Douban scores 9.4. Is this the “Pleasant Goat” in your memory?

"Lazy Yangyang stopped the opposing center forward with his body. The game time came to the last second, Mei Yang Yang steals to the open position, takes off, Leopard sister jumps to intercept, Mei Yang Yang actually changes the lever in the air! The final whistle sounded, Congratulations to Mei Yang Yang for successfully killing the Leopards at the last second and winning the game!"

"Too passionate," it's hard to imagine that this sentence came out of my father's mouth. At the beginning, I bury the wrongs. I didn’t watch the replay of the Spring Festival Gala, but worked with me to sweat for the beauty of the beautiful goat. The appearance of this magical scene depends on this New Year’s drama-"The Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" Speaking of "Victory Out of the Basket".

"Slam Dunk" belonging to the Chinese

As of the end of "Battle Out Victory", in the past two weeks, the network-wide broadcast volume of the latest work in the Pleasant Goat series has rapidly surpassed 200 million, and it has won the first place in the broadcast hot list on multiple platforms.

In addition to the beautiful ratings, the reputation of "Victory Out of the Basket" can also be described as "burst": Douban's 9.4-point super-high evaluation is enough to make a lot of high-cost film and television dramas "shame"; continuous dominance of the Tiger Forum 10 Hot search, criticized JRs commented as "Slam Dunk" belonging to Chinese.

"Basketball", "Blood" and "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf". Before the new work of the "Children's Animation" series was launched in the farce, I did not expect that these few seemingly indifferent words together would collide with perhaps the current China The best sports animation.

During the animation serialization of "Victory Out of the Basket", the Hupu, which was discussed and reproduced by Yangyang Basketball, was once jokingly called "Lambpu". Turning on Hupu, you will find that JRs are more concerned than Warriors star Curry. "Koo Lazy"-the lazy sheep who plays the shooting guard in the animation.

There is no other reason. The most attractive part of "Victory Out of the Basket" is that the basketball stalk in reality is buried in every corner of the animation like a treasure, waiting for the audience to discover.

If you look closely at the several players of the Yangcun team, you will find that their abilities and jerseys can be found in reality: No. 30 "Cool Lazy", No. 11 "Nuanming", No. 1 "Xidi", No. 10 "Boiled Man", No. 55 "Pink Chocolate".

Pleasant Goat reproduces the "Meddy Moment" and uses the limit of time to save the team; "Cool Lazy" throws an unreasonable three-pointer like Curry or Mitsui Shou and smashes the opponent; Nuan Goat practices 10,000 times like Sakuragi Flower Road Hook shots are just to make up for the team's shortcomings; "Pink Chocolate"'s extraordinary stealing ability has helped the team win again and again…

The re-enactments of these classic scenes belonging to basketball fans have resonated with JRs. Every time a new animation is released, JRs will excavate, study, create and share the stalks inside.

Whenever an exciting game is over, JRs will imitate the news body to write the "Qing Qing Prairie News" for the lambs, for analysis and interviews after the game, the level of fidelity even the onion news is also known to the experts.

The strength is king is the unchanging principle of the tiger. JRs also "seriously" gave an objective and rational analysis of the lamb's season performance. The contrast between serious discussions and the lovely animation style always makes people laugh.

The sneakers of the protagonists in "Slam Dunk" have always been a topic of relish for fans. Rukawa Kaede's Air Jordan 5 and Sakuragi Flower Road's Air Jordan 6 are classics in the hearts of fans. In "Victory Out of the Basket", JRs found that the production team also put their thoughts on the sneakers of the sheep. The black and white sneakers worn by the small forward Pleasant Goat are like the Air Jordan 11 "Kang Buckle" that you can't grab. ?

JRs takes content as the leading factor and creates a highly communicative stalk. The influence of "Battle Out Victory" expands like scattered ripples. With the help of the Hupu platform, Pleasant Goat is once again projected into the youth culture.

A sincere work full of details

This part is mainly to analyze the details of "Victory Out of the Basket", involving minor spoilers, if you mind, you can skip to the next part.

Although through the serious (exaggerated) analysis of JRs, the professionalism of the ABA (Animal Basketball Association) in "The Basket of the Future" is almost comparable to that of the NBA, but "The Basket of the Future" is still a basketball animation made for children, with more stories. Tend to be flattened to facilitate children's understanding.

The story still takes place in the familiar green grassland. Animals of all ethnic groups jointly hold the "Grassland Basketball Cup." The team that wins the championship can promise a wish that will surely be fulfilled. Due to their weak physique, the Goats have never been favored by the fans and have been questioned. Finally, through tenacious training and hard work, they defeated one strong team after another and advanced to the final of the "Prairie Basketball Cup".

A simple framework does not mean a thin plot. On the contrary, the richness of the story core of "Battle Out of Victory" exceeded my expectations.

The plot of "Victory Out of the Basket" is tightly laid out. In the 15-minute volume of each of the 60 episodes, the production team has arranged a complete character growth path for the five lambs and the big big wolf. Each time the opponent's strength is far superior to the lambs themselves, the lambs need to make unremitting efforts to beat their opponents by breaking through their own physical limits.

Even though this is a common "killing monster upgrade" routine in Hot Manga, you can still feel the unique ingenuity of the production team.

For example, in the battle of fame of "Kura Lazy", Lazy Yang Yang was lazy and reluctant to participate in training at first. His greed and play led to the looting of food in the village. Mei Yang Yang also suffered fractures and injuries due to his unfamiliar cooperation on the field.

Looking at the consequences of their laziness, Lazy Yangyang began serious training with regret and guilt, and finally broke out on the court to reverse the situation.

This kind of simple and complete character growth makes the blood of every game not only slogans, slogans and cheers for goals. The audience will be moved by the effort behind every drop of sweat. They are worried about every countdown on the court. In terms of degree, there is a "Hei Zi's Basketball" between "Bo Ren Biography" and "Victory Out of the Basket".

▲ From the hairstyle, you can see the powerful strength of the 6th player

What impressed me even more is the role modeling of the opponents in the play. It can be said that if the Lions’ heroes, the rabbits’ cute rabbits, the Eagles’ Eagle Aotian, and the Wolves’s ball beat wolf and purple wolf, it can be said that The excitement of "Victory Out of the Basket" will be marked with a big discount.

One of the very important reasons is that the production team projected real problems on these villain characters, and used sportsmanship to find a suitable answer to these social problems. This is a "children animation". A very bold attempt.

The leader of the Lions team, Jie Shuai, was originally just a stray lion. One day when he was playing with his tribe, the coach of the Lions team met him and invited him to join the Lions team. After Jie Shuai joined, he discovered that the coach was interested in his heroic posture when he played, hoping to make Jie Shuai a "traffic star" to harvest the fan economy, but turned a blind eye to his basketball dream.

Jie Shuai must maintain his handsome appearance whenever he dribbles. The identity of a "traffic star" has made Jie Shuai and restrained Jie Shuai's ability.

▲ I used a book of "Bo Ren Biography" on the computer to see Jie Shuai, but "Bo Ren Biography" burned up

Should he follow the benefactor’s arrangement to become a "traffic star" or give up everything to play a real game with the lamb. After experiencing a dilemma, the Jie Shuai on the court decided to return to himself and deduct the most exciting one of the entire anime. Smash the ball.

In the portrayal of other villains, there is no shortage of discussions on social issues such as keyboard man, cyber violence, and disparity between the rich and the poor. For an anime whose target audience is children aged 6-12, facing up to these practical problems also allows it to be able to Guide children to form a healthy value.

Not only has the connotation of the story been enriched, "Victory Out of the Basket" has also made considerable progress in the style of painting. In the daily chapters, Yangyang is still familiar with the Flash graphic style, but once he picks up the basketball and walks on the court, the painting style Will switch to the familiar "blood man" style.

The addition of high-speed mirror movement and ink painting style renders sportsman’s unique sense of power and speed. It also restores the details of pick-and-rolls, retreats, back-to-back singles and other actions on the court, and also adds professional basketball to "Victory Out of the Basket" The ornamental.

▲ Picture from: B Station UP Main ACG Zhong Erjun

In addition, "Battle Out of Victory" also buried a lot of small eggs to pay tribute to other animations. UP Main ACG Zhong Erjun edited these eggs into a highlight video. According to incomplete statistics, "Basket Out of Victory" At least 16 classic animation and film works such as "Slam Dunk", "Dragon Ball" and "JOJO's Bizarre Adventure" are paid tribute.

These stalks are like the production team using Pleasant Goat to send out the password of "I still know you" to the grown-up fans, so that audiences of all circles and ages can find resonance in them. The logically self-consistent plot, well-made pictures, and classic stalks everywhere have made the explosion of "Victory Out of the Basket" a logical thing.

The underestimated power of Chinese comics

The overnight explosion of "Victory Out of the Basket" reflects that "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf", a super IP that was born 17 years ago, still contains strong vitality.

Since the broadcast of the first episode of "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" in 2004, the couple has serialized 2573 episodes. For each longevity IP, the alternation of new and old audience users is a difficult problem that must be faced.

On October 12, 2013, the CCTV News Network reported that "individual domestic cartoons have violent and vulgar language" and other phenomena, "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" were required to carry out content rectification. The wolf no longer chased the sheep to eat, and accompanied the post-90s who grew up with them to abandon the drama one after another. The accusations from the outside world about his painting style, monotonous plot, and violence reached a climax.

Pleasant's coldness caused its production company's original motivation to reflect on how this well-known IP should develop so that the audience can see their changes and regain control of the children's remote control.

In 2014, Pleasant Goat’s father Huang Weiming returned to the original motivation and led the team to refocus on the content and creativity of the work. In an interview with the Yangcheng Evening News, Huang Weiming said that if more viewers want to return, Pleasant Goat has to become more fresh and as an animation worker , As long as they make every minute of the program carefully, the audience will always see it.

Adapting to changes in the times and the tastes of the audience is the direction of the Pleasant Goat series of works in recent years. The explosion of "Basket Out Victory" is not accidental. When Original Dynamics launched "Guardians of the Sheep Village" in 2019, this pleasant goat's warming trend has begun to emerge.

"Guardians of the Sheep Village" and "Rescue Soldiers across Time and Space" launched the following year boldly innovated the young style of the Pleasant Goat series, adding exciting action scenes. Some action shots were edited by fans into MAD videos and submitted to Station B. It has millions of views.

When some post-90s who have been out of fans saw these secondary creations at station B, they exclaimed, "Is this still the Pleasant Goat in memory?", they also curious about opening Pleasant’s new works, attracted by the novel plot design, and became The new "tap water".

Pleasant Goat has accompanied the growth of generations of children, and every story chapter is an indelible memory in the hearts of a group of children who are watching TV for dinner.

Seeing that this childhood animation is working hard to tear off the stereotyped labels of "childish" and "cookie cutter" through more sophisticated and careful production, and continue to bring children full of childlike enlightenment works, I think it may be better than The story itself is even more passionate.

Higher and higher

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