Douyin Mall starts looking for “Koi”? Here’s to your end of year luck!

After growing up, I began to learn what luck means from the Nohara family in "Crayon Shin-chan".

The episode that I remember most is when the Nohara family sat together and took stock of the luckiest things in the past year. Mom Mizuo said that she was lucky because she lost 3 pounds and gained 5 pounds, and only gained 2 pounds overall. Crayon Shin-chan was happy that the salesperson at the convenience store at the door was a beautiful big sister; father Hiroshi felt that he was the luckiest person. , I had to wait for a seat in the overcrowded subway for three consecutive days.

These are very small things, but as the whole family looks back on the past year together, they still want to share this little thing with the people closest to them. Things like this happen every day, but certain people regard it as the luckiest moment of the year.

Today, we also want to share some good luck moments with you.

In 2023, good luck and good things will happen every day

Not long ago, "News Queen" became popular, and the actor @高海宁 who played Xu Shiqing became popular.

Because the character is familiar and loved by the audience, it is already a good thing. But when recalling his luckiest moment this year, the first thing Gao Haining thought of was the moment when he was hit by a bouquet at a wedding, because at this moment he "received a lot of love."

For @minicha in Quanzhou, the luckiest moment in 2023 was to stand out among 3 million people; this young man who loves reading just like you and me was caught in the live broadcast of Douyin Mall Book Day. Your favorite author will be drawn and become the lucky winner to win a signed book.

This year, people are experiencing such good luck every day.

The unexpectedly popular @内英 in Shanghai 158 Square started with Shanlin’s old domestic product management @energetic three old men. After going through hardships and ups and downs, @gemanqi won the Asian Games track and field women’s 100m final championship. After receiving her favorite @Sunqian, who is responsible for the script and role, for them, a turnaround in their career is good luck; @张大大, who has accumulated 10 million fans through hard work, believes that sincere laughter brings good luck to actor @Cai Ming, and it happened to be recorded for the show It’s @松木子 in my hometown. For them, the harvest of “If you never forget it, there will be repercussions” is good luck.

There are also many ordinary people, good luck is a small surprise that makes them feel "preferred". For example, on Chinese Valentine's Day, you can buy same-day flowers on Douyin Mall, and you can buy facial cleanser on Douyin Mall, and the gifts are the same size as formal wear. These "good things" "Make "good luck" concrete and turn it into a tangible and tangible small blessing in life.

You see, good luck in everyone's life is not a big deal sometimes. Sometimes it’s just a little bit of effort, and then you receive rewards and recognition at just the right time. We share these good luck moments with you, hoping that you will also have a lot of good luck in the new year.

These stories come from the "2024 Good Luck Please Check" special planning event for everyone to receive good luck jointly launched by CCTV, Douyin Mall, and Xinshixiang. From December 20th to December 31st, if you participate in the event draw, you will have the opportunity to win a Douyin Mall Shuangdan Koi gift pack for 1 cent, and you will also have the opportunity to grab nearly 80,000 big-name gifts from 88 stores for 1 cent at a low price. You may get tens of millions of yuan shopping red envelopes and coupons from Douyin Mall.

This is the first good luck in 2024, Douyin Mall is calling you to be a koi!

Looking for koi in Douyin Mall, it’s hard not to be tempted by this gift list

In movies and stories, the protagonist often has a small thing that represents good luck.

In "The Pursuit of Happyness", Chris's luck is a Rubik's Cube. On the way to the interview, he quickly put together a Rubik's Cube in a taxi, which surprised his fellow passengers. Fortunately, this passenger is the human resources manager of a securities company. His skill in solving Rubik's Cube reflects a person's quick thinking and adaptability. The protagonist gets an interview opportunity and ultimately changes his life.

In "Cast Away", Chuck accidentally broke his palm while making fire and lost his temper. The volleyball next to him was pressed with a bloody palm print, and his eyes, nose, and mouth were painted on it, thus "Wilson" was born. Fortunately, "Wilson" was born, and Chuck was no longer lonely. From successfully igniting wood to escaping from the island, his good friend "Wilson" accompanied Chuck all the way.

If you were asked to choose an item that represents good luck, what would you choose?

Maybe a new phone?

In 2023, more and more people like to take photos and make videos with their mobile phones to share their lives and creations. Taking pictures has become the most popular ability in the mobile phone industry. Nowadays, the photography functions of mobile phones are comparable to professional equipment. If you buy a mobile phone with excellent configuration, you can take pictures of people or landscapes, and you can shoot high-quality blockbusters at your fingertips. When you have dinner with friends and toast to the New Year, your dad learns new dishes and arranges them carefully, and your furry child stays with you for another year. There is always new life to record in the new year. In every moment, good luck comes. One after another.

Maybe a new daily chemical product?

Everyone always says that the new year should start with the "head", change your hairstyle, and use a new bottle of shampoo to keep your hair fresh. Put on a beautiful makeup, use all the cosmetics that moisturize, anti-darkness, and keep you hydrated, and put on a new outfit. No matter when you go shopping, going to a party, or going to a show, you can go in the best condition. Meet the person you most want to meet.

Or, it’s a cool digital trendy item.

The air-purifying wireless earphones that make the air purer and the music fresher look good. Wearing them when going out will definitely attract a lot of attention. The high-speed hair dryer that everyone recommends is also very good. Its intelligent constant temperature function can automatically adjust the temperature according to different environments and hair conditions to avoid the possibility of excessive damage to the hair.

Even better luck is that you can take away all such good products for just 1 cent! Participate in the "2024 Good Luck Please Check" event on Douyin Mall, and you will have the chance to be a "Koi" for just 1 cent!

How much can you take with 1 penny? Please slide to view the "Koi Gift List" below.

In addition to the big-name new products and hot-selling products mentioned above, this gift list contains gifts from more than 50 brands. Joyoung’s space thermal water purifier, down jackets from various well-known brands, HBN night cream, Golden Crown Protection 3-stage infant milk powder, Quanyou Home small apartment fabric sofa, and NetEase’s carefully selected freeze-dried cat food, ranging from mobile phone home appliances, From clothing, shoes and bags, cosmetics and daily chemicals, parent-child pets, food and health, to home furnishings and daily necessities, all categories of good products are available. If you are qualified to buy in the "Koi Physique" lottery, you can pocket generous gifts for just 1 cent. middle!

There are more than one lucky "koi" that can take away so many good things for just one cent! There are a total of 5 koi gift packages set up in the event. The platform is very sincere and worth a try.

In addition, according to official news before the publication of this article, three "koi" have been born to get some "good luck". Maybe you will be the last two.

There are also nearly 80,000 gifts from 88 brands for 1 cent.

Even if you can't become one of the luckiest fifths, "Please check for good luck in 2024" and there are nearly 80,000 "big brand gifts" from 88 big brands, you still have a chance to get them for 1 cent!

Here, there are big-name hot-selling products such as Olay Olay Anti-sugar White Bottle, Ximuyuan Oil Acne Sensitive Dual Series Formal Family Portrait, HBN Retinol Firming and Revitalizing Night Cream, which are usually very popular. These products can help improve the skin environment. It helps the skin become even and translucent. I believe many girls will stock up on some during the Double 11 and Double 12 promotions. The weather in winter is dry right now, and moisturizing products are also receiving equal attention. If you can buy Kefumei Sodium Hyaluronate Moisturizing Patch and Guyu Milk Skin Mask for just 1 cent, you’re really making money.

There are also Swarovski Oil Control Energizing + Volumizing and Strengthening Shampoo for daily care, and Pantene Deep Water Foaming Moisturizing Shampoo. Or do you need a Quanyou Home Fabric Sofa for your rental house? Is it not a luxury to change into a pair of Tata/His classic casual and trendy slippers? Are you considering the Joyoung Space Thermal Small Water Purifier as a New Year gift for your parents? How about being more pragmatic and letting the Liby Clothing Care Gift Package "contract" a year's worth of clothing?

In addition, Douyin Mall's "2024 Good Luck Please Check" focuses on the idea that everyone can win good luck. The event also provides more than a million shopping red envelopes and coupons of varying amounts, Douyin Mall surprise coupons, wishes A good gift certificate can be directly deducted when placing an order. It is also good luck to buy your favorite products at a cheap price.

With so many good luck opportunities, how do you extract them?

Open the Douyin App, click the "Mall" button at the top, and open the screen to participate in activities and check for good luck.

New Year's Day 2024 is around the corner. At the end of every year, everyone does all sorts of things to "seek good luck." We all look forward to having some little luck. Come to Douyin Mall to try your luck, you may get good luck in the new year! Even if you don't become a "koi", if you choose a good thing on Douyin Mall and create some sense of ritual in your life, good luck in 2024 will come to you.

As 2023 is about to end, come to Douyin Mall to check out the good luck in 2024 with me!, Douyin Mall, and Xinshixiang jointly launched the "2024 Good Luck Please Check" special program for everyone to receive good luck. At 19:30 on the evening of December 29, it will be locked at @Douyin E-commerce @新世相Douyin Live Room , check your exclusive "good luck", the next good luck koi will be you!

I hope everyone can have good luck, be full of European energy, and get what you wish for!

Love style makes the future within reach.

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