sociologist Sigismund Bowman once said : "I long for connection, but I fear being tied to death. I am afraid of being alone, so I find someone to go with, but new unease emerges from elsewhere."

Plush toys can't completely relieve loneliness, but at least they don't have the basis for getting along with people.

You only need an object to express your love calmly. Giving is happy in itself. Whether it can respond or not is not important. What matters is your subjectivity and how you feel at this moment. Although this is also a kind of helplessness.

On the contrary, the scene of stuffed toys hanging on the garbage truck always makes us feel a little uncomfortable. The softness of the plush toy and the coldness of the garbage truck give people a very different impression.

This phenomenon is more common in Japan, Europe and the United States. Different from the perception, it is actually to save those plush toys that have been abandoned by their owners, and also to provide spiritual comfort for garbage disposal workers. More plush toys have been shredded out of sight.

In Pixar's "Toy Story", a bunch of toys compete to not be discarded by their little masters; in recent years, there has also been a rise in the profession of toy restorers. Old toys are linked to the past and precious memories, and they are still irreplaceable in the age of abundance. .

Time flies, the chosen child is separated from the Digimon, and Buzz Lightyear, a self-confessed cosmic hero, finds that he is just a mass-produced plastic toy. When adults bid farewell to the children of the past, they can buy plush toys with their own abilities. Soothing the moment, the paper airplanes of childhood are now finally back in my hands.

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